10 Biggest Bodybuilders With Highest Olympic Achievements

No one cares about the value you can make if you have trouble lifting weights. Muscles are important, yet how to handle them makes a difference, too. We must therefore commend the biggest bodybuilders who have assembled the best structures in the world by overcoming part of those most daunting responsibilities in any given time. Weightlifting is not for everyone. It requires constant effort, hard work, patience, and extra motivation.  

Inspiration is the key to all the worlds productive and impressive head muscles. So we have to look at this article on the best bodybuilders globally.

Bodybuilding began to shine during the “Brilliant Era” – when brands such as Frank Zane, Lee Haney, and Arnold Schwarzenegger competed on the Olympia stage with stylishly disapproved of bodies in a way that set the size, balance, beauty, and elegance. That was fine and fun in the ’60s,’ 70s, and ’80s, yet the ’90s had a place with the mass beasts.

Table of Contents:

  1. Flex Wheeler
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. Shawn Ray
  4. Dorian Yates
  5. Kevin Levrone
  6. Dexter Jackson
  7. Lee Haney
  8. Ronnie Coleman
  9. Phil Heath
  10. Jay Cutler

10 Biggest Bodybuilders in the World

Here is an extensive list of the top bodybuilders 2022. These biggest bodybuilder’s names are famous with the most prominent muscular heads. These famous bodybuilders maintained a benchmark in weight lifting. That is why they are all Idols to countless young people who want to be good weight lifters in future.

1) Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler

Kenneth Flex Wheeler became most muscular man in the world as the ‘Lord of Symmetry.’ He is a 56-year-old man who received 17 master’s titles during his career. He has absolutely no way, shape, or form that got Sandor, and he has fallen behind the top Olympic champion many times.

However, the Flex is the most attractive jockey ever for many muscle heads and competitors. Like Levrone, Flex Wheeler got enrolled in the Hall of Fame in his first year of training. In seven attempts like Olympia, he came in second place several times – in 1993, 1998, and 1999 he went to Dorian Yates, then Ronnie Coleman, twice.

Many argue that Flex should have won the title at least once. His submission to Mr. O brings forth the fourth. His average record shows he has put five out of 29 in his 33 times. While Wheeler was proud and courageous, he praised this for the need to address his introspection and instability as a child and youth.

In 1994, he got associated with a deadly fender bender that may have left him long lost. Saddened, he began to prepare himself, and he returned with an exceptional speed to work at a higher level. In 1999, Wheeler was diagnosed with Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a type of kidney infection.

No matter what the media opinion is about the cause of the embarrassment, Wheeler has drawn attention to the fact that the condition is genetic. Wheeler reported his cessation of lifting weights in 2000, yet he continued to fight until 2002. He had a kidney transplant in 2003.


  • Height: 5’10”
  • Inactive season weight: Approximately 245-255 lbs
  • Competition Weight: Approximately 230-235 lbs.
  • Arm Size: 57 cm (22 in)
  • Leg Size: 80 cm (31 in)
  • Chest size: 142 cm (56 in)

2) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Have you ever thought that who is the biggest bodybuilder in the world? Today, most people see Arnold Schwarzenegger as an entertainer and a legislator. However, in reality, he is the biggest body builder ever. He is then 74 years old. However, before the 1990s, far more weightlifters ensured higher comfort and weight than Schwarzenegger in the competition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger began his career in Graz, Austria, with only one vision: Mr. Universe. The cost of being from a sports school was very high, so he set up his playroom in the basement of his parent’s home. However, in 1961 he met Kurt Marnul, Mr. Former Austria. Marnul was interested in Arnold’s body and asked him to train at Athletic Union in Graz. Arnold began his in-depth and extensive preparation.

In 1965 he enlisted in the Austrian Armed Forces to enter the competition in Stuttgart, Arnold needed to go to A.W.O.L. and, as a result, was arrested on his return. He won the opposition team in Stuttgart and got awarded the title Jr. Mr. Europe. 

He later won many different titles and chose to shoot elsewhere. After following a few examples in English and after work as a street worker in Santa Monica, California, he came up with the idea of ​​making a significant impact on the story Stay Hungry. The employee received the Golden Globe Award and marked the beginning of a tremendous and fruitful vocation.


