Workout Plan for Beginners at Home

Everyone wants to get in shape by staying at home in this pandemic situation. This guide is worth your time if you are searching for a workout plan for beginners at home. However, the type of workout depends on your personal fitness goals.

There are many workout variations that you can try to keep yourself fit and healthy at home. Some of them involve dependence on dumbbell tools, while others involve full-body workouts and muscle training using body weight.

Most workouts in our guide do not need you to be a fitness guru. They all are for the beginner and intermediate level for gradual achievement of the fitness goals. Let’s get started with each workout routine that you can easily follow at home. 

Exercise Plan for Beginners at Home to Lose Weight

Creating a weekly workout plan is most effective in reducing body fat percentage and keep your body toned. It is your best bet at losing extra weight and making you slim at your waist. However, creating and following the plan is another story that is describing below. 

Without proper implementation of the workout plan, you will fail to achieve the goals. No matter what exercise you have included in your weight loss plan, they all go in vain without properly implementing the exercise. 

Planning the workout prevents disturbance in your schedule. You can start working right after developing a balanced workout plan for weight loss at home. However, to reach your goals, consistency is the key.

workout plan for beginners at home to lose weight

Beginner Level:

According to the research and careful observation, The U.S Department of Health and Human Services has recommended working out for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily. It roughly sums up between 150 to 300 minutes per week. But have in mind that this recommendation varies according to different fitness levels.

If you are a complete beginner, then starting from the base level of the recommendation is best to put less stress on the body and muscles in the beginning. It also supports a steady buildup of the body towards more progressive exercise levels.

For beginners, the first step towards preparing the body for weight loss is walking. It engages each body muscle during the activity and removes extra fat quickly off the body. The main advantage of walking is that you don’t require any tool for performing it. 

You can start with other exercises like Yoga and bike ride to begin burning fats. Even simple cardio training can decrease the weight if performed with consistency.

However, before starting any weekly or monthly exercise program, you should visit your doctor to get proper guidelines according to your particular body requirements. Follow this weekly workout plan for beginners at home.

  • Monday: Moderate to intense walk (20 min)
  • Tuesday: Home strength training (30 min)
  • Wednesday: Moderate to low walk (30 min)
  • Thursday: Home strength training (20 min)
  • Friday: Relaxation Yoga (30 min)
  • Saturday: Moderate to intense walk (30 min)
  • Sunday: Swimming or bike ride (30 min)
  • Total weekly duration: 190 minutes

Intermediate Level:

By following the beginner-level exercise pattern, you get started to feel stronger. It will increase the urge to do more exercises and burn the fat quickly. However, a complete transition from the very basic level to the intermediate level can take you few weeks. 

Once you feel that you are ready to challenge the body by adding few more minutes to each day’s workout, you can start the intermediate training. Your weekly workout plan duration increases from around 190 minutes to 250 minutes in total in this plan. 

As you increase the duration, the effectiveness against weight loss also increases. Even the workouts can get a little harder besides the increase in the time duration. You get stronger and get in shape by following the moderate-intensity exercise routine.

The simple exercise routine is safe for a workout plan for a stay-at-home and increases stamina and muscle strength with time. Following is the 7-day workout plan at home for intermediates to lose weight.

  • Monday: Weighted circuit workout of moderate-intensity (40 min)
  • Tuesday: High-Intensity Interval Training (25 min)
  • Wednesday: Recovery day involving stretches and walk (30 min)
  • Thursday: Round workout with weight moderately (40 min)
  • Friday: Strength Training at home (25 min)
  • Saturday: Recovery and Yoga (40 min)
  • Sunday: Walking, jogging, or hiking (75 min)
  • Total weekly duration: 275 minutes

If you stick with the weight loss workout plan for beginners at home, you start to see the results by the second week. More minor improvements begin with the 3rd week, and the amount of weight loss depends upon the energy level and the balanced exercise.

One thing worth noting about the workout plan is its link with the diet plant. If you want to decrease body weight, a healthy diet containing fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein is essential. Monitor the calories intake and burning and keep a balance between them for excellent results.

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Workout Plan for Beginners at Home with Dumbbells

A complete beginner dumbbells workout plan is a great way to keep the body in shape and strengthen the core muscles. Many people consider dumbbells as a tool for getting triceps, biceps, and shoulders in shape. But they are way better at replacing many machine-based exercises.

Dumbbells’ workout plan for beginners at home is the best for a workout at home, work, beach, travel, or for the individuals who are new to weight lifting as dumbbells are easy to carry around to the other exercise equipment.

This program is a whole-body workout plan at home for beginners up to at least eight weeks. Beyond that, you can increase the intensity and volume of the workouts. You can change the routine and gradually add more equipment variety.

