Best Men’s Leather House Slippers To Stay Cozy And Comfortable

All we need is to be comfortable but look stylish and trendy simultaneously. While giving the outfits the most attention, we certainly cannot leave footwear as a second thought. So, buckle up as this article is here to let you know about the best men’s leather house slippers.

Slippers vary from color to color, durability to durability, and design to design; hence, it is confusing and challenging to choose the most suitable pair of slippers. The time is perfect when you can purchase your favorite article of slippers, not only because of the excellent design but also at an affordable price when men’s leather house slippers sale is all over the town! Guess what? 

You need not worry as we have got you covered, for you will not only come across the five best men’s leather house slippers but would be able to finish your indecisiveness regarding which pair of slippers to purchase. 

The following article lets you know about men’s leather house slippers and provides the top picks, a buying guide, and FAQs regarding the leather house slippers. So, without delaying more, let us begin with knowing all about the best men’s slippers.

Top Picks for the Best Men’s Leather House Slippers

If you do not want to go through the entire article but still want to know the best option amongst the products, this portion is just for you as we have chosen our two top picks to understand which product we think is the most suitable quickly!

OSVINO Unisex Genuine Leather Slippers are one of the two picks. These slippers offer exceptional durability, desirable comfort, and attractive design. It has a rubber outsole and leather insole to bring out the most relaxed and anti-slip experience for you!

The second amongst two picks is ESTRO Men’s Slippers, as it is another unique product. Along with being rich in comfort, this pair of slippers comes with a pretty chic and stylish design and is the men’s leather mule slippers. The narrow fitting adds more grace to the feet and simultaneously relaxes them because of the soft leather sole.

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5 Best Men’s Leather House Slippers On Amazon

BeComfy Genuine Men’s Leather Slippers

BeComfy Genuine Mens' Leather Slippers

Key Features: 

  • Material: Leather
  • Lightweight
  • Proper for all seasons
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Rubber outsole
  • Anti-slip

The first product is BeComfy Genuine Men’s Leather Slippers which is designed for your convenience and ease. The insole and the upper material are made up of leather, giving the feet a super smooth and relaxing experience.

These amazon men’s leather house slippers’ leather sole is quite advantageous as it adjusts according to the size of your feet. So you need not worry if you buy size 10 when you have 11 because the slippers would loosen and adapt according to your feet. They also provide excellent heel support- all for your comfort!

The BeComfy Genuine slippers have a rubber outsole that increases friction and reduces the chances of skidding. It gives a tight and steady grip so that you can wear men’s leather slippers with rubber soles both indoor and outdoor. This splendidly sound design and style provide the most high-grade durability and an overall trendy look. You can pull off these slippers quite easily! The BeComfy slippers come in five colors or shades: Brown-black, Red-black, Black BeComfy, Black-red BecComfy, and Black. So, what else are you waiting for now? Shortlist this product for exceptional comfort and style!

1. Leather material for comfort and adjustability
2. Rubber outsole for grip and non-skid feature
3. You can wear these slippers all year round
4. It comes with a super stylish and trendy design
5. It is available in a variety of colors
6. You do not have to wear these using your hands as these are easy slip-on
7. Light in weight so it does not burden your feet
8. Comfortable heel support
1. It might be tight for flat feet people

OSVINO Unisex Genuine Leather Slippers

OSVINO Unisex Genuine Leather Slippers

Key features:

  • Material: Leather with suede lining
  • Rubber outsole
  • Heel: Flat
  • Shoe width is medium
  • Anti-slip
  • Suitable for all seasons

The OSVINO Unisex Genuine Leather Slippers is another recommendable product and one of our two top picks. The leather insoles and the suede lining combine to give you the most memorable and comfortable experience ever.

These men’s leather scuff slippers are easy and quick to wear, both indoor and outdoor, so if you want to have a short stroll in the garden, you can easily slide into these. The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) outsole (rubber) further strengthens the grip so you can wear it on outdoor surfaces as well. Not only that, but this outsole also enhances the quality and durability of the slippers and helps your foot to remain dried.

