Chest Dips Alternative | 15 Upper Body Strength Exercises

Healthy chest muscles are essential, and chest dips alternative helps build mass in the upper portion of our body when devoid of proper equipment. Chest dips give strength to our upper body muscles and make them strong for bearing your weight.

It is an implausible exercise for any fitness level. That’s why most gyms provide machinery for chest dips. There are proper dip machines that will help you with balance exercise. You can also work at home for your chest and arms if your gym doesn’t have a dip machine. There are a lot of replacements for this exercise around you.

You can also do different activities for your muscles, and the other option is to add a freestanding commercial dip in your gym. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of dips, their alternatives, and safety tips for securing chest dips so that you may avoid any injury or stress on your muscles during a workout.

Benefits Of Doing Regular Chest Dips

The chest is the best part regarding size, and exercise will make it stronger. There are many workouts, and I have also used more than every other. It is the most vital part of our body with lots of fiber.  

It is elementary to get a powerful chest if you want a beautiful physique. You only need to remain devoted and attentive to the technique. A powerful-looking chest considers a symbol of power and strength in ancient times.

You may need to readjust all of your weight, and the decision is up to you what weight will be comfortable for you.  

First, decide the best weight for you to make 4 to 5 lift-ups with it. There will be no rest time in the one set of lifts, and weight can reduce subsequently, and you may complete the one set.

However, additional weight will be good for your upper body if you want to do high-level exercise. But at the same time, overload may become critical for you and create hinders in attaining desired goals.  

You will feel hungry after the physical workout; it will also ignite your appetite. At the same time, the other exercise will improve your general dip strength and power.

Sometimes it becomes challenging to do the weighted chest dips alternative in a busy gym. You may not have a proper place for them because it is not an easy exercise that any beginner can do without instructions. So doing the alternative exercise can help you achieve goals quicker.

11 Best Alternatives To Chest Dips Exercises

There are some replacements or alternatives for chest dip. You can use them if you don’t have any proper types of equipment and face other physical limitations. There are the following options for dips. You can also get similar benefits when performing chest dips with the equipment.

1) Decline Bench Press:

Decline Bench Press

A decline bench press is one of the best substitutes for chest dips. You can do these movements with dumbles and barbels, and this will be so effective that your chest muscles will isolate randomly. It is more effective compared to the ultra-popular flat bench press. Your shoulders also remain safe from any stretch or strain that can create problems in chest dips.

The process for right decline bench press with barbells is following.

  • Put your legs carefully at the end of the bench and lay down on the bar carefully.
  • Now create a 90-degree angle with a medium-width grip in the middle of the movement of your forearm and upper arm.
  • After this, please pick up the bar from the rack and lift it above you with your arms locked.
  • Remember that your arms will be perpendicular to the floor and make a right angle. It’s your starting position, and if you want to protect your rotator cuff, then take the spotter help for lifting the barbells.
  • Now breath slowly until you bring the barbells to your chest’s lower part.Now take a brief pause and bring the bars back to their starting position.
  • This process will do by breathing out and push the bars using your chest muscles. When you reach the first position, lock your arms and squeeze your chest in a thin position stop for a second, and after this, but the weight back to your chest slowly and smoothly.
  • Repeat this process until you finish your workout.

2) Leverage Incline Press Exercise:

Leverage Incline Press Exercise

It is the best exercise if you want your upper chest not to fall behind. It is essential to have fitness instead of having a broader chest so that this leverage incline exercise will prove best for you.

Chest dips may develop more chest muscles instead of creating your shoulder muscles. In this procedure, your chest muscles take part, and your shoulder muscles will activate. A portion of the chest muscles is called the top chest.

  • Your shoulder will become vital in this posture. But be careful as the last position must be enough to stretch your shoulder muscles slightly.
  • If you do not focus on flexibility, you may face some consequences due to not moving your shoulder.
  • It is a normal thing for your front shoulder to become tired.

3) One Arm Rows:

One Arm Rows

This chest dips alternative with dumbbells is best for your latissimus dorsi muscles and other back areas for one side at a time. One arm row will stretch out your back areas and isolate your back muscles.

  • Lean on the bench with one leg and with a parallel hand.
  • After this, please pick up a dumble in your opposite hand and hold it with your palm inward. Now start to move your hand upward and downward.
  • Remember that your back remains straight during the workout to avoid strain on your muscles.
  • Now, lift the weight toward your chest.
  • At the same time, take care of your shoulder and back instead of relying heavily on your arm muscles.
  • Slowly return to the first position and repeat the process.

