11 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

Is it possible that signs Your Ex is pretending to be over you and still have feelings for you? Why did your ex break up with you in the first place?

If you dumped your ex and now wants to come back, how can you be sure that your ex still wants the relationship back? Most importantly, if your ex pretending to be over you, how do you get the ex to re-establish a relationship with you?

This post will share with you 11 Clear Signs that your ex is on you and still has feelings for you.

11 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

Is It Really Possible Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You?

Yes, it is. There may be many obvious signs that your ex is pretending to be on you.

Why am I sure? Over the years, I have coached many clients to help them return to their former situation. I also have many coaching clients who were about to start a breakup. So, even though they started the breakup, they still want their ex back.

For example, whenever I hire a new coaching client…

I will discuss them in detail to develop their detailed and customized plan and determine what happened in their relationship before coming forward for their thorough and custom plan.

Recently, when I asked one of my coaching clients what she thinks of the breakup, she said:

I pushed for a break. I fell in love with another person“.

My ex was a demanding, neutral perfectionist who accepted me and my love. Mostly, he was not interested.

Our life is good and comfortable. I nod my head at the heels of an elderly boyfriend who is wondering again in my life. He talked and made me laugh. It was easy. I finally broke up and realized the difference between passion and real love for my old boyfriend.

I made a very big mistake in my life. You can see that my coaching; client broke up with his ex but eventually regretted the decision. That’s because he realized he wasn’t really on his ex.

However, he soon realized that he was not above her first ex. He thought he was and pretended to be. But she still had feelings for him.

Why Your Ex Broke Up with You

Here is another coaching client who broke up with his ex.

I broke up with him because he was constantly arguing and frequent fights. I was unhappy and frustrated with him. After a breakup, I realized that I had played a part in the relationship’s death but still loved her.

This coaching client also broke up with his ex but then realized that he still has feelings and wants her back.

So, it is certainly possible that your ex has feelings for you even after the ex-breaks up with you.

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Why Your Ex Broke Up With You

From the two examples I gave to my coaching clients, you can see that there is one common thing that led to the breakup. And that’s just it – your ex doesn’t want to feel like he/she is in a relationship with you.

Here are just a few common reasons that lead to a breakup:

  • Infidelity / Cheating
  • Stopped being loving
  • Constant fights, quarrels, arguments, and conflicts
  • Not enough excitement
  • The relationship became boring, mundane, and routine
  • You turn into demanding, controlling behavior
  • Constantly put pressure on your ex
  • Insecurity (Asking your ex to encourage their love constantly)
  • Depression
  • Addiction to drinking, gambling, drugs that led to a dysfunctional relationship

In short, anything that your ex-feels are not liked a relationship when you’re both together.

Holding someone is still beyond the reach of an average person. Your ex probably still has feelings for you, but he can’t stay with you just because he/she feels negative in the relationship.

How can you be sure that your ex has feelings for you? Here are 11 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You but still has feelings for you:

Sign #1: Your Ex He/She Is Still Talking To You

The very first sign is that your ex is still in touch with you and still talks to you. This is one of the most significant signs that your ex is on you.

  • You don’t need to speak face to face.
  • Texting or calling you
  • Chatting with you through social media platforms…
  • Or email me once to chat with you.

If your ex is 100% above you, your ex will probably not want any contact with you.

Take, for example, two coaching clients I mentioned earlier.

The two are still in touch. That’s the reason you both have feelings. However, the two never told their ex that they still wanted to be together.

Why? This is because we all have a fear of rejection to some extent. We have to accept an undeniable natural mental behavior. That fear is holding them back from asking about their ex.

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Now, what if your ex doesn’t just contact you? Does that mean your ex is really over you? Not necessary. Even if your ex is not in touch with you, your ex may have feelings for you. And that leads us to the next sign.

Your Ex Is Always Around

Sign #2: Your Ex Is Always Around

It usually happens when two people break up. They don’t see each other regularly. But if you think this is true, it could be a sign that Your ex is pretending to be over you.

 After all, who wants to tie someone up who dumped or threw them away?

It’s a shame, if you think you have gone out of the shadows wherever you go. This is not a coincidence, my friend. It’s there for a reason.

Sign #3: Your Ex Responds Positively To You Contacting Them

If your ex doesn’t reach you before, you can always reach him/her. And if you get it right, your ex can give you positive feedback. Your ex responds positively to you. It’s a potential sign that your ex is pretending to be over you, but it’s not.

There are times when contacting your ex can increase his/her feelings towards you. And if your ex can increase their feelings for you, it means your ex never really came over you.

For example, I have many clients who eventually returned with their ex when they were not in touch with their ex.

They got in touch with their ex, and the conversation started neutrally. But after a while, if you do things right, your ex can start giving you very positive feedback for contacting him/her.

The idea here is to make your ex feel good about yourself when you contact them. Don’t push the idea of ​​going back together.

It can bring feelings to you. After all, you were both lovers at one time. So even if you’re no longer with your ex, that doesn’t mean your ex is totally up to you.

