5 Best Ground Venison Recipes That Everyone Can Cook At Home

Venison is deer meat, as almost everyone knows, but it is also meat from elk, antelope, moose, reindeer and caribou.  Ground venison recipes are very famous in United States. Currently, the white-tailed deer is the most hunted to get the taste of its recipes.

The most common sight in the markets is the South Texas Antelope, which lives in the foothills of the Himalayas. The antelope was brought to Texas a few decades ago, and now live on the Ranch of King Ranch in South Texas, the country’s largest ranch. Large livestock are regularly slaughtered from livestock. They produce very lean meat that tastes a bit like veal.

ground venison recipes

Venison has very little fat, so you need to make some simple adjustments to the way you would usually cook beef, pork or a variety of other home-made meats.

When you’re broiling a cut of choice like tender venison or backstrap or filling the grill, cook the meat faster using more heat, then you’ll usually do with the meat. What you want to accomplish is to explore the outside of the deer, while keeping the inside rarely rare or medium. Basket the surface regularly while cooking, and let it rest for about 5 minutes after you take it out of the heat. Cut the cooked meat in front of the cereal.

Recipes that Everyone Can Cook At Home

Cooking venison’s fewer tender cuts should be done by moisture, either by stewing or braising. Make sure and give you more time for cooking than you normally would for beef or other meats.

If the venison you are preparing is frozen, melt it in red wine or buttermilk, one of the recipes you are using works even better. This helps to take some of the liquid meat “funny”, giving it a less harsh taste.

Most hunters will grind all their ground venison recipes, sausage, hamburger or chili meat except for backstrap and round steak. This is because other slices of meat are a little stiffer or harder to cook whole.

When cooking ground Venetian patties, brown them quickly in a frying pan over high heat, then reduce the heat. Add a little red wine or beef stock to the pan, and cook through a venison burger until rare, covered.

Do not leave the cooked deer in the air for a long time. If you don’t serve it right now, wrap it in foil before serving. Then cut it before serving.

Searching for ground venison recipes? We offer ideas for cooking venison. You will be eating the best venison you can imagine!

Venison Hamburgers

For comparison, 1 serving (72%) of ground beef lean in Venison Hamburgers has 248 calories, 18 grams of fat and 77 grams of cholesterol. The same serving of venison has 157 calories, 7 grams of fat and 80 milligrams of cholesterol. I’ll take Venice!

That sounds pretty cool, though some skeptics would be quick to say that when you cook your hamburger you need to add deer fat to stay with the meat. Many Venison Cooks suggest adding 1 part ground beef or pork to 2 parts deer. You can do this, and it will still be more nutritious than meat. But we have found that it is not necessary. One teaspoon of olive oil to 1 pound of venison also works, adding only 20 calories to your burger. I’ve also used diced onions in the meat, which doesn’t add anything.

With deer hamburgers you can do a lot. Our basic dish recipe is a great standby. You just mix 1 pound of ground venison, 1 tbs of oil, 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. Form into patties, sprinkle with nonstick spray and cook.

Venison Hamburgers

5 Ground Venison Recipes


The Venison burgers are amazing, and they are very thin and healthy. Roasted, stuffed, with cheese or out. It’s all good. So if you don’t have a meat grinder, invest in one. We use the attachment with our standing mixer. I usually add a little olive oil and some Worcestershire sauce to the ground meat so that the patties don’t separate on the grill. You can also tie the meat with chopped onions or bread crumbs.

venison burgers

Salt Roast:

Salted Roast is one of most favorite Ground Venison Recipes. Get a 5lb bag of course salt and steam in the oven. Nice. Just mix a little water in the salt, put a roasting in a deep roasting pan, and cover it with the salt mixture. As the salt hardens, it traps the steam. This keeps the meat tender and tastes perfect. Cook on a very low temperate. We cook a typical 4lb roast at 200 for about 4 hours. Use a meat thermometer to make sure you don’t cook it. Grate salt and serve.

Venison salt roast


Cut your meat into 2-inch cubes and cut into olive oil, lime juice and cilantro for about 1/2 hour. Place the meat on the skewers, add the onion or pepper if desired. Grill for 3 to 5 minutes on each side. Kabobs are so delicious!

ground Venison Kabobs

Grilled Strips:

Cut the meat into strips and brush with olive oil and ground pepper. Grill for about 1 to 2 minutes per side. These grilled strips are terrific on salads.

venison Grilled Strips


Brown ground venison recipes with olive oil, basil and a small portion of garlic powder. Buy pre-made pizza crust and sauces, cheeses and toppings of your choice. The deer on the pizza is a nice change of pace in the Peroni or sausage. I like to use pesto as my sauce for speed change.

Eating venison does not mean eating the same boring dishes. Be creative and have fun in the kitchen.

venison Pizza

Venison Sausage Making

These are simple steps that anyone can follow, with minimal preparation to start your own culinary adventure of making venison and hamburgers. Filling sausages in skins to make link sausage is not a recommended recommendation for a beginner. Once you have finished making Great Pitti Sausage, it’s time to move on to linking sausage, smoked sausage, etc.

Meat Grinder:

Some hand cranks use a meat grinder, but a small electric meat grinder is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Remember to clean all parts thoroughly as you pass, and, to be safe, you can soak the meat-contacting parts in at least one hour before consuming 50% alcohol and 50% water.

Preparation of Meat:

After deer skin, remove the meat from the carcass and cool overnight. White connective tissue is easier to remove when the meat is cooled near freezing temperatures. Some can be removed with your fingers using latex gloves. Some need to start with a knife at one end and then peel it, and some need to be cut like a fish filling. The meat is then cut into portions and lengths that will fit around the neck of your grinders.

venison sausage making


Use a coarse grind as you grind all the Venetians you use. I grind my meat in a large plastic meat tub, but any large kitchen bowl will do. For every four pounds of ground Venice, grind a pound of “bacon ends and peace” or fatty pork and mix both by hand. Alternatively, if you weigh the meat in the east you can grind coarsely with both venison and pork at the same time.


Separate the volume you are going to use in another container as a hamburger. If you are making chili meat you may want to grind the venison differently in the previous step and pack it as a coarse grind without the extra fat. If you plan to make two or more sausage recipes, you may also want to separate each of these. Mix the spices by hand for each recipe and then run through a grinder on a small grinder. (Most grinders come with at least three sized grinders.)


There are lots of rec online recipes to choose from, and you should experiment until you have rides by your family. Before packaging, I want to cook a small box of each mixture to test the mixture I am using. Then, if he needs something, he can mix it up again and add something.


Pack your different blends to the size or style of packaging you want to use, but let it “set” in the refrigerator for 24 hours before cooling so that the spices can completely penetrate the meat. I personally prefer to vacuum my meat in King King because it will prevent freezer burning longer than other types of packaging, but if your family is like me, it will last a long time before it happens.

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