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The best tricep workouts with dumbbells helps to stabilize your joint shoulder and act as an extensor for the elbow and shoulder. As your Triceps get more substantial with dumbbell tricep exercises, the strength and stability of your shoulders and elbows increase as you work harder and strengthen these muscles, your arms’ performance, flexibility, and range of motion increase.

As a result, your performance improves in sports that require arm movements and high physical activity such as tennis, swimming, volleyball, and basketball. The Triceps muscles are the opposition muscles in the biceps and are very crucial. At the same time, you move any body part when you feel the need to either stretch or straighten your body muscles, especially during most push-up movements.

You are capable of observing the triceps when you are somewhere as the soccer player stretches his arm muscles while playing soccer. It plays a significant role in providing a better position and focuses on your arm and biceps.

Second, most triceps muscles are mainly used while the chest exerts a positive force on the triceps that helps lift weights while performing dumbbell tricep workout.

Top 5 Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

Here are top 5 dumbbell tricep exercises for big, strong arms that you can include in your next training.

Best Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells

1) Triceps Overhead Dumbbell Extensions

One of the most effective dumbbell tricep exercises, Overhead Tricep Dumbbell Extensions, works by flexing your triceps. You can do this movement in two ways: sitting or standing. Both work equally well. Here’s how to perform a sitting position transformation.

  • Start by sitting on a bench or chair and holding a dumbbell behind your head with both hands. See if you can move the dumbbell up and down for a few repetitions.
  • The elbows should be 90 degrees, and the shoulders should be straight.
  • Tighten your spine and straighten your torso.
  • Lift the dumbbells with both hands until your arms are almost fully extended.
  • Pause, then slowly lower the dumbbells back to the initial position.
  • Repeat 6-12 times, three cycles. You should start to feel a burning sensation behind both hands.

2) Dumbbell Triceps Pullback

There are several ways to do dumbbell tricep exercises without bench, with one hand, or with both hands simultaneously. In this example, we will focus on restoring the vertical tricep. Here’s how it works:

  • Hold the dumbbells in both hands. Make sure it is not too heavy at first and increase the weight as needed.
  • Stand with legs apart, and knees slightly bent.
  • Bend your hips 45 degrees, make sure your back is straight, your torso aligned with the ground, and your shoulders close to your body.
  • Move your body forward and forward.
  • The arm is the only part of the body that moves, so you should feel the triceps move.

You can also use the bench with your knees and non-working hands on the bar for support. The movement is the same, but this variation allows you to “lose” more weight to get more reps than the vertical variation.

3) Lying Triceps Extension

This tricep workouts with dumbbells and bench also called the “skull crush,” can be done with a barbell but can also be performed effectively with dumbbells in your hand.

  • Lie on your back on the bench with dumbbells in both hands, palms up, and arms up.
  • Lift the dumbbells with your elbows straight.
  • After pausing, slowly return to the starting position and control the movement and weight.
  • Keep your shoulders closed, and your elbows closed at all times.
  • Repeat as many rounds and reps as possible.
  • The elbows usually bend outward, so they have to be pushed inward. These best Tricep workouts with dumbbells is also good if you have a sprain or injury because it does not pressure your wrist like other tricep dumbbell exercises.

4) One Arm Triceps Kickback (Bench Support)

Let’s start with the classic and the best Tricep workouts with dumbbells, which is behind the tricep. This work has several variations, but it is a good start. Since this is a bench support function, there is more stability. If combined with the fact that you use one arm at a time, you can split each tricep at a time.

  • To do this: In this exercise, you kneel on a bench and support your upper body with an inactive arm and knee. Your body should be above the table (back floor). Start with a dumbbell in one hand, with your arms in a straight line behind you.
  • Extend your elbows and press your tricep until your arms get fully extended. Then, slowly return to your 90-degree elbows before performing the next repetition.
  • Exercise Tip: Do not lower your working elbow during the repetition. Keep your arms aligned with your back/body. The eccentric phase of the movement (return to curved elbow) should be slow and controlled.

5) Curved Triceps kickbacks 

It is a good exercise for beginners to strengthen and train their triceps. It is similar to kicking a bench with one hand described above, except that you support your body rather than using a bar.

For this article, the bent-over triceps curls are done using both arms simultaneously. But if you are a fan of one side, you can do this exercise with one arm!

  • To do this: Start with dumbbells on both hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your hips forward until your torso is level with the ground. Bend your elbows and arms in line with your body. Stretch your elbows until your arms are straight and slowly return to the starting position.
  • Exercise Tip: Extend your arms and hold for 2 seconds after your tricep get fully aligned. Do not lift the chest or other body parts. Only your arms should come down from your elbows. No swing!

Why Triceps Muscles Are More Essential?

The Triceps are an essential muscle in the body. Influence fully contributes to all movement and exercise. It also gives an Aesthetic look to bodybuilders. The most significant part (70%) of your arms is the Triceps, so make sure you flex them if you want a giant component.

