Best Long Head Bicep Exercises for Development of Bigger Muscles

Have you ever noticed that why bodybuilders want to develop high peaks of their biceps? It’s a question that must have crossed your mind a thousand times and now you want to make something incredible that is just possible by following the right guidance by an expert.

So let’s begin with the bicep, its definition, parts, and which exercises can help you make them strong.

Biceps are the most fundamental muscles in building your body. Most bodybuilders try their best to work on their biceps. You can surely have them if you are one of the people who lift. For that purpose what you exactly need to do is to work hard on the development of your bicep’s long head that makes up the outer part of the upper arm.

Learn how to goal the long head of your biceps to construct a larger, greater pronounced peak. When you study the anatomy of the biceps more in depth, you’ll observe that it consists of three important muscle masses:

  • Coracobrachialis Muscle
  • Bicep Brachia
  • Brachialis Muscle

The bicep brachia can be separated into two heads:

  • Long Head
  • Short Head

The short head is connected to the front part of the scapula, whilst the long head attaches toward the rear. The short head is placed at the internal arm and offers your biceps their width, but a longer head plays a fundamental role in the formation of higher muscular peaks comparatively. You don’t see the short head of the biceps easily from the outside because it’s always the long head that helps in making up huge peaks of the biceps.

7 Best Long Head Bicep Exercises Bodybuilding

The long head exercises are considered more important in bodybuilding because if you do not pay attention to different exercises of biceps then you cannot develop your biceps and reach any extra or a little effort of working on your long head of biceps.

Here we have gathered the necessary information about the 8 best exercises for long head of biceps that would help you maintain a huge bicep peak. You can take help from any exercise of your own choice listed below.

Development of Bigger Muscles

1. Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Alternating dumbbell curl is one of the strongest ways of developing high peak muscles. It just depends upon you that how you focus on your bicep daily workout. It is a classical exercise for your arm and it consists of the functions of two biceps. The first one is elbow flexion and the next is supination. The alternating dumbbell exercise just not supports greatly in making high muscular mass but also works hard in hitting the long head of biceps. You just don’t keep your biceps strong and healthy but it also helps in the improvement of forearm strength. The balance in the muscles is maintained on both sides of your body. Sometimes you must have thought that how do I get bigger biceps on my long head then you can make up your biceps stronger with alternating dumbbell curls.


  1. By squeezing your biceps, curl up the dumbbell that is in your right hand.
  2. Reduce the weight slowly and cautiously and repeat the same process with your left hand.

2) Narrow Grip Barbell Curl

You want to have both higher strength and bigger size with exercises for long head of biceps then a Narrow grip barbell curl can help you. If you have the strength to lift heavy weights then this workout places your arms in a routinely superb function. You can easily pump out the reps by narrow grip barbell curl.

It makes a target on your bicep brachia that play the main role in making up a greater muscle mass and also activates the brachialis so that your elbow flexion can be made more smooth and strong. You can lift up many heavyweights as compared to dumbbell curls.

The upper body strength is increased when you lift up heavyweights. The grip strength makes it possible to target and grip heavier weights. You can move weight plates that are attached to the barbell to adjust a level according to your strength.


  1. Fold your elbows until both lower and upper arms makes contact with each other. The barbell should end near your shoulders and should not connect to your shoulders.
  2. At the pinnacle of the movement, squeeze the biceps and pause for a few seconds.
  3. Now gradually change the elbows to straight position to go back to the previous position.
  4. For repeating the process stop your first attempt completely when you finish it the bottom.

3) Incline Dumbbell Curls

The incline dumbbell curls are a much harder and difficult workout for bigger biceps than classic curls. The longest muscle in the upper arm is strongly and precisely targeted by this dumbbell curl. The inclined position directly and efficiently target the long head of the biceps but if you want to do that in a standing position then it works too.

It is a more inclusive arm workout as it targets the whole muscle mass simultaneously while other arm exercises work more on a shorter head. This exercise can be considered the most effective one in the development of arm muscles. The range of motion is greatly extended in incline dumbbell curls as compared to classic curls. The extra muscular stretch gives you better long head bicep exercises bodybuilding.

There are plenty of ways through which you can help yourself during the incline dumbbell curls that includes:

  1. Pulling your abs to your spine before you start the exercise. You would not suffer from any back strain if you practice this way.
  2. Sore abs means you are doing it the right way but if your abs are not sore then you need to practice precisely. You need to engage your core during workout.
  3. If you think you are not doing it perfectly then do it in steps. Do one arm single time and focus on the form while curling up the weight.

4) Bayesian Cable Curls

Bayesian cable curls workout is the cable equivalent of incline dumbbell curls. Some people find cable curls more easily during exercise because they might have been doing a cable workout machine for their exercise sessions. The biceps get fully stretched and help in extending shoulders that activates the long head of the biceps during arm exercise so this can be the best long head bicep workout.