The heel type is flat, and the tip of the OSVINO Unisex Genuine Leather Slippers is closed to protect your toes while walking on literally every surface and makes this product: men’s leather outdoor slippers. These beautifully stylish slippers come in three colors: Burgundy, Brown, and Dark-brown.

1. Brilliant insoles and outsoles for comfort
2. You can wear these slippers both indoor and outdoor
3. Exceptional design and desirable durability
4. You can wear these slippers in all seasons
5. It comes in various colors and chic style
6. Easy slip-on method and rich in comfort
1. You cannot wash these, so challenging to maintain

ESTRO Men’s Slippers

ESTRO Men’s Slippers

Key features:

  • Material: Leather
  • Synthetic Sole
  • EVA cushion foam
  • Comfortable heel padding
  • Exceptional arch support

The ESTRO Men’s Slippers are yet again here to serve a comfortable and relaxing experience to you and are amongst the two picks. You can wear these slippers without any tension or foul odors as the insole leather comes with Merinose Fibre, making the slippers more comfortable and odorless.

These men’s non-slip leather slippers have the EVA cushion foam to avoid skidding and improve the feet’ blood circulation while ensuring comfort and softness. ESTRO Men’s Slippers are suitable for indoor and outdoor and are easy to slide in as these are the men’s leather slide-on slippers.

The durability of this product is remarkable as it would remain brand-new even after prolonged usage. The narrow fitting of the ESTRO slippers gives the trendy style and makes it apt for office wear as well! It comes in various colors: Black, Grey W Wool, Black W Wool, and Brown W Wool. 

1. Leather and Merinose Fibre for comfort and keeps the foul odor away
2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
3. The chic style for trendy outfits
4. Various options in colors
5. It has the non-slip feature because of EVA and is easy to slip in
6. Maintains the blood circulation
1. The leather is not waterproof

Rohde Lekeberg, Men’s Slippers

Rohde Lekeberg, Men's Slippers

Key features: 

  • Material: Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • EVA sole
  • Heel type flat with padding
  • Slip-on quality
  • It comes with arch support

The Rohde Lekeberg Men’s Slippers’ first and foremost advantage is that it comes with a promotion on price. This promotion makes it one of the men’s leather slippers on sale; if you are a Prime Student member, you will get 10% off the original price, so what is holding you back? Immediately purchase such a worthy product at a reasonable price!

The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sole makes it super flexible, soft, and comfortable. It is easy to wear as these are men’s leather slip-on slippers. The flat heel gives you an everlasting relaxing experience, and the outsole is lightweight as well.

Men’s leather slippers with arch support are the ultimate choice; hence, Rohde Lekeberg Men’s Slippers are the perfect match as they come with exceptional arch support. These slippers come in two colors: Black Schwarz 90 and Red Weinrot 48.

1. EVA sole
2. It gives good arch support
3. Has promotion on it
4. Flat heel for comfort
5. Lightweight
6. Attractive design and colors
1. It offers only two colors

OSVINO Men’s and Women’s Genuine Leather Slippers

OSVINO Men's and Women's Genuine Leather

Key features:

  • Material: Leather with Suede lining
  • Made of the rubber outsole
  • Open-toe slippers
  • You can wear both indoor and outdoor
  • Support flat heel
  • Suitable for Spring, Summer, and Autumn

The final product for the article is OSVINO Men’s and Women’s Genuine Leather Slippers is the men’s leather slippers open toe. The open-toe feature also makes it suitable for wearing both indoor and outdoor. The leather and suede lining makes the slippers more comfortable and soft, along with them being pretty light in weight.

The rubber outsole of these men’s genuine leather slippers makes it non-slip and improves the sturdiness and the grip. The flat heel further relaxes your feet, and you can wear these slippers in all three seasons: Summer, spring, and autumn.

These men’s leather slide slippers’ shoe width size is medium, and these slippers are great in durability, rich in comfort, light in weight, and keeps your feet dry. Added to this, the OSVINO Men’s and Women’s leather slippers are friendly to the surface of the floors as they do not scratch them. It comes in five colors: Burgundy, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Purple, and Red.