  • Height: 6’2″
  • Inactive Season Weight: Approximately 260 lbs.
  • Competition Weight: Approximately 235 lbs.
  • Arms: 22″
  • Biggest Bodybuilder Chest Size: 57″
  • Width: 34”
  • Thighs: 28.5″

3) Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray

The nickname ‘Mr. Sean Lei symbolizes supply and balance and is 56 years old. Whether or not he would have seen through Mr. Olympia is considered one of the most exciting biggest bodybuilder without steroids in the weight lifting industry.

Extending the balanced view that surprised the authorities and many of the appointed supporters, he confirmed the muscle variety, which allowed. To be ranked in 5th place faithfully in all contention for Mr. Olympia.

Every time Frank Zane wins his Mr. Olympia, there was a weight loss in a male psychologist. During the 1980s and 1990s, when Shawn Ray was a senior, he was absent. Shawn was not a big man, so Shawn had to fight heavyweights like Lee Haney. So, he won the Arnold Classic but finished no more than a second in Olympia.

In addition, his body had an outstanding style. He was a respected janitor, to some extent, because of his outstanding genetic traits. In any case, his great prosperity was due to his efforts. For example, his insight into preparing and using his power will determine what he knows.

I’ve seen a large portion of the top weightlifters of the 1980s as they prepare or shoot them at the gym. In general, I could not make one little thought about preparing the way I think they asked me. However, two competitors whose tactics were so excellent I couldn’t imagine how they alone could get to the next level: Lee Haney and Shawn Ray.


  • Nickname: Sugar
  •  Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm) 
  •  Competition Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg)
  •  Inactive Season Weight: 230 lbs (104 kg)

4) Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates is the 6-time winner of Mr. Olympia and the myth of weight training. During his time, he dominated competitions, becoming a business trademark. After his resignation as a rival, he started his development organization and opened various gymnasiums to help people achieve their dreams.

In 1985, Dorian transferred his goals to 1985, winning the Novice West Coast show. That same year, he participated in his first international challenge – the 1985 I.F.B.B. World Games.  He faced anything like Berry DeMay and Matt Mendenhall, yet even at 23, Dorian had the option to enter the competition. He placed seventh in honor.

Dorian Yates is 5’10 “tall and has a substantial load of 262 pounds. Besides, his achievements are so close to his distinctive edge and body composition that Yates’ ethics have touched and amazed many fans. He expressed his determination to prepare for each day at some point in the year.

However, a year later, he won his first major tournament – the British E.F.B.B. of 1986. He brought home the prize, but he did not wholly place it on the stone to make it more prominent. However, it was not a good trip for Dorian – he invested in a young, incarcerated community, and he quickly terminated his career due to injuries.

Although biggest bodybuilder legs never worked or played sports at a young age, Dorian had a lot of typical sports. It earned him the status of his estate as a prisoner, powerlifting to keep himself engaged to be married.

Dorian quickly squeezed a muscle and realized he could win in life. The future legend entered the gym in 1983, embarking on his journey to the highest point of the industry. Perhaps the best weight lifter, with the most fans.


  • Bodybuilder Height: 5.11 inches or 179 cm
  • Inactive Season Weight: 131 kg or 289 lbs
  • Competition Weight: 118 kg or 260 lbs.
  • Weight Down: 102 kg or 225 lbs.

5) Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone

Mr. Levrone, 57, is considered one of the heaviest bodybuilders. He accompanies the influences they have devoted together close to his unimaginably designed hands and deltas and the central region. They gave him the moniker “Maryland Muscle Machine.” Although he did not buy Mr. Olympiahe is undoubtedly one of the most prolonged line weight lifts ever.

As in Mr. Olympia, he kept wrapping next in line several times. Also, Levrone has received more than 23 master show honors. In 2016 Kevin made a repeat of Mr. Olympia also played the title fight repeatedly, where he earned 16th place in the game.

In 1992, Levrone released one of the ace’s most iconic works by winning the show seven days after its launch and placing a shocking second for Mr. Olympia. It was the prelude to the rule that followed. He went on to win more open-air star shows (19) in the 1990s than any other competitor.

 Entering 62 I.F.B.B. challenges from 1992-2003, he won 20 (32%). He was twice as good at 37 (60%), and most of the time, he made the top three (77%). His placement rate is 2.41 (Coleman’s is 3.59.) He missed only one stop.

