5 Best Smith Machine for Home Gym in 2021

Lifting weights to increase muscle mass is not a new thing. People are using weights to increase strength and muscle endurance for decades. But there is a certain risk involves in weight lifting with heavyweights. 

When lifting professional-grade weights, you always need the tools that support your body against injuries and provide you aid in getting your job done. Best smith machine for home gym is your best friend when lifting heavy weights.

They increase the support to the body and facilitate a controlled movement to increase the muscle mass in no time. You can get your body in shape with a regular workout on these smith machines as they help you target the right muscle with weights.

It is worth noting that smith machines for the home gym are equally suitable for novice and intermediate builders. By combining it with the free weights, you can achieve initial muscle mass and get to the prime shape in a few weeks.

The best home smith machine is the best bet for gaining strength and muscle mass with dedicated training and free weight set up for the expert users or people who like to lift heavy. 

We have listed the top 5 best smith machines for home gyms with a comprehensive guide of their features and what they offer for ordinary and expert users. A comprehensive guide at the end of the article will help you decide what you should consider when buying the best smith machines.

Top Picks Best Smith Machine for Home Gym

We recommend FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack as our top pick due to its extended weight capacity and a smith machine and power rack combination. It let you adjust at any height and give you freedom over the range of motion. It is the best 2021 smith machine in the home.

When looking for the overall features and utility, we recommend Marcy Pro Smith Machine as the best pick due to its smooth pulley and safety mechanism during bench and squats. It features all the bit and bytes of the best smith machine for home gym.

1) MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo Smith Machine

MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo Smith Machine

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 87 x 67 x 91 inches
  • Item Weight: 680 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 800 pounds
  • Accessories: V-Handle, Ankle Strap, Push Bar, Grips, Push & Sit Up Attachments, Knurl Bar, Straight Bar, and many more
  • Cable System: High/Low

MiM USA Commercial Jumbo Smith Machine is one best choice for smith machine workouts as it carries everything you need in a smith machine. However, it lacks Olympic weights that you may miss in your workout routine. Otherwise, it is a fine choice for carrying out your powerlifting and getting your body in shape.

MiM home gym’s smith machine provides a smooth gliding mechanism that makes it easy to lift weights safely and without jerking the equipment. The safety spotter arms offer an easy exit if you want to slide out of the smith machine. 

Besides the regular features that we get in a standard Smith machine, it has a premium quality bench for carrying out different bench exercises. You can perform bench presses on this commercial-grade bench. MiM smith weight machine offers a chin-up station, pulley system, and various attachments so that you can achieve the maximum range of exercises.

We have liked the wide range of attachments for the smith machine workout and the complete package it offers. However, the exclusion of the Olympic weights is somewhat limiting. But it is acceptable for most of the users. It is one of the best home gyms that are economical and easy to use in your gym setup.

1. It has a smooth pulley system with various attachments
2. The gliding mechanism is smooth with linear bearings
3. A commercial-grade bench that is adjustable and holds up to 350 lbs
4. Inclusion of choice for a wider range of free weight exercises
5. Best smith machine for squats and deadlifts as a power cage
1. Olympic weights are sold separately and not included in the package
2. For using pull up bar, you need to remove the bench

2) Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench

Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench

Key Features:

  • GTIN: B07NQRG7P7 
  • Dimensions: 68.25 x 26 x 45.5 inches (L x W x H)
  • Item Weight: 157 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 600 pounds
  • Accessories: Triceps Rope, Plate Posts, Shiver Bar, V Bar, 2 Single Handles, Ankle Strap, Foot Plate
  • Cable System: Top/Low
  • Storage Positions: 4

Marcy Smith Cage Machine is the Best Smith Machine for home gym with incredible value and worth every penny of your investment. It is one of the most affordable smith machines that provide a complete home gym. This home smith machine offers a wide range of fitness exercises that helps you tone your muscle and improve the core strength.

Marcy multi-functional smith machines help to improve each body muscle by letting you target them individually. You can use the pull-up bar, leg developer, and cable crossover for a diversified exercise for the whole body. In addition to this, a steel aircraft cable system help to target the chest and shoulders area along with the cross pulleys.

Marcy SM-4008 gym smith machine has a removable bench that enables you to do your strength exercises with full range. You can increase the utility using the padded seat that has multiple levels of adjustment. This smith machine home gym offers a style press bar that features adjustable safety stops for safer exercises.

We have like the budget price and the affordable range of Marcy Smith Cage Machine. You can enjoy all the standard features of a smith cage machine in a price range that most other brands don’t offer. Even the commercial level quality makes it stands out in the competition quite well.

