Best Budget Rowing Machine Reviews

Everyone loves to keep his/her body fit, healthy and smart as well. So for this purpose, have you experience buying the best budget rowing machine for your home? Here is a little confusion that mostly rowing machines are similar to each other. That’s why it becomes hard to choose which one. So we will tell you about its every part in detail. 

Same as rowing machines work with water resistance, hydraulic power, magnetic and with the use of air. Here we will tell you the positive as well as negative impacts of each. 

5 Best Budget Rowing Machine

For user satisfaction, we choose the top-rated and well-made rowing machines. Each machine meets the international standards as well as they are cheap. So you can buy them confidently. 

1) Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

Size:  77 x 23 x 22.5 inches | Weight: 49.6 Pounds | Resistance type: Hydraulic

Sunny health is a fantastic rowing machine with a tension of 16 levels. The device is most famous among people due to its challenging and versatile workout.

During exercise, you can place your mobile, watch, and water bottle in the device holder. The foot pedals have adjustable straps. That’s why you can adequately move your legs back as well as forth. 

The rail is 43.5 inches long, on which padding seats smoothly glide. Further, the frame can carry 285 lbs. weight. You can fold it conveniently towards upright. That’s why people consider it the best rowing machine for home.

On display, you can check the time, several counts, and calories as well. And the display is easy to read. People of America love it due to its 16 levels of tension and charming device and bottle holder.

In the end, if you need to move it to your new home or your office for part-time exercise. Then its wide transportation wheels will ease to do your work. So it is the compact rowing machine.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Amazing noise level
  • Zero resistance
  • Best device for competition
  • Value your money
  • Best device for beginner


  • Design is not so good
  • No instruction box, but we guided you well

2) Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Size: 49.5 x 11.45 x 9.4 Inches | Weight: 34 Pounds | Resistance type: Hydraulic

Out of many most famous hydraulic pressure machines in America, the Lanos hydraulic rowing machine is one. The device allows the whole body to do the workout. 

It is the best machine for the exercise of legs, back, arms, abs, and even glutes. In simple, it is the top option to burns a lot of calories as the device comes on the list of top rowing machines for weight loss.

Many people have more fat on their bodies but low stamina at the start. So they can adjust the hydraulic pressure. Further, you can simply make the change in hydraulic resistance with the control knob. 

The maximum weight carrying capacity of the machine is 250 pounds which is more than enough. Itself weight of the device is 34 pounds. The best-rated rowing machine is well made and long-lasting.

Like others, the device will also track your workout with the help of an LCD. But you will have to buy its battery separately. Meanwhile, the battery comes within sunny health & fitness sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing machine. 

The gliding seat is comfortable all the time, and for safety, you can strap your feet. In the end, we consider it the best cheap rowing machine so that you can buy it confidently.


  • Highly recommended
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic foot pad
  • Best device for heart health
  • Adjustable resistance


  • Solid machine but sometimes make noise
  • Small as compared to other devices 

3) HouseFit Rowing Machine

HouseFit Rowing Machine

Size: 48.2 x 12.8 x 25.6 Inches | Weight: 61.7 Pounds | Resistance type: Magnetic 

House fit rowing machine famous for its high weight capacity of 300 lbs. plus, the device will be stable in different places and keeps you entirely safe. 

Secondly, it is the best budget rowing machine because it has non-touch magnetic resistance. So your work will be pretty smooth and superb quiet. You can easily use it at your home. 

Like sunny fitness rowing machine and Lanos, the house fit machine also contains 15 magnetic resistance levels. That’s why it is best for beginners, even experts. 

Further, the pedals are also adjustable and no slippery. In addition, you can adjust the digital display monitor according to your exercise angel. The digital monitor can tell you about some counts, calories, and time as well. 

Like a sunny rowing machine, you can hold your water bottle and watch movies while keeping your mobile in the holder. Meanwhile, you can watch exercise videos. 

The magnetic rowing machine is fully compact at small storage places. If you find need to move the device to another location, its dual caster wheels will help you a lot. In short, like others it is also a portable rowing machine.