“Before I got older, I was extreme,” recalls Levrone. “Since my first workout, I have always been able to move a lot of weight all the time.” You probably have a lot of muscle spasms, but don’t trust him. You can watch a recording of his YouTube video press 455 times four times right now before Mr. Olympia. 1998 and a seat is pressing 405 times six times this year.

You can see him also releasing 500 pounds of shoulder pressure behind his neck and 700 hack squats in the past. He was one of the most robust muscle heads globally when he won the 1991 N.P.C. Nationals. After 25 years, he is still the same.


  • Weight: 225 – 235lbs (102.1 – 106.6kg)
  • Height: 5’11” (180cm)
  • Arms: 24″
  • Chest: 57″
  • Waist: 29″
  • Thighs: 32″
  • Calves: 19.5″



Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, Dexter Jackson, AKA Blade, is the I.F.B.B.’s muscle master and 2008 champion. Mr. Olympia. Known for his incredible creativity, Dexter has won the game for his 30-year career, winning nine Arnold Classic titles, as well as winning many trophies in talented history.

Genetic traits, Dexter promoted a remarkable physique as he grew up, which was immediately recognized by some of his friends, and they suggested that he consider joining a contest at a nearby show. Jackson thought it over and agreed.

He started abstaining from overeating and going to the gymnasium to prepare for opposition. Just three weeks after the planning, at the age of 20, Dexter entered the stage of world largest bodybuilders without precedent in his life and successfully won the show.

Dexter then realized his true potential in the business, and he also realized how much success he could achieve in the extra time he spent preparing and refraining from overeating.

After winning his first local show, Jackson said he became disillusioned with weight training as he began to work harder than before, preparing for various competitions to become a muscle champion. It didn’t go well before he started collecting excellent results at various nearby shows, and soon, he entered his first National Physique competition, the 1992 N.P.C.

Southern States Championship, where he came in third place. After the opposition, Jackson took a long time off the stage to devote himself entirely to the preparation and weight loss to finally bring his best version and buy a Pro card.


  • Weight: 215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg)
  • Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
  • Arms: 20″
  • Chest: 52″

7) Lee Haney

Lee Haney

Lee Haney (AKA. All out Lee Awesome) has established his legacy by becoming the biggest bodybuilders in history. He broke the record for Mr. Olympia’s eight titles. He wrote the best constitution for business; he is among the best examples the game has ever seen. His climb to the top began with a few sand dumbbells from a series of sales.

However, it was not always easy for Lee – he faced a challenge and abandoned his school scholarship and instructions at a young age. Lee’s weight preparation was his first taste of any sport at a young age. In any case, he was fortunate enough to receive the unique honors of his genes.

After growing his first weight, Lee joined the nearest YMCA. It is where Danny Rogers sees his greatest strength. Danny encouraged young Lee Haney for the next 4 years, showing him how to carry loads properly. By 1973, Lee had greatly improved his appearance, becoming the biggest bodybuilder in his age group.

It wasn’t long before he got invited to participate in various sports during high schools. However, Lee did not take away his focus on grabbing his mythical body. By 1977, Lee had built an enormous population and dominated football.

By 1984, Lee had acquired a tone at such a young age. Still, there is no contradiction in what he has achieved and how he will achieve it. At the age of 25, Lee resigned as the world’s most respected champion – Mr. Olympia in 1984. Whatever the case, he had just started. For the next seven years, Lee won Mr. Olympia’s competitions.

He also cut his name on the award several times, breaking the record set by one brand, Arnold Schwarzenegger. By the time Lee was 32, in 1991, Lee had become the best jock in all of the game’s existence. He has set a high standard for his future competitors, and by 2016, Ronnie Coleman had figured out how to move up to his 8 Mr. Olympia.


  • Weight: 255 – 265lbs (115.7 – 120.2kg)
  • Height: 5’11” (180cm)
  • Arms: 20″        
  • Waist: 31″

8) Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is an 8x, Mr. Olympia. He got one of the best muscle heads, buying the moniker ‘GOAT.’ However, he did not continue to dominate each show; between 1992-1994, Ronnie did not receive the award alone. However, Ronnie came back strong to solidify his name in experience books.

Because he grew up in football, he never put him on a stone to stay more potent than his friends. He worked hard to acquire power and greatness. Eventually, his body like the biggest bodybuilder weight motivated him to lift loads and start his health journey.

Within a few months, under the supervision of the center owner, Brian Dobson and Ronnie were in an excellent position to start his hard work. He appeared in the exhibition of Mr. Texas of 1990 as an incomprehensible amateur.