Unlike our previous whole week workout, it comprises of workouts three times a week. Because this is a full-body workout plan for beginners at home and involves rest between the workouts, this rest is essential to keep the body fit and free from the extra fatigue on the muscles and helps to recover the muscles faster.

Each exercise suggested above involve 2 to 3 sets. Keep that in mind that the rest between the sets should not exceed 60 seconds. Ideally, it should be between 30-60 seconds. You can even add cardio or HIIT in the program depending upon your level of easiness. Alternating the cardio and HIIT between days can increase endurance and muscle strength.

3 Day Dumbbell workout plan for beginners in home

Day 1

Lying Dumbbell Extension82
Bent Over Dumbbell Row103
Double Squat103
Dumbbell Bench Press103
Standing Dumbbell Curl82
Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift103
Lateral Rises82
1st Day Workout Plan

Day 2

Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly82
Close Grip Dumbbell Press82
Dumbbel Step Up103
One Arm Dumbbell Row103
Zottman Curl82
Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift103
Reverse Grip Dumbbell Press103
2nd Day Workout Plan

Day 3

Hammer Curl82
Dumbbell Lunge103
Dumbbell Fly82
Dumbbell Deadlift103
Dumbbell Hamstring Curl103
Dumbbell Military Press103
Seated Dumbbell Extension82
3rd Day Workout Plan

Workout Plan for Female Beginners at Home

Women have busy routines, and the most challenging task for them is setting up a home gym routine. They multitask and switch responsibilities between either office going or homemakers taking care of the kids. It takes nerves to step into the gym for them and setting up a health routine compared to the males. 

A workout plan for beginners females at home is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with your body and mind. You can start from the comfort of your living room to get into the home workout routine. 

Workout plan for beginners at home with dumbbells
Female is doing exercise at home

However, there is a common fear in the females about perfectly doing exercises. These workout routines for female beginners at home cover 6 weeks and help you build the foundation for getting strength and understanding workout patterns. 30 Minute Cardio Workout at Home for Beginners.

Even after the six weeks, you can continue the workout by advancing it according to your body needs or joining the local gym to start the new fitness journey. All the essential core fitness exercises are included in this workout program to make you feel stronger.

Pre-Requisites: A Yoga mat and Towel

Jumping Jacks10
Alternating Curtsy Lunges10 (5 on each leg)
Walking Lunges10 (5 on each leg)
Reverse Crunches10
High Knees20 (10 on each leg)
Hip Bridges10
Reach Through Crunches10

Week 1 and 2: 

During the first two weeks, keep the workout interval timer narrowed to 10 minutes. You have to cycle between all the exercises in that duration as quickly as possible. Keep a brief period of 30 seconds between the rounds for taking a breath and resting the body. Repeat this routine three times each week.

Week 3 and 4: 

During the 3rd and 4th weeks, keep the workout interval timer narrowed to 15 minutes. You have to cycle between all the exercises in that duration as quickly as possible. Reduce the rest of 30 seconds to 20 seconds between the rounds for taking a breath and resting the body. Repeat this routine four times each week.

Week 5 and 6: 

During the 3rd and 4th weeks, keep the workout interval timer narrowed to 20 minutes. You have to cycle between all the exercises in that duration as quickly as possible. Reduce the rest of 20 seconds to 10 seconds between the rounds for taking a breath and resting the body. Repeat this routine five times each week.

Workout plan for female beginners at home

Workout Routines for Beginners at Home without Equipment

If you need a workout plan at home without equipment, you can follow this easy routine for getting the most out of your workouts. Muscle building workout plan for beginners at home without equipment involves a proper targeting towards all the major body parts. Make sure to hit the chest, back, shoulder, quads, hamstrings, and core.

Workout routines for beginners at home without equipment involve four significant moves to target the vital body part. Glute bridge for targeting hamstrings and glutes, push-ups for chests and stabilizing the shoulders, lunge for quads, and Superman variation for the back muscles.

Overall, a workout routine for beginners at home with no equipment is excellent for beginners to get started. You can make it advanced by increasing the reps and tweaking by adding weights to the exercises. You can get best smith machine for home gym to make your routine perfect.

Pre-Requisites: A step or box, an exercise mat, and a towel

Forward Lunge12-153
Glute Bridge20-253
Superman with pull-down15-203
Workout routines for beginners at home without equipment


There is a various workout plan for beginners at home depending on the goals that you want to achieve. All the exercises listed in these workouts are best for beginners and intermediates. You can utilize these workout plans to get desired results. However, before starting with these exercises, make sure to get your doctor’s advice if you are pregnant or dealing with some injury.

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