  • Footrests
  • Zero noise level
  • Amazing display
  • The great device at such an affordable price
  • Well made, quality product


  • Overall good device but a major caveat of foot strip
  • The time clock is a bit inaccurate

4) ECHANFIT Rowing Machine Foldable

ECHANFIT Rowing Machine Foldable

Size: 44.5 x 25.5 x 8.75 Inches | Weight: 61 Pounds | Resistance type: Magnetic 

Another magnetic resistance machine is the ECHANFIT rowing machine. It simply helps you to decrease your calories, keeping you in comfort zoom.

As compared to other machines, the ECHANFIT contains 16 levels of resistance. And give the user many options. Further, the device is famous for its silent magnetic resistance. 

Because the device produces zero sound, that’s why you can use it even when your family members are sleeping as the device is well made, so it is long-lasting. 

The machine is incredibly durable and has professional safety features. It is fully compact to store in a concise place. With the help of its high-quality wheels, you can move it anywhere. 

The pedals are anti-skid so that you will be safe. Further, the handlebar will make your workout comfortable. You can check count rate, distance, time, and RPM with the help of a monitor. 

In the end, you should buy it confidently as the company assures you it comes in a list of top-rated portable rowing machines.


  • Able to put in a compact form
  • Better range of motion
  • Amazing price point
  • Well made, the perfect device
  • Best rowing machine for beginners


  • Fantastic rowing but disappointing track
  • A bit hard to fold the machine

5) MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine

MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine

Size: 54 x 20 x 23 Inches | Weight: 40 pounds | Resistance type: Magnetic

Most people claim about the short length of slide rails of different rowing machines. That’s why Maxkare comes in the market with a rowing machine of 49 inches rail length. 

Inside rail length will be 45 inches. Besides, you can buy it for your whole family use as it is a heavy-duty device. Experts suggest it use a maximum of 30 minutes at once. 

Because the machine has an adjustable 16 level of magnetic resistance, you can check your fitness goals with the help of an LCD monitor display daily. 

Further, you can see your calories, the number of counts of your workout as well as time. No-slip handles will never disappoint you. Due to its large seat, you will enjoy your exercise. 

Like handles, the foot pedals have good straps, so they give zero slip. In other words, your feet will remain in the same place at the end of the workout. 

The machine is good portable due to its great wheels, and best for space-saving. But the device has no holding stand like the above four machines. Still, it is the best exercise rowing machine due to its heavy-duty usage.


  • Alloy metal body
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Comfortable cushion seat
  • A portable device as compare to others
  • It comes in water as well as air resistance


  • The sensor is not too good
  • Only for people below 300 pounds weight

Buying Guide for Best Budget Rowing Machine 

The buying guide is an important section. Because with the help of buying guide you can come to know every part of rowers equipment. Further, you will get which one will be the best fit for you. 

Benefits of Rowing Machines for Home

Rowing machines have many positive factors. First, your back muscles and body arms get exercise with quite a work. Meanwhile, you can polish your leg muscles. Besides, your lower body will get a thorough workout. 

With rowing, you will also get positive running effects from cardio machines. Suppose you have joint issues, then the rowing machine will be the best option for you. 

And the top benefit is to will get rid of your calories and ultimately your body weight will lose. Now you will learn about every part of the best rowing machine individually. 

Noticeable Features of Budget Rowing Machine:

As you know the market is full of rowing machines. Some are cheap and some expensive. Meanwhile, some have whistles and tech bells that make your device more charming. 

But all these are too costly. So we take the best rowing machine reviews, which are budget-friendly. 

Further, choosing the best budget rowing machine is simple but not easy. That’s why we will discuss each part in detail to get fully aware of every element and choose one of the best.

Check The Size:

One of the top rules to buy rowing machines is to pick the space in your home where you want to install the device. Then browse for the best foldable rowing machine. 

Take the measurements in your home accurately. Suppose your home has a tiny place, but you want to buy the rowing. In such a situation, the foldable machine will be good for you. That’s why people love foldable devices. 