4) Pec Flys:

Pec Flys

Pec fly is another method for weighted chest dips alternative. This exercise is more effective for isolating your chest muscles than the other workouts. Like the bench presses, pec fly also supports the weight bench and overcomes the strain on your strengths.

These dips are associated with self-suspension. But if you want a variety of movements, there are many options for you, such as you can them on incline benches or stability balls. Most of your burden will transfer to the shoulder and upper part of the body, and your back will feel less pressure. However, the stability balls will work for your arm and chest.

Here is the process for pec flys workout:

  • If you are a beginner and are trying it for the first time, then adjust the equipment first. A seat pad in all machines can lift or lower for the correct position.
  • Adjust the seat pad according to your work, and the handles will become at your chest.
  • Now sit on the seat and ensure that your feet reach the floor quickly. There is a back pad for supporting your back spine.
  • Also, make sure that your arm and shoulder will be in the same position while grabbing the handles. They will not lower or higher.
  • Adjust your position so that your arms will make a line with your front chest and not go backward. If you have longer and shorter arms, you may use arm levers.
  • After this, check that your elbows can bend slightly.
  • Now choose the weight. It is good to start from a low weight if you are a beginner to feel comfortable while stretching out.
  • The movement will complete when you open and close your arms to some extent, just like a butterfly flies.
  • Give relief to your shoulder and neck by sitting up tall.
  • Grab the handle so that your palms and wrist are facing forward.
  • A foot bar in most machines will help you push the handles on.
  • Now press your arm together in front of your chest with a controlled movement without strain. Keep your wrist relaxed and gently bend your elbows.
  • Stop for a while when your arms are close to your chest. After this, bring your arms to the starting position, widen your chest in the proper place, and feel relaxed.

Now repeat the processes in the sets of seven to ten repetitions. Please don’t hold your breath during this exercise, and keep your legs in their position without moving them. All focus will remain on the shaping of your chest.

5) Push Up:

Push Up

It is a classic alternative for chest dips for beginners, and you can not deny its importance in the world of exercise. Due to its simplicity, it takes a space among the other modern workouts. You will see that all of your muscles, such as the shoulder, triceps, and pecs, are active during push-ups. At the same time, your back and core also get involved in this chest dips alternative.

  • Put your palms on the floor with your hands under your shoulders.
  • Legs will be straight behind you and balanced with your toe.
  • It is necessary to engage your core for better maintenance while exercising.
  • Now slowly lower your chest towards the mat, don’t lay down on the surface, and bend your back to lower your knees to the mat.

6) Close Grip Bench Press:

Close Grip Bench Press

The name shows that this bench press needs a narrow grip on barbells rather than you use in regular workouts. When you move your hands closer, your triceps will work more heavily than the pectoralis muscles. In our recommendation, a spotter should use in this bench dip alternative.

  • Lay on the bench and face the ceiling.
  • Now grip the barbell with hands at your shoulder width.
  • Keep your shoulder and core engaged, and lift the barbell.
  • Now lower the bar slowly towards your chest and repeat this procedure as you desire.

7) Parallel Bar Dip:

Parallel Bar Dip

This decline dips chest alternative is different from others as the other dips need a bench or chair, but this exercise will allow you to put your body weight down versus backward. This workout can perform on a dip machine and a set of gymnastic bars. You can also buy dip bars for your home use.

  • These bars are parallel to each other so put your arms on these bars.
  • You can also adjust the height of bars according to your comfort level. If the bars are stationary, you can adjust the size by using a riser to move up and down on the bars quickly.
  • Now grip the bars in both of your hands and lift yourself. While lifting, keep your arm to its full extent and the elbows locked.
  • When you move downward, bend your elbows until you feel a stretch in your chest. There should be a 90-degree angle between your elbows.
  • Now slowly lift you to the back position and activate your triceps when you reach the top.
  • Repeat this again and again to complete the set.

8) Cable Machine Tricep Pushdown:

Cable Machine Tricep Pushdown

This exercise is for broadening your triceps and effect your upper arm muscles. There is a securely wrapped band around a particular object in the machine. It is one of the best tricep dip alternatives currently.

  • You will face the machine with the bar at your chest for a workout.
  • Now grab them by your hands, facing the palm downward.
  • Hands should be at the shoulder width, and also brace your abdominal.
  • Now push the bars towards your hips.
  • Your elbows remain close to your body, and your arms should extend as you can.
  • Bring the bar back to its starting position slowly.
  • Repeat this action.

9) Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks:

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

Dumbbell tricep kickbacks are more effective than a bicep curl for chest dips alternative. It will prove the best option for beginners as it is easy to adapt, and any fitness level can handle this workout. This exercise is a good challenge when performing chest dips alternative at home.

  • You should bend your knees and close your feet, now, pick up the dumbbell in both of your hands and lean forward, back straight.
  • Bend your elbows and lean on your upper arms so that your biceps will point towards the floor.
  • After that, straighten your arms without moving your triceps and lift the dumbbells backward.
  • You all focus on your elbows because the motion engages the triceps.

10) Dumbbell Hex Press:

Dumbbell Hex Press

The dumbbell hex press reduces the strain on the shoulder and focuses on the chest area compared to the other press exercise. You will need a flat bench, lay down on it, and hold dumbbells in your hands with your palm facing inward. It is a great alternative to tricep dips at home for beginners.

  • Now lift the dumbbells and then bring them back towards your chest.
  • During the contact, slowly bring the dumbles to your chest.
  • Your arms will be in a triangle position when you do this up and downs.
  • When your dumbbells reach your chest, pause for a while and lift them again.
  • When your arms are back overhead, slowly squeeze your pectorals.
  • Relax and repeat this practice.

11) Ring Or Straps Chest Press:

Ring Or Straps Chest Press

It is also known as the suspended chest press. This exercise is one of the best when looking at the chest dips alternative. It is among the underrated dip exercise alternatives as most people don’t know the benefits associated.

Ring or strap chest press will not only activate your chest and shoulder but also target your core.

  • There is an anchor point behind you, and hold the straps with it.
  • Put the handles at your shoulders and keep the arms straight.
  • Now lower yourself until your hands meet your chest, just like push-ups.
  • Ensure that your elbows remain at the level of your shoulders.
  • Squeeze your arms together and raise back slowly & Repeat.

4 Best Chest Dips Alternative at Home

There is no need to worry if you don’t have machines for these workouts. You can do chest dips at home with regular items available easily at home.

For effective chest dips alternative exercise at home, you should be aware of all of the vital points so that you may not injure yourself. We recommend that you use dip belts where extra weight is needed.

1) Using Chairs:

Using chairs for home exercise

Using chairs for home exercise is a brilliant idea for a dip substitute. You can use a chair or steal in two ways for practice. You can place one chair behind yourself and two chairs beside, which mimic parallel bars.

  • Before starting, make sure that the chairs are stable and can bear your weight and movement.
  • Sometimes chair can slide or tip due to improper weight distribution.
  • The other way is to place a chair in front of you.
  • Place your arms on the seat and straighten your legs behind you. Then, move downward and upward like push-ups.
  • And repeat this method variously.

You can perform the above exercise using two chairs but place your feet on the second chair. You can also use the seats and backs as parallel bars with your hands.

2) Using Kitchen Counters:

Using a kitchen counter is a great dip alternatives workout

Using a kitchen counter is a great dip alternatives workout for beginners. It does not require any fancy equipment. You need to find the right spot and perform the dip workout as instructed below:

  • Facing the corner of kitchen countertops and place hands on both sides.
  • Lift yourself by the force of your hands and then go downward.
  • You can also try chest dip at the straight countertops for a more challenging workout.

3) Utilizing Back Of The Couch:

Utilizing Back Of The Couch

Using the couch available at your home is another safe alternative to dips. It does not require you to make any extra effort to achieve the dips as the method is straightforward, like using chairs or stools.

  • You can also do a chest dip with your couch back if it is not broad.
  • Grip it quickly and make your chest dip just like the other surfaces.

4) Playground Bars:

Playground Bars

There are parallel bars on the various playgrounds, and you can also use them for exercise. You can also use monkey bars for modified chest dips. These bars can bear your weight and are better than your home workout structure.

  • In the various park,s there are walking trails, and these trails are the ultimate structure for your dip.
  • You will see many bards and courses in parks and other places, and you can also use them for your dip.
  • Several playgrounds have parallel bars installed or other play structures you might be able to use for dips.

Summaries Tips

The chest dip is the best exercise for your upper body as you can strengthen this part and shape it as well. It is very common, and it’s equally popular among vintage and modern bodybuilding geeks. Everyone likes to have a muscular and toned chest, so doing assisted dips alternative can enhance your body muscles. You can even perform them in homes and parks. There is no need for a gym for the workout if you follow the instructions properly about the chest dips alternatives.

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