Your ex probably doesn’t like your version of what he/she broke. He/she want to be with your version that fell in love first.

Your Ex Responds Positively to You

Here are some examples:

  • You are a friend of your ex.
  • Your ex is your boss.
  • You attend the same classes at school.
  • You’ll both live together.

Or any situation where you and your ex are physically close to each other leads us towards the next sign. How to Start a Conversation with a Girl?

Sign #4: Your Ex Can’t Stop Looking At You

Body language is a sign that we cannot control. Now let’s say you saw your ex on the way to the bar, or you catch his eye while you were shopping?

Does he keep his eyes away whenever you see him?

When we are attracted to someone or something, we focus on the subject of our desire. It is a compelling feeling. We are also pointing at you regardless of what we are doing.

So, this is one of the best signs that your ex wants you back. He literally can’t look away from you.

Sign #5: Trying To Make You Jealous

Sometimes, they show how much fun they have with other people and post it on social media. In doing so, they deliberately set a trap to catch the dumps.

If dumps fall for these traps, the dumpers are given a chance to take revenge in anger, frustration, or sadness.

This is because the dumpers need their attention. There are so many different ways to make people jealous of dumps. Most of them have indirect approaches that keep them proud.

Dumpers do their best to bring out the jealousy of dumps by:

  • Posting pictures with their new partner
  • Showing off their new friends
  • Pointing out how much happy they are
  • Depreciating their past relationship
  • Wearing appealing outfits
Your Ex Leaves Their Stuff At Your Place

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Sign #6: Your Ex-Questions You

Here are some questions your ex may ask you if it’s still not up to you.

  • With who you went out with recently?
  • Whether you are seeing anyone?
  • Checking where you had been too recently…
  • Asking to check your phone.
  • Acquiring anything that is sensitive relating to relationship.
It's going to be all right...
A man comforting a distressed woman in a stair well

Your ex should not take care of your personal life. Would you ask them the above questions?

Mostly not, right?

All of the above are the questions you ask when your ex is not finished. These are the questions you might be interested in learning about your ex. Why?

That’s because you want to know if you still have a chance to be in a relationship with the ex-boyfriend. If your ex asks you the questions listed above, these are the signs of being on your ex.

Sign #7: Your Ex Keeps Finding Excuses To Meet Up

If you haven’t recently let down your ex, has he texted or called you with an excuse to meet you? When you receive a text or call, you will think to him. 

Maybe your ex needs your advice about the problem. Or maybe you left something in its place. He wants to make sure you get it back.

Whatever the reason, and no matter how insignificant it may be, your ex is always looking for reasons to meet you. It feels very bouncy and admirable. It may comment on what you are wearing or about your look.

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Sign #8: Your Ex Leaves Their Stuff At Your Place

Throwing away is the last act some people find difficult to process. So, what they do is leave a small line of connection with their ex-partner. This can be in the form of leaving their belongings at their spouse’s place.

Now they have a reason to call or text, or visit. There is still some connection. Many people, who don’t want to end a relationship, will do this on purpose. This is because they think for at least once more chance.

Your ex takes out all their belongings and does not look back at you. 

Beautiful Girl Using Her Mobile Phone In Cafe.
beautiful girl using her cell phone in café.

Sign #9: Your Ex Always Responds In A Good Way To Your Texts

Does your ex always respond positively to your texts, no matter what time of day or night it is? This will go back to being ready to help you. If they are happy to chat and respond quickly, that’s a really good sign.

This indicates that they want to continue the communication. They become happy to see your reply and respond, so you understand this.

They hope you’ll text and talk to revive the relationship on another date. This is especially good if they handle your personal feelings about the relationship.

Sign #10: Your Ex Stays In Touch With Your Friends

Usually, when two people break up, your friends stop talking to your ex. It’s an unwritten rule. After all, they are your friends. They have nothing to do with your ex, you are the connection, and now you are gone.

So, if the ex is happy to chat with your friends, it’s something good. Don’t forget; you are a common denominator. It’s better if he asks about your well-being or what you’re doing.

If he takes your friends in his confidence and shares his feelings for you, it is a perfect sign. He may want to send messages from your friends or share hints about how he feels about you.

Ask your friends if they bring you into the conversation. Separation Vs Divorce | What are the Differences?

Your Ex Stays In Touch With Your Friends

Sign #11: You Hear From Their Friends

Do you remember that you are young and tell your friend to go to the boy you like on the playground and tell him that you love him? 

Well, it’s no different when we get older; it’s a little more complex. Some people are shy and reserved. Once they are rejected, their confidence is ruined. So, to save face, they will get your friends to go on an observation mission to find out how you feel.

You can get a movie from a friend in blue to chew the fat. Just be aware to see how this past lies.

What to Do If You Notice These 11 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You?

You may find excitement because your ex is pretending to be over you. He/she ex is not on you.

It’s a fantastic feeling for sure, but don’t make the mistake of confronting the ex to go back with you. It doesn’t mean your ex wants to come back with you now.

Your ex may still be admiring if you’ve really changed or if he/she wants the relationship back.

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