With this, we come towards the end of the product list. Hopefully, you are more transparent than before regarding what to purchase, and even if you are not, that is fine as we are about to discuss the buying guide, which would further help you out!

1. The leather and suede lining make these slippers exceptionally comfortable
2. These slippers are the men’s leather indoor-outdoor slippers
3. Has lightweight not to burden your feet
4. It keeps your feet dry
5. Friendly with the surface of the floors
6. It offers various colors and has a decent and graceful design
7. The flat heel and the medium shoe width make it more comfortable for you
8. Suitable for Spring, Sumer, and Autumn
1. You cannot wash them

Best Men’s Leather House Slippers Buying Guide

Types of Slippers:

Before thinking about anything else, you should first figure out what types of slippers you look for at the shop. Whether you are in search of men’s leather clog slippers, which do not cover the heels, or you are searching for the men’s leather loafer slippers that cover both the toes and the heels, then you have to make a thorough decision on what suits your style and your comfort.


Soles are another essential element to consider while buying slippers. Outsoles like EVA (rubber) are slip-resistant, making it possible to wear the slippers outdoor and wear indoors. The rubber outsoles are also water-resistant and lead to excellent grip. Not only that, but they also do not scuff the floors, so you will be tension-free about damaging the floor surface. As per this article, the insole is leather, but make sure that the insoles are padded with cushion or foams to make the slippers soft, relaxing, comfortable, and do not give a feeling as if you are walking on any hard surface.


The leather and suede slippers undoubtedly give off a more prestigious, chic, and trendy look compared to cotton clog slippers or the ones made up of wool. Leather slippers also make the feet cozy, so if the thermometer plunges, you can safely wear leather mule slippers to keep the feet warm. However, if you have a tight budget, it is recommended for you to go for the cotton slippers as they are pretty much affordable. Not to forget that a fabric slipper is also easy to maintain as you can give them a hand wash or wash them in the washing machine, while leather slippers require intensive care and professional cleaning.


It is also essential to know your needs, for instance, whether you want a heel as high as 2 centimeters or a completely flat heel, or you need the upper part of the slippers to give proper arch support or not. Also, keep in mind the shoe width, whether you want it to be large, medium, or small, depending on your feet’ width. If you have to wear socks along with the slippers, buy the slippers a size more than your actual feet to not feel tight or stuffy in them. So, we recommend that you properly know what gives you comfort and what height, shoe width, or arch support length you require.

Best Men’s Leather House Slippers FAQs

Why do my slippers stink?

The foul odor produces when your feet are sweaty. The moisture released from your bare feet gets trapped inside the slippers, and a lousy odor produces

How to get rid of the stink in my slippers?

We recommend wearing socks to avoid foul odor production as the moisture from your feet will be absorbed by the socks. However, if you do not want to wear the socks daily, you can sprinkle either Baking Soda or the Routine Salt into your slippers as they will quickly soak up the moisture and remove the foul odor.

How can I clean my leather slippers?

Since we cannot wash the leather slippers, you can first take a damp cloth and carefully remove the first from the slippers (you can also use the baby wipes). Later, use the saddle soap for cleaning the leather slippers and then let buff dry them, apply the leather condition and let them dry in the shade. You will soon get new clean leather slippers!

How often should you replace the slippers?

Well, to recommend the period after the slippers should be replaced depends on their usage. However, a good durable pair of slippers can last for five to eight years so that you can replace them in this timespan. So it is not a bad thing to invest in good quality as its durability pays you back!

What are the top-rated men’s leather slippers?

ESTRO Men’s Slippers and the OSVINO Unisex Genuine Leather Slippers are top-rated leather slippers due to their fine quality and exceptional features.

Summaries Note

Hopefully, by now, all your queries and confusion have cleared regarding the best men’s leather house slippers. Now, it is time to shop for the best slippers as you know the details with pros and cons and the buying guide’s aid. Do not delay in achieving the comfort and the style that you deserve and desire! Make such comfortable pairs of slippers your style statement while remaining the most comfortable as ever! Go through the products, choose wisely and invest happily!

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