The tricep brachii (“triceps arm” in Latin) is essential in dumbbell tricep exercises or high-power upper body exercises. Weak triceps muscles may leave you with lower chest, shoulder, and arm muscles that look smaller. You will need to use the brachial and biceps heads equally.

Are Tricep Free Weight Exercises Effective?

Free weights or machines both have their advantages and disadvantages. You usually use a lot of free weight-lifting muscles, while the devices offer the benefit of keeping the resistance level (weight) constant throughout the range of motion.

Pressure, compression, and extra pressure. Dip, bench press, pin press, floor press. Each exercise is different, but usually, the both heads respond well to bicep and tricep workouts with dumbbells.

You still have your hard days, but something like seven sets of 10 reps with moderate weights and downtime less than you can take with your heavy pressure will pump your head back as nothing else can do and give you the encouragement you need. 3-4 sets of 15 pushdowns on top of that, and the rest is hereditary.

Also, keep in mind that the back head is usually a definition rather than size. You can feel the growth of a long head no matter how much body fat, but for the rear lead to be visible, you need to lean. Remember that the triceps are more significant than the biceps in chest and tricep workouts with dumbbells.

How Triceps Give An Impressive Look?

The biceps seem to be easy to pump if you look at the gym. It seems that way, in part because biceps are so needed. These muscles give men a more aggressive look. But keep in mind that

a) The biceps are more significant than the Tricep, so their related effect is more noticeable.

b) There are no straightforward tricep exercises at home or gym. Best dumbbell tricep exercises are all tricky and require good skills to distinguish and load these muscles properly.

People tend to use, watch, and train more biceps than Tricep. Biceps are easy to prepare because they get a lot of attention in the gym and the basic features of the arm. However, keep in mind that the Triceps account for 2/3 of the weight of the shoulder.

So a 10% increase in triceps results in a doubling gain as a 10% increase in biceps if you are old and do not see any imbalances, train and adjust your triceps workout at home with dumbbells accordingly.

Since biceps usually do a small part, training these muscle groups once a week will help you see the benefits to your triceps faster than your biceps. Generally, it depends on which muscle group you have first started working with. Consider that the biceps make up about 35% of the arm. Squats and deadlifts are good for building muscle, but not the muscles of your arm.

How Dumbbells or Barbells Help In triceps Growth?

The best tricep workouts with dumbbells align your triceps to help you build more significant, more muscular arms. Effective tricep workouts with dumbbells go hand in hand with peanut butter and gel, but it is essential not to overlook your triceps the next day.

If you want a more muscular upper body, dumbbell tricep exercises for mass will help you build your arms. The triceps are more extensive and probably more critical than the biceps, as they make up two-thirds of the shoulder muscles. We know that the triceps have three “heads.” The three heads are;

  1. Long Head  
  2. Meddle Head
  3. Lateral Head

 The upper tricep muscles are the long and back heads, so you can see them when you first combine easy dumbbell tricep exercises in your workout. The middle head hides inside the arm, but it is as important as the muscles.

You can see this ensures the stability of the entire tricep group. Performing single dumbbell tricep exercises will help you build muscle faster due to the intended nature of the exercise. Additional benefits of tricep workouts with dumbbells and barbells are:

  • Increase overall endurance, strength, and capacity of the arm.
  • You can lift heavyweights.
  • In the pattern of dumbbell tricep exercises bodybuilding, triceps improve performance in various activities, including ball throwing, Burpees, and rowing.

Best Tricep workouts with dumbbells eliminate the need for expensive gymnastics or boxing. You can perform best barbell and dumbbell tricep exercises as long as you can use dumbbells and barbells that are lightweight but challenging.

Here are some of the benefits of robust and well-trained Triceps:

  • Increases shoulder stability and reduces the chance of injury.
  • Full, thin arms.
  • Muscle Symmetry

Other Top Tricep Workouts with Dumbbells

1) Incline Bench Press (Women’s Triceps Workout)

It is especially effective for the long head of the triceps. The triceps is a significant part of the muscles, especially when viewed. The sloping recoil allows long hair to experience considerable discomfort inside and around the scalp. People who love to take care of their bodies will love this.

  • To do this: Lie down on a sloping bench at an angle of about 45 degrees. As with all recoils, where you start, your elbows should bend, and your shoulders should align with your body. After straightening your elbows, your shoulders and arms should align with your body.
  • Exercise Tip: Pay attention to the weight you choose to perform the best Tricep workouts with dumbbells. Start low and gain weight. If you are overweight, your arms will drop when you are tired, making the job less efficient.

2) Close Grip Dumbbell Press

It is a heavy exercise that puts a small load on your elbows. The best Tricep workouts with dumbbells will also work on your chest and shoulders, but your tricep are the main working muscles and driving force in this complex push. Try it because it is a joint venture, you can put more responsibility on the task.

