Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

Fans took Jorge Garcia weight loss journey as an inspirational story. Many fans thank Jorge Garcia for his part in the ‘Hawaii Five-O‘. Some people recognize him for his short appearance in ‘how I met your mother‘. He’s played the character of a very unlucky man named Blitz.

Just before he started his weight loss journey, his producers told him to lose weight. The makers of Lost want him to lose weight. At that time, he weighed 400 pounds. Now, Jorge serves as a role model for those who want to lose weight naturally and healthily.

jorge garcia bioBiography

  • Birth Name: Jorge Fernando Garcia
  • Date Of Birth: April 28, 1973
  • Height: 5′ 11½” (1.82 m)
  • Nationality: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
  • Wife: Rebecca Birdsall

Jorge is a wonderful actor and comedian, but throughout his career, he had a problem with his weight. But over time, he has changed his routine habits. Let’s have a look at Jorge Garcia weight loss journey.

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Jorge’s Been The Same From His Younger Age

He’s been this way since he was a child, so he was very comfortable with his weight. He never bothered him in his whole life, and even Jorge Garcia wife accepts him in any way. He has shared some photos of his past, looking incredibly cute.

It’s not his fault that his body craves food more often, which led him to some food choices that were not healthy, but these days he has tried to eat healthier. He did not want to change himself to please others. Also, its enormous size is his most prominent feature, and it has allowed him to play signature roles that require that type of body.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss tips

Jorge Garcia Workout Regime

No weight loss plan works with diet. For a successful journey, you have to combine diet and exercise. Let’s take a look at the way Jorge Workout Regime.

Jorge has done 11 Exercises in his routine. He combined them and sometimes tried a variety of exercises. The 11 main exercises include arm circles, wrist rotation, shoulder rotation, neck rotation, jogging or running, stair running, sitting, air cycling, pushups, and then face and breathing exercises.

How Much Weight Jorge Lose?

During the shooting of Lost, Jorge managed to drop an initial 30 pounds. However, he became disheartened and returned to his healthy eating habits. So, even though he lost a few pounds on time for Lost’s filming but Jorge Garcia weight had close to 400 pounds.

Many fans think that he underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. But the reality is different. Garcia went to work, and he became thankful for regular exercise and a healthy diet; he became slimmer.

So, how much weight did he lose? After a diet and exercise routine, he lost more than 100 pounds of initial weight over 400 pounds.

He followed a Nooch diet powered by deactivating yeast. While no studies and research suggest that the Nooch diet helps you lose extra pounds, Jorge is an excellent example. The diet suggests healthy eating habits such as watermelon, spinach, carrot, protein, and fibrous foods.

Before Jorge Garcia began on a weight loss journey, his weight was dangerous for his career. Now, he looks handsome.

jorge garcia weight lose

Jorge Garcia Lost Weight Tips

An experienced person can explain this to you better than a professional! Jorge has gone through his weight loss journey, and he is well aware of what difficulties people face. Here are some Jorge Garcia lost weight tips that can help you.

Exercise Regularly:

It is vital to exercise regularly to lose excess fat and weight. Jorge himself spent 2 to 3 hours every day in some simple and very effective exercises.

Ignore Fast Foods:

Fast food has very few nutrients and increases fats and sugar. Jorge himself admitted that skipping fast foods played a significant role in his weight loss journey.


Try cycling every day at a particular time as your habit. Cycling burns a good amount of fats and calories from your body. Jorge himself cycled for at least an hour.

Try Homemade Foods: 

Now, Jorge always tried to eat only homemade and less oily foods after starting his weight loss journey. It would help if you also relied on homemade foods to consume less fat.

Jorge Garcia Diet Rules

We have to emphasize that you should try the same diet that Jorge used for his weight loss plan. What works for you but may not work for your friend. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the weekly diet rules of someone whose body is similar to Jorge’s.

The main rule is to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and avoid drinking alcohol. You should avoid ingredients like beef, butter, bread, cheese, milk, potatoes, and soda. Work every day, and you will come out fine.

  1. Eat fruits only, for the first day of the week. This fibrous diet helps you burn fat quickly.
  2. The next day, go for vegetables, raw or boiled.
  3. On the third day, you should take fruits and vegetables combined.
  4. The fourth day is a little odd. You have to eat eight bananas and four glasses of milk.
  5. The fifth day comes with another aspect; you have to eat six big tomatoes, fish or chicken breasts, and brown rice.
  6. On the sixth day, bring the chicken breast or fish to eat, along with the brown rice and vegetables.
  7. On the last day of the week, you can eat brown rice, vegetables, fruits, and juices.

Jorge Garcia Before and After

Actor Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey is inspiring for his fans and other men worldwide who want to lose weight. Jorge has transformed his body so nicely from being a 500-pound chubby-faced person to being even thinner than before.

Before losing 100 pounds, Jorge always feared being affected by panic attacks, heart attacks, and diabetes. Now Jorge is living a healthy lifestyle with his wonderful wife, Rebecca.

More on-screen shows after the release of ‘Hawaii Five-0′.

After the weight loss journey, fans were happy to see him. He looked a little more like a detective like ‘Jerry Ortega‘ on the CBS show ‘Hawaii Five-0’. He first appeared in Season 4 in 2013. He followed his All-Vegan Diet when he regularly called for more episodes in the fifth season (2014). He was then one of the main cast members in the season.

Fans were disappointed when the first episode of Season 10 came out. His character has shut down despite surviving the shooting. ‘Jerry‘ started writing a novel, leaving the task force to live a different life. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the show.

It’s not the end of the road for him yet. He is all set to star in three new films with a release date far ahead. ‘When We Were Pirates’ and ‘Running Out of Time‘ announced him in the lead cast, and shooting hasn’t started yet.

For now, he has a wonderful wife at home, and it’s a great time to take a break from the limelight to enjoy family life. It could soon be a lot of fun, seeing how crazy he and Rebecca were in love since they started dating a long time ago.


How Jorge Garcia Lost Got In Cast?

Let’s take a look at the complete Jorge Garcia weight loss journey. For many years, the media considered him Hurley lost actor of Lost’s Cast. His weight started making him worry; even his friends, family, and co-stars were unhappy with his weight. The makers of Lost asked him to lean-to a few pounds for the shoot. And he managed to lose 30 pounds before shooting Lost. But he didn’t feel great about it.

He said losing those 30 pounds turned out to be extremely painful and frustrating. So, he went back to his eating habits. It was not easy for him to leave food. Garcia’s drinking and eating habits led his life to adversity. He began to change his practices for the lost, but things did not go well.

But it served as a wake-up call. He then began to change his eating habits and took the help of nutritionists and workout coaches. The Nooch diet was a great success for Jorge. Popular as a nutritional fermentation diet, it helps you lose weight by using yeast. This plan made fat guy on lost a new Jorge Garcia Skinny.

He experienced some failed attempts during his travels, initially start replacing oily foods with fruits and vegetables. He then made a gradual transition to low carbs and high-protein diets and also stopped drinking.

Garcia asked the workout coach to create an exercise regime and plan for him. Expert dietitians and workout trainers assisted him. He combined his diet with seat ups, push-ups, jogging, and running for some cardio.


Where Is He Now?

He left in the tenth season. Now he has new projects like the role of Jerry Ortega. In 2020, he was the star in many films. By October 2020, Jorge Garcia net worth was over 5 million Dollars.

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