5 Best Weight Set for Home Gym | Boost Muscle Strength

If you want big arms, then selecting suitable weights is a prerequisite. Dumbbells are the perfect choice for the best weight set for home gym as they can provide effective full-body workouts. Especially if you are looking for bulky arms, then they are the top choice for most people. 

Dumbbells boost the metabolism, keep you fit, and build muscle mass. They provide a full range of motion to the desired body part, particularly if you require to target your biceps and triceps muscles.

A good dumbbell weight set plays a vital role in muscle building. Besides their muscle-building role, they shred fats from the body and induce sweating, which carries several health-related benefits. You can achieve your fitness goals and get benefits of training starting from weight loss to High-Intensity Interval training and heavier arms.

Top Picks for Best Weight Set for Home Gym

Selecting weights set is not an easy task due to the availability of many good choices. Each weight set for the home gym has specific features that stand out from the competition. 

Suppose you are looking for the best dumbbell set for the home gym. In that case, we recommend Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells as our best pick due to its heavier weight limits and premium quality plastic coated iron material. These best adjustable dumbbells for the home gyms provide an easy weight selection and adjustment.

But if you are looking for a recommendation regarding fixed weight lifting dumbbell at an economical price, then CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell is the best option. These dumbbells have fixed weight capacity, but you can achieve your fitness goals easily using them.

1) Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Key Features:

  • GTIN: B07YVYZ93C
  • Material: Plastic Coated iron
  • Type: Adjustable
  • Weight range: 5-52.5 pounds
  • No of settings: 15
  • Weight selection dials: Yes
  • Grip: Textured
  • Shape: Round
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 8 x 9 inches (LxWxH)

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells are the best dumbbell set for the home workout that eliminates the awkwardness of unscrewing the metal spin collars every time you replace the weights. It saves your time and provides plenty of weight options that you usually get compact without storage space issues. 

With its 5 to 52.5 pounds per dumbbell capacity, you never stop challenging yourself during the workouts. You can change the weights by spinning the dial and provide an excellent alternative to your home’s gym weights. The main advantage of these adjustable weight sets is that you don’t need a rack to put these and take less space than an ordinary screw dumbbell. 

The grips on these best free weight set for the home gym are not very hard on the hands. You can carry out your work routine without any strain on your hands. Compare to NordicTrack Speed Weights, they are better for changing the weight and utilizing the grip. However, weight dialers can break if you drop them from more than 3 feet height on a concrete floor. 

We have liked the BowFlex SelectTech Dumbbells for their easy-to-use spinning dial to change the weights and the plastic stand that comes with it for placing them after you finish with them. They are a perfect choice, especially for a compact space.

1. Its compact design makes them a better choice for home gym
2. The spinning dialer for weights works with ease
3. Heavier weights compared to the competition for challenging workouts
4. Immensely practice design and features
5. Premium weight sets that feel like regular dumbbells
1. The dialer can break when dropped on the concrete floor

2) NordicTrack Speed Weights

NordicTrack Speed Weights

Key Features:

  • GTIN: B07373N7DR
  • Material: Hard plastic cover over metal
  • Type: Adjustable
  • Weight range: 2.5-12.5 pounds
  • No of settings: 14
  • Weight selection dials: Yes
  • Grip: Textured
  • Shape: Non-rounded
  • Dimensions: 27.8 x 22.28 x 11.81 inches (LxWxH)

NordicTrack Speed Weights are a comparably lightweight setup for home gym compared to the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells. They are best for the people that buy dumbbell sets for fitness purposes instead of lifting heavy loads for bulky muscles. These are the best smaller weights for the home gym with adjustable weights.

These Nordic Weights come in part and can function as a unit to replace at least 10 dumbbells. You can adjust their weight without any interruptions between the workouts. 

One more noticeable feature of this home weight set is its incredible attention to detail and a hexagonal shape to prevent movement on the floor.

Nordic offers more perks at lower prices as you get a 1-year iFit family membership along with your purchase. With this membership, you get access to the on-demand workouts to get better command of different exercises. You get two stands for easy placement of these dumbbell sets after use.

Overall, we like the compact design and smaller weight capacity in these dumbbells. A smaller weight capacity is certainly a downside for powerlifters, but they are perfect for people who need weight for fitness purposes. You can target the muscles effectively with the smaller weights.

1. Great for targeting the smaller muscles effectively
2. It provides 1-year family membership for iFit
3. Two durable weights stand for placing weights after each use or between the reps
4. Smooth selector for weight change
1. Not suitable for powerlifting
2. Complains improper weight anchor

3) SPRI Vinyl Coated Exercise & Fitness Dumbbell

SPRI Vinyl Coated Exercise & Fitness Dumbbell

Key Features:

  • GTIN: B07S2HB7N4
  • Material: Vinyl coated
  • Type: Fixed
  • Weight range: 1-20 pounds
  • No of settings: N/A
  • Weight selection dials: No
  • Grip: Metal
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Dimensions: Various (according to weight)

SPRI Vinyl Coated Exercise & Fitness Dumbbell are the best weights set for women with a non-adjustable design. There have a vinyl coating and comes in different colors depending on their weight ratings. The vinyl coating prevents the dumbbells from wear and tear. Furthermore, they are perfect for placing them on concrete or hardwood floor.