  • What to do: Lie on a bench with dumbbells in both hands and arms fully extended over your chest. It would be best to fold your arms over your shoulders, and your palms should face each other. Bend your elbows and lower the dumbbells. At the end of the movement, elbows should bend at a 90-degree angle so they get pressed to the side.
  • From here, push back until your arms are fully extended over your chest again. It can be done with both hands simultaneously, alternating from left to right, or with one hand at a time.
  • Exercise Tip: Do not bend your wrists too much under Dumbbells. Whenever your triceps are tired, and you are trying to compensate for chest strength, try not to let your elbows move away from your sides. Ensure your feet are down and not on the bench to protect your back.

3) Narrow Grip Dumbbell Push up

Increased range of motion compared to normal triceps pushing for active engagement. We recommend using rubber hex dumbbells for this task. This activity does not push or pull the dumbbells, but you can increase the range of your push by using them as a base in a fixed position.

You can associate push-ups with chest exercises, but changing the part of your arms and adding dumbbells can help move a lot of weight off your triceps.

  • To do this: Hold each dumbbell and start at the wooden area of ​​the table. The dumbbells should be aligned just below your shoulders, and your palms should be facing each other. That is a secure grip. You should bend your elbows and lower the body.
  • The elbows should slide to the sides, not to the outside. If the “full” version of this function exceeds your current capacity, you can make a knee-shifted version instead of toes.
  • Exercise Tip: Do not move from your hips. Tighten your spine and lower your hips to protect your spine. Hold the push position for a few seconds, then use more force to return to the starting position.

4) Tate Press

It is a unique and challenging exercise for advanced athletes that promotes tricep development. This job looks weird. It is strange, but it also works very well. It is not easy to do, suitable for experienced athletes.

The Tate press machine is very similar to the skull crusher. Still, it follows the horizontal position of the arms relative to the body rather than the vertical position of the skull crusher.

  • To do this: Sit as if you were doing a dumbbell bench press, lying on a bench with dumbbells in both hands, arms outstretched over the chest. From here, you will bend your elbows as you move the dumbbells and pull them out toward your chest.
  • Dumbbells should touch your chest and not rest on your chest before lifting until your arms get fully extended. Tighten the triceps from the top until fully tensioned before moving to the next rep.
  • Exercise Tip: Start with lightweight and increase weight after you have mastered the basics. Gradually adjust the number of repetitions.

5) Seated Dumbbell Tricep Extension 

In this exercise, all three heads of the triceps are flexible and extended. You can perform this operation and stop. The passive version offers full bench support for those with weak fundamental strengths or those who are more focused on building muscle instead of increasing weight. Extra bench support allows you to lift more weight.

  • To do this: Start by sitting on a bench with a dumbbell in one hand. Raise your arms (and dumbbells) over your head, then bend your elbows, lower the dumbbells behind your head, and turn your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Stay here for a while, then return to the starting point.
  • Putting dumbbells on the back of your head and bending your elbows 90 degrees is not good – if you want to lower the dumbbells above the angle with your elbows, you can. When you lower the dumbbells, your triceps will stretch. This activity will increase your ability to build muscle mass.
  • Exercise Tip: Keep your elbows close to your chest. You can protect your elbows from injury and work your triceps very effectively by avoiding stretching with these best Tricep workouts with dumbbells. Hold the dumbbell in the palm of your hand under the top of the dumbbell to hold it securely without pressing it. Pressure causes tension in the arms and wrists and reduces the stress on your triceps.

Muscle Group Split Training Options

Building and exercising muscles is not an easy task in the world. No wonder people like Jeff Cavalier are famous for their hard-working personality and amazing body. Jeff, better known as Athlean X, is not just a bodybuilder but also a fitness trainer. How you approach tricep training depends on your weekly training regimen and your ultimate goals.

Here are some options.

  • When using the push/push and kick approach, focus on your tricep on the pull day. You can achieve it by including more tricep exercises or increasing the number of tricep sets. You can also have tricep workouts on your leg days.
  • If you are on a weekly full-body training regimen, include some tricep for a different muscle group on each training day. Instead of regular push-ups, you can perform other exercise variations that focus more on the tricep, such as dumbbell tricep exercises Athlean X, close-grip dumbbell push-ups, and dumbbell tricep exercises standing.
  • Finally, if you are more interested in muscle group split training on a four or 5-day plan, try focusing on your shoulders for at least two days.

Final Words

There are many best Tricep workouts with dumbbells you can do. Dumbbells provide your left and right “equal opportunity” and help you create equal strength in your shoulders as well as a good balance. Finally, it is good to separate your use of various machines and equipment.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get good triceps activity using only dumbbells! So, without stress, wherever you can get it! After this dumbbell tricep training, we hope you feel well and know your triceps. All you have to do is incorporate some of these exercises into your exercise program and apply them.

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