1. It let you perform a vast range of exercises
2. The design of the machine is very stable at the base
3. Adjustable seat and bench for a wide range of motions
4. It has more than enough space for Olympic plates
5. The weight capacity of this smith machine is enough for most people
1. It takes up more space for a home gym due to plenty of options
2. Difficult to assemble

3) Body-Solid GS348QP4 Series 7 Smith Machine

Body-Solid GS348QP4 Series 7 Smith Machine

Key Features:

  • GTIN: B000F4SFAI
  • Dimensions: 114 x 74 x 84 inches
  • Item Weight: 724 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Accessories: pec attachment, commercial bench, 6-roller leg developer attachment, and preacher curl attachment
  • Cable System: High/Low
  • Storage Positions: 14

Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Machine is the best fitness gear smith machine with almost everything you need for a full-body workout. Its unique 14 positions gunrack free weight system helps you to push your limits by maintaining safety. Besides security, these positions provide control over the exercises and promote versatility.

The full commercial design of the Body Solid smith machine has an excellent capacity for weights, and it can handle over 1000 pounds of weight easily. You can even make the weight more challenging by adjusting the seat and back. There are eight adjustable positions to let you flow easily between a 90 degrees shoulder press and a decline position.

The Body Solid smith weight machines are your entire gym station that eliminates any separate gym equipment. It comes with the weight stack and fly press that we don’t often see in the other smith machines. There are extra-thick pads and back cushioning for facilitating the chest exercise especially pectoral fly. 

Overall, we have liked the versatility and quality of the Body Solid Smith Machines. It offers you the choice to target each body part with a great comfortable range of motion. You can do more than 50 exercises at this complete home gym.

1. It has a lot of attachment to target the legs and arms
2. The construction on this smith machine is sturdy
3. Reliable bench presses due to adjustable lock positions
4. It comes with a comfortable and flexible leg extension
5. Heavier weight capacity for challenging strength training
1. No weight plates with the purchase
2. It takes up more space due to bigger size

4) Marcy Pro Smith Machine

Marcy Pro Smith Machine

Key Features:

  • GTIN: B076DGF4CP
  • Dimensions: 86 x 73 x 85 inches
  • Item Weight: 390 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 600 pounds
  • Accessories: Dip Bars, Plate Rack, 2 Anchors, Safety Bar Catchers, 2 Single Handles
  • Cable System: Lower and upper

Marcy Pro Smith Machine is the best smith machine home gym due to its all-in-one gym station. It features all the equipment essential for strength training, including a squat rack, utility bench, and power tower. You can utilize each of these extensions for hitting your extremes. It represents an impressive power rack that looks more traditional and functional.

The sturdy-looking body of the Marcy home gym smith machines has a powdered coated steel construction that provides long-lasting durability. It has a cable pulley system with lower and upper pulley functions and helps you perform crossover exercises with ease. The pulley system is not only durable but also more towards the functional aspect for smooth workouts.

Mercy Smith machine does not fall short of the accessories. The adjustable and high-functioning bench lets you perform smith’s machine exercises with ease. You can perform triceps extensions, bench dips, biceps curls, sit-ups, and dumbbell press using the adjustable back pad and seat. In short, it provides all the tools to facilitate your home gym routine.

Overall we find the Marcy Pro Smith machine pretty convenient due to its smooth pulley system, adjustable seats, and solid cage design. You can utilize it for full-body workouts and transfer the weights with ease due to facilitated smooth movements. 

1. A complete sense of security while performing squats and bench press
2. Easy to move frame due to convenient wheels
3. The pulley system is smooth and facilitates the movements
4. It includes bar holders and weight plate posts to easy stocking
1. A bit low on weight capacity as compared to the competitors

5) FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack

FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack

Key Features:

  • GTIN: B07KBHX276
  • Dimensions: 51 x 55 x 87 inches
  • Item Weight: 337 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 992 pounds
  • Accessories: Cambered Bar, V-Type Handle, Nylon Stirrup Handles, Straight Bar, Tricep Pull-Down Rope, Ankle Strap, Small Grip Frame Bar
  • Cable System: High/Low

The Force USA G3 Power Rack is in one trainer and the best smith machine for a home gym with all the tools you need for a complete and perfect home gym. It is one of the top contenders for the best smith machines on our list due to the full accessories and space-saving design. However, it lacks the bench department that is certainly a limiting factor for buyers who need a bench for versatile exercises.

The cable pulley system makes it the best-angled smith machine. The natural angle track the loads, bar, and attachments for a better workout. Several attachments facilitate both upper and lower body workouts, including chin-up station, landmine, and safety spotter arms. 

You can perform almost 75 different workouts using Force G3 Power Smith Machine due to its adjustable design. You can get different adjustable heights for performing chest, back, arms, core, legs, and shoulder exercises. 