These women’s weight sets are available in many sizes and weight strengths. It starts from the smaller 1 pound dumbbell to a relatively heavier 20 pounds dumbbell. They are easier on the women’s hands due to their smaller footprint, and you can use them easily during cardio, running, and other exercises. A combination of smaller weight and exercise increases the calories burning process in the body. 

When we compared them with the other non-adjustable dumbbells available in the market, we were surprised to see the results. The built quality on SPRI Dumbbells impressed us, and its vinyl coating only matched a few competitors. It showed commercial-grade endurance and quality in our initial tests.

Overall these dumbbells are the best choice for women that focus on training the muscles effectively. You can choose lighter weights and target the muscles with precision. Continuously upgrading the weights increase the endurance and burn more fats.

1. It is easy to use and designed for the women
2. A unique vinyl coating prevents wear and tear
3. Professional grade durable materials
4. Easy muscles targeting with lighter weights
1. They are somewhat slippery owing to the vinyl coating

4) ATIVAFIT Adjustable Fitness Dial Dumbbell

ATIVAFIT Adjustable Fitness Dial Dumbbell

Key Features:

  • Material: Steel coated with leathery plastic
  • Type: Adjustable
  • Weight range: 5-71 pounds
  • No of settings: 7
  • Weight selection dials: Yes
  • Grip: Smoothly textured
  • Shape: Round
  • Dimensions: 16.34 x 7.5 x 8.67 inches (LxWxH)

ATIVAFIT Adjustable Fitness Dial Dumbbell is one of the best weight set for home gym with a premium wear-resistant black coating that makes them durable. They are very versatile and feel sturdy with an adjustable design. You can change the weights smoothly by merely pressing the red release button and rotating the wheels. 

With a space-saving design, it provides a combination of 7 weight sets. This compact weight design in one place eliminates the need for separate dumbbells for each weight category. You can change between a versatile range of 5 to 71 pounds, which helps start the workout with lighter weights and move towards heavier weights. 

The grip on these weighted dumbbells is not rugged like we have seen textured grips on CAP Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells. It is indeed smooth and comfortable while gripping the heavyweights and minimize the impact on hands. Along with the rubber grip, the cradle on these best weight set for a home gym is super secure and holds the weight very well.

Overall, we like the sturdy and premium build of these weight sets as compared to many competitors. The rubber grip and weight cradle are top-notch. The versatile weight range makes it equally suitable for beginners and experts.

1. It has wear-resistant paint to protect from wear and tear
2. The cradle lock keeps the weight super secure
3. Premium rubber grips for stress-free weight lifting
4. 7 weight sets for a versatile workout
5. Dedicated button to smoothly change the weights
1. Weights sound inside cradle during exercise

5) CAP Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell

CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell

Key Features:

  • Material: Coated Cast iron
  • Type: Fixed
  • Weight range: 5-25 pounds
  • No of settings: N/A
  • Weight selection dials: N/A
  • Grip: Textured metal
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 11.02 x 7.76 inches (LxWxH)

CAP Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell is the best iron weights that help you build muscles, remove fat, and burn calories. You can add them for resistance during your full-body strength training. It is equally suitable for beginners and experts. However, they require more storage space compared to the adjustable dumbbells.

You can start the workout with 5 pounds pair and then gradually upgrading to the 25 pounds dumbbells. CAP has not compromised these dumbles’ material quality, and they are durable and help you reduce the fats from the body. The coating on the weights minimizes the noise of having an impact on the ground.

Handgrips on these hexagonal dumbbells have medium-level diamond knurling that gives it a non-slip grip during the exercises. You can grip them to target different body muscles with varying weights effectively.

Overall, we like its weight variations and moderate weight capacity. Unlike adjustable weights, they take more space and need a proper place to put them. 

1. Leathery rubber coated heads on these dumbbells protect the floor from damage
2. Hexagonal head prevents chances of dumbbell rolling around
3. Diamond texture handles improve the grip over the dumbbells
4. High-quality paint ensure that color does not fade
1. A non-adjustable design that limits its use
2. Need more space for placing

Benefits of Best Weight Set for Home Gym

Doing dumbbell workouts at home can impose many health-related benefits. We are listing a few of them to enlighten you.

Build Muscle:

Growing big muscles becomes very easy with the best barbell weight set for the home gym as they quickly increase muscle mass. There are many variations of double weights that you can use to achieve your goal. For getting ripped and bigger muscles, adjustable weight sets are your best bet. They gradually increase muscle mass and improve their aesthetics.

Improve Core Strength:

A lot of exercises target the core body muscles and strengthens them. But barbell weight set for the home gym can impact the muscles by effectively targeting them. You can try a different range of motions to achieve the targets. You can try dumbbell bear crawl, T-pushups, Turkish get-up, and renegade row with push-up to increase the core strength with this incredible gym equipment.