It helps in the maintenance of the steady tension in the biceps and active muscles effectively. If you do not have any cable machine then don’t worry at all, you can effortlessly do it with a resistance band. The muscle’s position is more lengthened in Bayesian cable curls. The resistance is much more consistent in Bayesian cable curls workout than in free-weight curls. The biceps can be isolated greatly with this type of curl. Your muscles are almost activated during the whole exercise session.


  1. Take a low pulley machine and attach a D-handle to it.
  2. Hold the handle and set your standing position so that your back should be in a split stance to the weight stack.
  3. After bending your elbow the handle should be curled up forward and upwards to the shoulders.
  4. Take a mid-rep stretch by extending your arm and repeat it.
  5. Now repeat the number of reps on every side.

5) Dumbbell Hammer Curls

In order to target their brachialis muscle, the Dumbbell hammer curls are usually done and practiced by bodybuilders. The focus of hammer curls is mainly on the long head and of biceps in addition to the brachialis muscles of the upper arm. Beginners can easily practice this exercise because it’s the most effective, easiest, and the best exercise for long head of biceps.

Dumbbell exercises for long head bicep are focused by the bodybuilders during their initial bodybuilding stages because of their ability to make up higher muscular peak of the upper arm and also develops the improvement in lower arm muscles in less time. A little number of sets and reps every weak helps a lot in stimulating your long head of biceps but try not to destroy your muscular mass by doing it several times simultaneously.

If you want to train your biceps and forearms muscles hard and have a higher muscle mass then take a start with Dumbbell hammer curls but that does not mean that you overtrain your forearm muscles because as compared to the stronger back, shoulder, and chest muscles the forearms and biceps are susceptible to more than enough training.


  1. The feet width should be exactly the width of shoulders and stand straightly grabbing both dumbbells.
  2. Squeeze for a few moments while curling up dumbbells by keeping the upper arms in opposite to both sides.
  3. Repeat the number of reps after you lower the dumbbells gradually.

6) Drag curls

Drag curls are essential and efficient in making both longer and shorter heads of biceps. If you want to practice something that incredibly results in higher peaks and work on both heads of biceps then you can do the drag curls for your arms. You can easily do drag curls using a barbell.

You can have plenty of alternative ways through which you can make your muscles strong with bigger biceps and forearm, so it is clear that there are variations in ways of doing something. If you are looking for something for your biceps and forearm muscles that should have a great and visible impact on your muscles mass.

If you want to know that which bicep exercises hit which head then you need to read the instruction about long head bicep exercises thoroughly to work on the desired muscular part. Although drag curls are not complicated or difficult to perform you need to do them correctly until you start doing them perfectly. So here are some instructions that you have to follow.


  1. Make sure that your feet and hand width is similar to the width of your shoulders while you grab the barbell. Stand with straight legs and back. Make the bar rest on upper thighs.
  2. While moving your elbows in backward direction, curl up the bar slowly to keep the bar in contact with your front.
  3.  Move the bar down gradually while it’s still in contact to your front part.

7) Narrow Grip Chin-Up

Narrow grip chin-up is a proper lat exercise for your lat muscles. You definitely have to use a strong underhand and narrow grip for practicing narrow grip chin-up perfectly. This is also among the best long head bicep exercises because it’s similar to that of the narrower grips of barbell curls that directly work properly and accurately on the long head of your biceps. Analyze the way of doing chin-ups correctly and you will understand their role in building body muscles.

Just like you curl up the bar to your chin in barbell curls, instead, you curl up your chin to the bar in narrow grip chin-up. If you want an improved muscular strength and a bigger biceps peak then you have to work hard in developing width and thickness by an amalgamation of both vertical and horizontal workout pulls.


  1. Hang yourself on an elevated bar with the hand width that should be wider than that of your shoulder’s width. While supporting your abs, you need to pull the shoulders down and back. Cross the feet and bend the legs behind in order to keep a straight position of your body.
  2. Lean back a little while bending arms and lifting up your chest and try to pull up the sternum up towards the bar.
  3. After taking a help form your elbows while moving them down and back contract your back.
  4. While you are at the top of your rep just take a pause and return back to lower position. Don’t just stop yourself there. Restore your strength to repeat it.
  5. Take a pause but no need to relax the shoulders while you come back down for taking another rep.
  6. Spew out another successful attempt and so on!

The bottom Line

Most of the biceps and forearm exercises involve enough long head bicep exercises that it is not a further need to give extra time to long head workouts. As you already know that all the biceps exercises that are mentioned above help accurately in increasing the upper and lower muscle mass and making bigger and massive mountain like peaks of your biceps. No need to annihilate the biceps if you are a recreational fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder.

If you want heavier and visible biceps then also work to grow your triceps to create a balance on both sides of your upper arm. If you want to show off your friends your body building abilities and flex about your heavy biceps workout then focus on increasing the intensity and strength of your long head of biceps.

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