15 Outstanding Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo 2021

We are here to tell ramen restaurants in Tokyo. Ramen is practically a religion in Japan. Although it is considering fast food, many are dedicating to find the best steaming Ramen bowl that this country has to offer. But we have made it easy for you by compiling a list of the hottest places to eat Ramen in Tokyo.

Ramen is the most popular noodle dish in Japan, which originated in China, but it is also known as Japan’s most popular dish. Below is a list of the top 15 Ramen restaurants in Tokyo:

1. Tsuta Ramen – Sugama (蔦ラーメン)

Tsuta Ramen - SugamaTokyo has the most Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo. Dining at one of these world-class restaurants usually costs you an arm and a leg up to the Tsuta. Who gave this humble Ramen shop a Michelin star. A bowl of Ramen here will cost you $10. Where else in the world can you say you ate at Michelin star restaurant for that price? However, this is a classic place to have fragrant mushrooms for groceries on the menu.

After receiving this award, lines were running out the door of the store. So this restaurant with these small nine seats decided to implement the ticket system. Don’t miss the best Ramen in Tokyo!

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Location: 1 Chome-14-1 Sugamo, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0002

2. Ramen Jiro – Mita Honten (ラーメン二郎)

Ramen JiroWhen this infamous ramen joins, people start queuing for lunch from 10:30 am, so you go quickly to try one of Tokyo’s best ramen. There are more than 30 places. The average wait time is about 45 minutes. One of the best things about this restaurant is choosing the size bowl you want. Beware Great GINORMOUS!

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3. Ichiran Ramen – 一蘭ラーメン

Ichiran RamenIchiran Ramen is the most popular Ramen chain in Japan, which is spread across the country. They are made famous by tonkatsu Ramen, which is made using pork broth. Another remarkable thing about this partnership is that there is almost no human contact. You selected your order via a machine, which is normal for a Ramen shop. They hand you a form where you can choose your preferences like the broth’s richness and how soft the noodles want to be. They are very foreign-friendly because they have English forms. You go to your small cubicle, which shares with the person sitting next to you.

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4. Rokurinsha in Tokyo Ramen Street 東京の六林社

Rokurinsha in Tokyo Ramen StreetRokurinsha, located on Ramen Street in Tokyo, serves high-quality Ramen. What is special here is tsukemen Ramen, which is dipping Ramen. The noodles are serving cold and dipped in hot ramen broth. This restaurant is one of the best ramen shops in Tokyo because the broth made with a mixture of pork and chicken bone broth, giving it a very rich and creamy texture. If you are looking for a place to try, try Tsukemen ramen.

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5. Ginza Kagari – 銀座かがり

Ginza KagariIf you are looking for rich and creamy ramen in Tokyo, you should add Ginza Kagari to your list. This Ramen restaurant has a trendy Ginza image using elegant seasonal tops. They offer Chicken Ramen options for those who don’t eat pork. Due to the popularity of this restaurant, they have opened another restaurant within 5 minutes. The waiting time for ramen to taste this good food can be up to 1 hour.

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6. Menya Musashi – Shinjuku 武蔵めんや

Menya Musashi - ShinjukuThis is the number one dish to try ramen in Shinjuku. Menya Musashi is one of the best Tokyo Ramen limbs and attracts long queues at peak times. Its signature and tsukemen dipping noodles are basic but fantastic – with melting-your-mouth bacon, thin noodles, and addictive broth. They use a delicious soy sauce base made with pork and chicken bones, which have a slightly seafood-y flavor due to the dried winged fish.

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7. Kyushu Jangara Ramen – Akihabara, Harajuku etc. 九州ジャンガララーメン

Kyushu Jangara RamenTonkotsu Ramen is Ramen’s most popular style in Japan. Kyushu Jangara Raman is a popular chain of tonkotsu Ramen stores in Tokyo. Unlike another Tonkotsu Ramen, the Kyushu Jangara has a pork belly with thin-sliced ​​chashu slices and large. There is also a large lump of marinated cod roe, bamboo shoots, and boiled eggs. This mixture results in a satisfying bowl of ramen. Jangara offers you the Tonkotsu Ramen selection with different levels of fat, as well as Miso Ramen, Spicy Ramen, Garlic Ramen, and tsukemen.

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8. Dashi Ramen – Ochanomizu

Daishi Ramen - OchanomizuIf you like a little on the lighter side or are tired of the thick pork broth ramen, Dashi has you covered. They specialize in soy sauce broth Ramen. A bowl of house specials will only cost you 650yen. This Ramen is making with the use of Chinese style cooking techniques for a truly unique Ramen eating experience.

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9. Sora no iro ramen – Yotsuya そらのいろラーメン

Sora-no-iro Ramen - YotsuyaThis is for vegetarians – this Ramen shop specializes in ramen made without any animal ingredients. It is also suitable for people who eat only halal as most of the ramen is made using pork. You can find the traditional ramen fare. This restaurant is very popular, and you should expect to wait. As for the best vegetarian ramen, Sora no iro ramen should not be missed.

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10. Menya Itto – Tokyo メンヤイトウ東京

Menya IttoSince 2010, Menya Itto has rapidly emerged as the best-tasting Ramen and Tsukemen store in Tokyo. The store is famous for its signature seafood, Tsukemen, which includes homemade thin noodles and rich seafood soup. With a budget of more or less than 1,000 yen per person, you guaranteed to enjoy the finest noodle dish at Menya it to.
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11. AFURI – Shibuya Area (AFURI渋谷エリア)

AFURI (Shibuya area)AFURI (阿夫利) is a trendy Ramen restaurant preferred by Tokyo residents, serving its healthy Ramen eight Tokyo locations. It uses the finest ingredients such as meat, seafood, regional fresh vegetables, and pure spring water from Mt Afuri in Kanagawa Province.

12. Ramen Nagi in Shibuya Area 渋谷エリアのラーメンなぎ

Ramen NagiRamen Nagi (渋谷エリアのラーメンなぎ) is the best rated Ramen restaurant in Tokyo, offering original soup based on more than 20 types of dried sardines. The branch in Shibuya is open until late at night, and those in Shinjuku are open 24 hours a day (it never closes.) Try the rich flavor of the dried sardine broth.

13. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka in Shinjuku area 新宿エリアの新宿行苑ラーメン奥香

Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen OukaShinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka (新宿行苑ラーメン奥香), quality Vegan and Muslim friendly Ramen near the famous Shinjuku Gyoen Park, a natural icon of Tokyo. Its ramen broth is based on fish mixed with vegetables.

14. Asakusa Ramen Yoroiya 浅草名代らや

Ramen YoroiyaIf you want to eat Tokyo’s traditional shoyu (soy sauce-based broth) Ramen, it is highly recommended to visit Yoroiya (与ろゐ屋) in Asakusa. The excellent Shoyu Ramen is serving with a rich-flavored broth mix with chicken, pork, dried sardines, and more.

15. Ippudo Ramen 一風堂ラーメン

ippudo ramenIppudo Ramen (一風堂ラーメン) is one of the most admired Tonkotsu Ramen restaurants in Tokyo, first established in 1985 in Fukuoka. It has more than ten chain stores in Tokyo and all over Japan. There are two specialties: regular shiromaru (白丸) and delicious hot Akamaru (赤丸).

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