Difference Between Body Cream and Body Lotion – Butter VS Moisturiser

As soon as soft skin turns dry, all of us start to worry and want to look for moisturizers. Moisturizers indeed help us repair the damaged, dry skin and restore the soft, healthy skin you once had. But, unfortunately, we are unaware of our skin types and least knowledgeable about the products we are using. So, it is essential first to figure out what our skin type is and fully know about moisturizers like creams and lotions. Moisturizing is the key to happy and healthy skin, but the problem comes when you are confused about better: body creams vs lotion.

This article will see in detail about body lotion and cream and see the difference between body cream and body lotion to be well informed about which moisturizer to prefer. To have ease in choosing between these two, we need to know about creams and lotions’ respective benefits and ingredients.

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Difference Between Body Lotion and Cream

To begin with, the main difference between body cream and body lotion is that the creams are rich in oil content and less in water content. The lotion, on the contrary, has more H2O and less oil. 

Apart from these two, there is moisturizer “body butter.” Body lotion and body butter are different because body butter contains ingredients: Shea butter and oils such as coconut or jojoba. While, as told before, lotions only have water and oil.

You must also be clear about the body butter vs. body cream as you already know about the body butter and cream ingredients.

Body Cream

Where Does Lotion Come From?

After knowing about the difference between the body cream and the body lotion, it is essential to understand that both are made using the same procedure but only differ in the percentage ratios of ingredients. 

So to cut the story short, add water into oil and then pour the solution into an emulsifier. Later, using the preservative will produce the body cream or the body lotion, depending on whether you added more or less water.

Is Body Lotion Moisturizer?

Body lotions are not moisturizers, but some might have an exception. While moisturizers are skincare products that help to prevent dryness and restore moisture, lotions are smooth liquids to apply to the skin. It is necessary to be aware that some lotions are moisturizers because it depends on their viscosity.

Before looking upon the lotion versus cream, it is vital to know what affects the different moisture levels of the skin. So let us begin now!

Body Lotion

Factors Affecting The Skin Moisture Levels


While genes determine the nature of one’s body, they certainly do select the skin type as well. How genes affect the skin is the skin cell production. So, the way genes regulate skin cell production does determine the overall skin type and health.


People might not realize this, but this is true that where you spend most of your time plays a significant role in keeping your skin either dry or oily. For instance, winter conditions automatically take the moisture away from your skin, and when you turn the heater on, your skins become nothing but drier! Similarly, staying in an air-conditioned room also makes your skin pretty dry.


Age is one of the most common factors that lead to dry skin type. You may get dry skin because as you age, the oil glands in your skin reduce so that you may have more dehydrated skin than before.


Lifestyle is another essential factor. For instance, if you do not drink plenty of water, your skin will have to face adverse effects. Likewise, drinking alcohol or smoking also makes your skin dry. So, having a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables can keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Showering Habits:

Hot steamy showers are undoubtedly pretty relaxing, but they can cause skin inflammation, itchiness, and dryness, so it is always better to reduce the temperature and the time of your shower, respectively.

Now let us look at what to use, whether body cream or body lotion depending on the skin type and the body part.

Is Body Cream Butter or Body Lotion for Hands?

Hands can also dry out due to several reasons, such as doing the laundry or the dishes. So, it is better to use body creams or body butter. The thick body cream or body butter can help you hydrate the skin as the ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E can moisturize the skin.

Body Cream

What is Better to Use for the Face?

While some people might prefer using creams on the face, dermatologists recommend people first to know about their skin types. For example, if you have oily skin, you may go for lotions as they have less oil content. Thus, it has a thinner formula, so it avoids any acne or clogged pores. 

On the other hand, you may go for creams if you have dry skin because creams have thicker procedures that restore the skin’s moisture and keep it hydrated. 

You can use the body butter on your lips as its ingredients help with chapped lips. However, some skin conditions might determine what you may use body cream or body lotion.

Different Skin Conditions


For acne-prone skin, it is better to go for lotions as they have thinner formulas. In addition, your body produces more oil when your skin gets dry, and the oil leads to clogged pores which then become the cause of acne. So, to moisturize your skin and avoid any irritation, you may go for lotions.

Caring lotions may contain aloe Vera or green tea extracts, anti-inflammatory properties that help with acne-prone skin.


Psoriasis is a disease in which you get red scaly patches mostly found on elbows, knees, scalp, or trunk. In this condition, both creams and lotions are helpful. You will know why!

If you have Psoriasis on the body, you may choose the body cream, but lotions are better if you have Psoriasis on the scalp. Creams help lock the moisture, which helps with Psoriasis and the lotions help with scaling, inflammation, and itching. 


Most preferably, you may go for creams if you have eczema. Lotions are the second option for treating eczema. Creams have rich oil content, and this richness in oil helps to form a barrier between the skin and the impurities. This barrier or the protective layer helps with treating eczema.

As we all know that lotions have more water and less oil, they are not suitable for eczema.

Most of you might be curious about what to apply body oil or lotion first. It will help if you keep in mind to use first and then apply the body oil. The reason is that body oils are the heaviest, so they provide the thickest layer on the skin. This thick layer does not allow the body creams or body lotions to penetrate through to moisturize the skin. That is why you may either do not use the creams or lotions with oils or first apply those and then the body oil.

Which to Choose: Body Cream, Body Lotion, or Body Butter 

Dry Skin:

To figure out what to use, you may rank the dryness of your skin. For example, if it is almost dry (slightly dry), lotions are pretty suitable to buy. In contrast, creams will benefit if you have medium-dry skin, and dehydrated skin needs body butter. The Shea butter will help to moisturize super dry skin.

Oily skin:

You may go for the body lotions straight away for oily skin because they have more water content than oil content. As a result, they are less greasy, which will help with oily skin to hydrate it. Ultimately, controlled production of oil will also help with acne.

Combination Skin:

Combination skin is widespread, so you may preferably go for lotions if you have one. However, you may want better results so that you can use products designed especially for combination skins. Such products have both lotion and gel cream components. By doing so, it will reduce your worries and time. Some people even choose to buy a different product for different areas, which is more hectic, costly, and time-consuming. So, it is better to use products that offer both lotions and creams to help with combination skin.

Side Note:

It is crucial to know that body lotions, body creams, and body butter can cause allergies if you do not use them properly or suit your skin type. That is why you may first refer to a skin specialist and have sufficient knowledge about your skin and the moisturizer you will use.

Healthy Suggestion

With all said and done, we are hoping that all your confusion and queries are cleared regarding the difference between body cream and body lotion. Always remember that it is essential to also consult a doctor before applying anything to your skin if the skin conditions worsen. Rest, even if you have healthy skin, you may use body cream, lotion, and body butter in optimum amount because excess of everything is terrible. We wish you happy and healthy skin and life!

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