Boost Balance:

Doing unilateral training with the dumbbells set can increase body strength and improve balance because you need a good balance to do these exercises. Doing these strength exercises daily with the best weight set for the home gym can help you boost the overall body balance. Stability and body coordination improves muscle joints and knee performance.

Better Bone Health:

Few studies suggested that doing regular weight training can improve bone structure and overall health. Best dumbbells for home are good alternatives to cardio and running exercise for osteoporosis patients. Many patients showed positive bone health doing weight training for a more extended period. It can even prevent bone loss and help to regrow the bones.

Burn More Calories:

Lifting weights dumbbell set can burn 90 to 133 calories in 30 minutes session. However, it depends on the intensity and type of exercise, and muscle mass. Yes, you hear it right. Muscle mass contributes towards the burning of calories. The more the muscles mass more calories it will burn during and after the exercise sessions. How Body Fat Percentage Actually Look?

Increased Energy Levels:

Workout weights increase muscle strength and mass, directly influencing fast-metabolic activity as burning the fat and building muscles involves energy consumption. To fulfill this energy gap, you intake more proteins and energy sources. These physical activities increase the blood flow and release endorphins which boost the body’s energy levels.

Enhanced Overall Mood:

Many researchers confirmed the positive effects of lifting and exercise on the overall body mood. Studies show that doing regular weight lifting reduces anxiety and clears up brain fog. In short, working out with dumbbells can boost your mood and stabilize sleep patterns.

Buying Guide for Best Weight Set for Home Gym

Buying new home gym equipment may seem an exciting process. But choosing suitable options for yourself can prevent your money from wasting on low-quality products before buying weights set bear with these points.


When buying dumbbell weights for home use, the type of material is a critical choice. Dumbbells come in different materials including, neoprene, rubber, metal, or plastic-coated metal plates. Keep in mind your type of use and material requirements before purchasing them online. 

Weights sets composed of neoprene and rubber material are ideal for home use. They are suitable because of their softer material, less damage to the floor, and not easy to break.

Type of Use:

Your fitness aim is one of the most significant factors that affect your purchasing the best home weight set. It depends if you are planning to use them for aerobics or strength workouts. 

If you are finding the conclusion, consider buying an adjustable weight set as you can change the weight anytime during the progressive workouts on these dumbbells. Or you may purchase several pieces of different weight sets.


The best weight set for home gyms comes in the higher price ranges as they offer adjustable design and heavier weights on a single unit. A dumbbell set of 5 to 20 pounds can cost around $50. The more you go forward for heavier weights, the more you will need to spend. Considering them a long-term investment, buy an adjustable weight set so that you can increase the weights later when required.

Room for placement:

Dumbbells for the home gym are heavier and require a proper place to stack after workouts. Non-adjustable dumbbell weight sets can take more space inside the gym. When buying the dumbbell weights set, keep in mind that an adjustable dumbbell with 15 weight settings can replace 15 fixed weights. It not only fit in the compact space but also offers value for money.

Shape and Grip:

For an ordinary user, the shape does not impact weight training at home with dumbbells. There are many types of dumbbell shapes available, including round and hex types. Hex shape is a better choice for home gym dumbbells as it does not roll around the floor like round dumbbells. They are safer and more stable from moving.

The grip is a vital part for easy handling of the home weights. A rubber-coated dumbbells grip is more convenient and safer on hands than a metal grip.

Fixed or adjustable weights:

This is a matter of preference, and both are good in a specific scenario. Fixed best weight plate set for home gym usually comes in a pair. They are better for people that are a beginner or want to focus on the specific body part. Fixed weights take more space and overall get expensive if you plan to get them in multiple sizes.

Contrary to the fixed weights, adjustable weights contain a dial system that lets you adjust various weights on a single dumbbell bar. These weights are held together by the lock system to prevent free falling. There are two main benefits of using adjustable weights, including saving space and money.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a good weight set for beginners?

It is better to start with the lower weight sets initially as muscles that are not used to the heavier weights can develop tearing or cramps. A woman can start from 5 to 10 pounds weight, and a man can go with 10 to 15 pounds weight. You can progressively add more weights with increasing muscle stamina and patience.

What can I use for a workout at home?

You can use any dumbell set for working out at home. However, it is better to buy one to get yourself well-toned, fat-free, and active. If you plan to develop more muscle mass and strength, choose Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells as they are complete solutions for beginner and expert workouts needs.

What is the best replacement for a barbell at home?

Although the barbell has its positive effects on the body, dumbbells are the best replacement for the barbells. They provide more range of motion and help you target the muscles effectively. Dumbbells reduce fat, increase metabolism, shape triceps and biceps, and train the core muscles better than barbells.

Can you get ripped at home with dumbbells?

Yes, you can, because you can train everybody part using only dumbbells. You can replace your standard squats and lunges routine with the weighted dumbbell routine to add more exercise challenges. You can also use them to develop massive triceps by targeting the triceps and lifting them over the head.


The best weight set for a home gym has many health-related effects on your body. They increase the metabolism, improve blood flow, give strength to the core muscles, and provide the body with healthy vibes. Selecting the best weight set is not rocket science and involves buying the best options according to personal requirements.

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