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Weight and Portability of Machine:

Suppose you a more expansive home and no need to change the place of your machine. Then a heavyweight machine will be best because a weighted machine has quality iron and carry heavyweight up to 300 pounds. 

Meanwhile, they will long-lasting but hard to move to another room or anywhere. On the other hand, for a smaller home, a lightweight machine will be the best option. 

Because in case if you have to place some other things on rowing machine’s place. Then you can replace it easily. But for portability, quality wheels are necessary. So buy accordingly. 

Clear Out Your Goals (Weight Loss or Fun)

It is a significant thing. Weight loss is a severe factor. But if you want some fun, then a standard quality and cheap machine will be enough. Because, after some days your heart get the pleasure of another thing so average quality will be good. 

In case of weight loss, I hope you will be fat, and then a high-quality machine is necessary. Its rail, pressure, monitors, and display must be good.

Great Seat and Quality Rail:

Rail and seat have significant relation. A comfortable and soft seat helps the user to make as well as enjoy work out. Meanwhile, the noise-free bearings behind the seat keep the environment peaceful. 

Same as the rail should be extended. The minimum length would be 44 or 40 inches. It may less than 40 inches because some people have short distances. Ultimately, the size of their legs will be brief. So buy accordingly. 

Monitoring Display:

Along with better seats, rail, and good strapped peddles, a fantastic display is necessary. In general, monitors tell about the number of counts, time, and user calories.

It is the feature of all the machines. Plus should be the display would be adjustable so that you can see everything during your exercise. 

In the end, please notice all these things while buying the best budget rowing machine.  

Rowing Machines For Newbies

Generally, people go to the gym to keep their body fit. But in the modern and fast era, people have to time to go to gym center. So experts consider rowing machines the best option for them. 

When a person comes to rowing, in most often cases, they have large bellies. On the first day at rowing, they get tired in few minutes because they have no stamina.

According to experts, first, two, or three days will be hard for a beginner. As the workout becomes his/her habit, they enjoy it. 

So during your first rowing days, you have to do work out of 5 minutes. After few days, increase one or two minutes per day. Gradually your exercise time will be about half an hour. 

At that point, you should break but make the exercise you’re usual. Ultimately you will lose weight and starts looking smart. 

Secondly, you have to see deeply at every part of the machine you will buy. Handles peddle, pedals straps, monitor display, and rail as well.

Frequently Ask Questions 

How can you lose belly fat using a rowing machine?

One of the top methods to remove calories is rowing. Plus, it can build your muscles strong. Primarily people run on cardio to lose their belly by running. It’s also good. But to run out of stubborn fat belly, you have to do the workout on the rowing machine.  

How many days should you row in a weak?

It’s all depends on you. Primarily people have a lot on their fat belly and no stamina. So they should take start from 5 or 10 minutes. Then gradually, you should increase your workout time from 30 to 60 minutes. Secondly, it also depends upon the density of resistance.    

Can I make myself bright just by rowing?

As you know, with the help of rowing, you can make the exercise your legs, your arms, and your backbone or belly. Further, the chest will also remain at work during training. So you can make yourself fit with rower machines only. 

Which machine is the best magnetic or hydraulic rower?

Hydraulic or air resistance machines, as well as magnetic machines both, are the same things. The only difference is their quality and price. The magnetic rower machines have no sound while air has a bit. 
Meanwhile, the magnetic is not too expensive, while the hydraulic is a little expensive. So this is the difference between both.



No doubt a rowing exercise machine keeps the doctor away and makes the user fit. But choosing the best rowing machine is a bit hard. So we are guiding you for your best decisions.
That’s why in the first part of the article, we reviewed the best budget rowing machine under 500. All the devices have the latest features and good in every aspect. So you can buy any one of these which meets your budget.
In the middle part of the article, we try to provide you a complete guide. From this guide, you can see the device’s details deeply while buying a cheap rowing machine. The last section contains the standard question regarding the quality rowing machine to choose. So you can get an answer to your queries. I hope the whole article will help you a lot.
Best of luck!

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