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In simple words, you are worrying. Worrying is one of the major reason in causes of depression. You are probably yourself in a gathering, lost in your own thoughts, thinking about what you said or could do last year to change your whole situation. Sometimes you may worry about the past, the present, and the future. You might look at others and try to figure out how they still manage to smile.

9 Causes of  Depression, Treatment, Symptoms, Etc

You want to stop thinking but don’t know how to do it. When you worry always, you complicate problems, and there is still no solution. Here are some phycological depressions, its causes, symptoms and treatments.

You are Neurotic:


Then it becomes an addiction; the next thing you know, you start questioning people’s thoughts, their responses, and then your own conscience. You may have heard the saying “anxiety is useless”; however, it is not entirely useless because it is okay to worry about issues. It shows that you are a thoughtful person and ready to give solutions well. But sometimes, let go and learn to relax. Anxiety can lead to frustration.

You are a Perfectionist:


You will notice that grease comes into your fabric while ironing, and it makes you very straight until you straighten it. A stain on a plate just ticks you so much you can’t ignore it. If something does not go as planned, you will immediately fall out of place. You’re probably one, you do it yourself, your contact makes it perfect.

You love order so much that chaos can leave you a second dressed knee. Even on trivial matters, you can sometimes be challenging on your own. Being pedantic can be very rewarding; it can lead to a lot of frustration, as you keep raising your expectations from people, food, the environment, and your lifestyle.



Negative patterns of thinking, most of the time, the reason for the frustration of most people. You find it difficult to be optimistic. As soon as the goal is set, think about what you can do wrong in a million ways right away. Maybe you have a good idea, and as it pops, you immediately start thinking, ‘It’s not that good.’ Can you see the link? Are you a neurotic, perfectionist, and maybe a pessimist?

Life is hidden from uncertainty, and contacting life with such a frame of mind is detrimental to the psyche and overall well-being. You have to learn to change your line of thinking. You can start by immediately confirming to yourself how positive the crop of negative thoughts needs to be. Try to meditate, take some time to be alone, and try to calm your thoughts that are running on your mind.



Stress becomes a major cause (in causes of depression) nowadays. Attempts may be made to match expectations from your work, school, or friends and family. Maybe you’re looking for it hard juggling work, social, and family life. The pressure of it all makes one feel drowsy and frustrated. Here is what you can do. Make a routine and make it a habit to follow the routine you set. As human beings, we perform best when we aim for what we want to do; you can go as far as setting a goal even for the next minute and be sure to watch it. Properly administered stressors can prevent many mental disorders.



When it comes to decision making and decision making, you will always be f. You may be scared or myopic towards taking that frightening step. Every minute of our lives requires that we take steps, from waking up to bathing, working, and making essential living decisions. Being indecisive will give you a lot of procrastination, and it will make you feel incomplete. This will make it challenging to get the monkey on your back.



Our minds work in such a way that everything wants to be rabid. We can be very anxious in some situations; when it takes longer than usual to happen, it breaks us down. You have to understand first, that everything follows a process. You didn’t start speaking in a day. It took you many years to become an adult.

Everything happens in stages that is one of causes of depression. Get out of the illusion that things should happen as fast as you want. The universe does not follow your will, and you have no power over how things happen; it only controls how they affect you. It says that good things take time. Being patient helps you cope better with uncertainty.

Very Sensitive:


Are you the kind of person who is easily offended, feels deeply hurt, feels uncomfortable in a large crowd, and is quick to assume they are being judged? Then you can be very sensitive. For compassionate individuals, controlling depression is more delicate, especially for someone who has suffered trauma. Suppressed thoughts of trauma can bring grief to a person. Know that it is okay to get out of it, expect pain; it lets you heal. Make sure you get to the root of the trauma, find out what causes of depression is. It’s as simple as asking, ‘Why am I sad?’ Or ‘How did I get here?’ Otherwise, you will continuously grieve and forget to heal.

Dreams and Desires:


Sometimes, there is a picture of how perfect it should be, where we should be, which makes us sad. As human beings, we set goals, and only then are our long-held dreams fulfilled. But sometimes, we have very unrealistic expectations and hold on and darken ourselves. For example, wanting to own the latest Lamborghini, and in your income, even scooters will not be affordable.

Then you start to dizzy because of your inability to buy a Lamborghini. You want to cut your coat according to your size and stop craving things out of your reach. Just try to appreciate a few things, and be happy with what you have.

Non-Spiritual State:


You may not be in a spiritual state, in a given time of sorrow when you are tired of waiting to be saved by a deity. But the belief in supreme existence can be a saving grace in such a period. Each individual works on different validation systems. I can surely say, we are not without any kind of belief. It helps some people to be the best in times of need and mentally it has proven to be a very useful remedy in dealing with depression. Reconnect with your spiritual side, mingle that fire, pray and animate again.

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