However, Ronnie’s persistent effort and reassurance meant he went on to win his first prize at the age of 26 – defeating his mentor and many other competitors who got prepared at the same time.

After removing the remainder of the 1990s from the spotlight, Ronnie defeated competent competitors in front of an audience. As he was often gifted, he discovered how to combine impressive arms – which various rivals recognize as ‘Mr. Olympia’s level’, a high recommendation for a beginner. With this consolation, Ronnie entered the 1991 World Youth Championships and traveled to Poland in the hope of proving himself – and that is what he did.

The judges were amazed at Ronnie’s appearance; he surpassed his rivals, thus winning the first prize. In any case, it did not end there. By winning his biggest show yet, Ronnie had earned the famous Pro Card – he became a bodybuilder at the age of 27.


  • Weight: Over 310lbs (140.6kg)
  • Height: 5’11” (180cm)
  • Arms: 24″
  • Chest: 58″
  • Waist:   36″         
  • Thighs: 36″
  • Calves: 22″

9) Phil Heath

Phil Heath

Phil Heath, AKA “The Gift,” is a 6 time champion of Mr. Olympia from 2011 to 2016, including a delegation to Mr. Olympia’s 50th anniversary in 2014. He connected to Dorian Yates’ record, which coincides with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s record, 7 times. And close to Ronnie Coleman’s 8-year success of Mr. Olympia.

Nonetheless, things were difficult in Phil’s life from the beginning, and he had to raise them regularly as his people got caught in the daily affairs of life. It helped Phil acquire the skills needed to commit to everyday life and keep moving forward toward his goals. This drive has made him one of the world’s top weightlifters, and he has continued to see him become probably the best muscle head ever.

From then on, he gained power for the next six years, earning Mr. Olympia the title several times in a row. He shared his prosperity intending to inspire other people and engage in the excellent work of helping those who were less fortunate.

He also released 5 DVDs on the theme, close to his story, and appeared at the world-famous’ Pumping Iron ‘continuation’ Generation Iron.’ Phil currently lives in his old Colorado hometown and trains at the Armbrust Pro Gym. 


  • Weight: 245 – 255lbs (111.1 – 115.7kg)
  • Height: 5’9″ (175cm)
  • Arms: 23″
  • Chest: 54″
  • Waist: 29″      
  • Thighs: 32″
  • Calves: 20″

10) Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Jason Isaac (AKA. Jay) Cutler has always been aware of the importance of hard work. He started working as a development specialist at the age of 11, started preparing for the gym at the age of 18, and went on to win various competitions among biggest young bodybuilders.

Jay left the game as the legend in 2013, after winning Mr. Olympia high many times. He is probably the best muscle player ever, yet he became a security guard at an extremist security prison in his childhood. It was not long before Jay took part in some of the challenges, and it was not long before he won the 1993 NPC Teen Nationals and the 1995 NPC U.S Tournament of Champions.

By this time, Jay had received a ton of exposure to his amazing shows at such a young age – he was known as one of the biggest bodybuilders of his period. After furthering his college education, Jay realized that he needed to seek his strength, and he left his desire to become a correctional officer behind.

The following year, Jay prepared well for the gym, drawing on his dream – and made it his goal to become the world’s largest muscle builder. In 1996, he came back in the weight lifting world with a fantastic array of his biggest show yet – the 1996 NPC Nationals.

Jay continued his winning streak by putting first yet winning something more than a prize. By the time he was 23, Jay had accomplished what a few competing 10-year-olds were trying to do – he got his Pro Card became a weight lifter. The young competitors were looking to turn into a myth.


  • Weight: 265 – 275lbs (120.2 – 124.7kg)       
  • Height: 5’9″ (175cm)
  • Arms: 21″
  • Chest: 58″
  • Waist: 34″
  • Thighs: 30″
  • Calves: 19″

Final words 

Weight training is a source of interest for young people. Introduce new rivals consistently, setting new goals to achieve. It’s just a game dedicated to lifting weights. Lifting weights is not a weak passion, and it is much more than just going to the rec place and doing push-ups.

Weightlifters dedicate their lives to building their bodies, and they never stop working. They devoted their whole lives to this career, and today the world knows them with several unique titles. If you want to become one of the best bodybuilders on our list, then make up your mind to get influenced by the biggest weight lifters all around the globe.

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