We have liked the FORCE USA Monster G3 Power Rack for its great value for money. It offers a lot of features in a combination of a rack and a smith machine. You may like your frame separate, but it is always a better thing to have a combo of two machines.

1. The height is adjustable to any level for better workouts
2. It offers a 2:1 ration pulley system with a bar attachment
3. A ball-bearing mechanism for the smooth gliding motion
4. J-Hocks and safeties ensure a better overall safety
5. Built-in Olympic storage
1. No bench and weights in the standard purchase

Buying Guide on Best Smith Machine for Home Gym

Build Quality:

For a smith workout machine, build quality is the main factor when selecting between different gym smith machines. It must be sturdy and durable enough to handle heavier weights as lifting weights is the primary purpose of the smith machines. 

The build quality of smith gym depends on the nature of material used in the frame’s construction. Always choose a machine that has a sturdy steel frame for better build quality. Composite materials tend to be risky material, so avoid them to save your investment.

Weight Capacity:

Weight capacity is the second major decision-making factor when buying a smith machine for a home gym. It refers to the total ability of the smith machine to handle the weight effectively. However, it is a personal decision to choose what weight limit you want for your home gym. 

Most smith workout machines come in the weight limit of 300 to 600 pounds. But bear in mind that choosing a heavier weight capacity can increase the cost but give you more Weight Set for Home Gym to test your limits.

Smooth Movement:

You don’t want a smith machine that jerks during lifting weights because it can impose injuries and cause friction to promote wear and tear. Before choosing the best smith machine home gym, make sure that all the moveable parts have smooth movement.

There should be a smooth movement for a pulley system as friction can cause the crossover cable to wear quickly. Similarly, barbells ensure that the bearing has no resistance and offers a smooth linear motion.

Workout Stations:

Workout stations are the number of accessories and tools you can utilize to do a full-body workout. Each smith machine has different workstations that allow you to do a variety of exercises. Having more workstations a plus point when buying fitness gear smith machine.

Make sure to buy a smith machine that can help in cardio, upper body, and lower body workouts because the more versatile a smith machine more benefits you can harvest from it. Ideally, it should include a curl bar, chin-up bar, straight bar, calf rises, preacher curl attachment, dip station mount, press bar, lat bar, and leg presses.

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Safety Mechanisms:

Safety mechanisms are your best bet for a safe workout on a smith machine at a home gym. Almost all the best smith machine for home gym comes with the safety features. We would never recommend purchasing a smith machine that does not have a safety spotter.

Typically, when you are working out in your home gym, few people help you around when lifting heavier weights. In this situation, you may need a safety spotter that can help you deal with the last reps without any fear. So it is always better to go with the smith machine that has a safety bar and spotter.

Size and Storage:

Size and storage is the big concern for the buying smith machines for a home gym as there is always an issue with the spacing. The best smith machine home gym mostly ranges near 600- 800 pounds in weight and has a huge structure.

Before buying the best smith machine for your home gym, make sure that its dimensions are smart enough to set well on your desired space. The smith machine takes the room, but you need additional space for easy movement on the machine. You don’t want a smith machine that does not leave enough space for your free training between the workouts.


Before buying, please take a quick look at the warranty of the smith machines as they are expensive gym equipment and cost your hard-earned money. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for smith machines, but it’s likely a limited warranty.

However, manufacturers do give smith machine parts a warranty in case of their failure during everyday use and decent weight loads. Most manufacturers don’t cover the warranty of the wear and tear. Choose wisely when buying your best smith machine home gym.

Best Home Gym with Smith Machine FAQs

Is the smith machine suitable for beginners?

Smith machines are a good spotter for your workouts. They eliminate the need for a spotter to aid you during the sets. Even they are ideal for all users because they facilitate the exercises by smooth gliding and provide more control over them.

Are the smith machines durable?

Smith machines are one of the most durable gym equipment. They are primarily huge structures made from durable and sturdy steel material. Due to high-quality material, they last longer and offer you various uses for your fitness routine. 

Is the smith machine worth it?

Yes, the smith machine is the right equipment that you need in your home gym. They carry various attachments and extensions that help you to hit different body parts and muscle groups efficiently. You can hit bench press, squats, triceps extensions, deadlifts, and many others on the single smith machine.

Does the smith machine help to build muscles?

Yes, smith machines are very effective for building all types of muscles. Either you want a shrugged body or gain muscle mass. The smith machine has the right equipment for your needs. They are so versatile that an average person can use them with the same effectiveness as an expert.


Smith machine is all-in-one home gym equipment that allows a lot of exercises on a single unit. They are suitable for your upper body and lower body workouts while you can target everybody’s muscles individually. We have compiled the best smith machine for home gym review to choose the best smith machine according to your need.

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