How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

Consuming edibles is becoming trendy as more and more people are normalizing it. It takes us to the debate of how long do edibles stay in your system and whether they are safe or harmful. Let’s end this conversation for once and all and discover different aspects of edibles consumption and their effects on your body.

Edibles or marijuana can stay in the human body for 3-4 hours after first consumption. It depends on the amount you take of the marijuana. Usually, the edibles can stay for 4 hours in the body and can be tested positive in the drug test. How can it affect the human body? Let’s start from the basics!

What Are Marijuana Edibles?

Marijuana edibles are food products that actually contain cannabinoids. The category of marijuana can include candies, drinks, or capsules. Earlier, a few drinks were not legal, but not anymore.

Marijuana Edibles

As drinks and a few other products become legal, the variety of food products that contain cannabinoids also increases. Parents should learn about the edibles because they look like regular candies, but they have many cannabinoids that are harmful to children.

How Does the Body Process Edibles?

The edibles work through the digestive system after eating. When it digests, the cannabis makes its way to the liver. The human body transforms the delta-9 THC to the 11-hydroxy THC.

The side effects are more dangerous when it occurs than smoking THC. The THC in the edibles can affect the body slower than smoking or vaping. Digestion of the edibles takes little time, making the person feel high in two to three hours.

On the other hand, inhaling THC, like smoking or vaping, makes the bloodstream high and affects the body within five minutes. Some edible candies or chocolates, like baked goods, work quicker than a few.

Do Edibles Show Up on Drug Tests?

Yes, the THC shows up in the drug test. Ingesting or eating the dibbles rather than inhaling like smoking does not change anything. The fact is that the edibles enter the body similarly in both ways.

Edibles in Your System

The way the body takes the edibles will impact the drug test, and it will take longer to detect the THC level in the blood. Hair, urine, saliva, blood, and sweat can use for taking tests. They all can determine whether the person is high on edibles.

Here is the information for each type of test:

  1. Saliva: 24-72 hours
  2. Blood: 3-4 hours
  3. Hair: more than 90 days
  4. Urine: 3-30 days

Edibles are legal in most States in the US, including:

  1. California
  2. Alaska
  3. Colorado
  4. Arkansas
  5. Arizona
  6. Florida
  7. Delaware
  8. Connecticut
  9. Hawaii
  10. Maine
  11. Louisiana
  12. Illinois
  13. Massachusetts
  14. Maryland
  15. Missouri
  16. Michigan
  17. Ney York
  18. Montana
  19. New Hampshire
  20. Nevada
  21. New Mexico
  22. New Jersey
  23. Ohio
  24. North Dakota
  25. Oregon
  26. Oklahoma
  27. Utah
  28. Pennsylvania
  29. Rhode Island
  30. West Virginia
  31. Washington
  32. Vermont

Why Do People Say Edibles Aren’t Safe?

The biggest concern about edibles is the psychotic effects. It can cause confusion, hallucinations, and paranoia. Some people also suffer from panic attacks and hyperemesis syndrome after eating edibles.

In adults, edibles can cause cardiac issues. It happens due to the THC impact on the cardiovascular system. Edibles can also lead the person to suffer from coordination issues, impairments, or negative drug interactions.

THC can affect the baby’s brain growth if the pregnant woman takes it. It isn’t easy to determine the same side effects of the edibles before consuming them, which leads many people to misjudge their effects. So that is why many people say edibles are not safe.

How Strong is A 10mg Gummy Edible?

The 10mg gummy edible is considered the moderate dose for delta 9 edible. Eating 10mg edible can make the person feel relief from pain, anxiety symptoms, or nausea. It also increases the feelings of euphoria and bliss. The 10mg is not a smaller amount; it is enough to make the average cannabis feel intoxicated after consumption.

How Long Can You Eat Edibles?

You can take 10mg of THC or even less than it as a starter. Do not take more marijuana or edibles for 3-4 hours. Ingesting the edibles rake a few hours to make the person feel it. Eating marijuana just after the first dose can lead to unwanted effects.

Can Edibles Go Wrong?

Yes, taking an overdose of edibles can go wrong. There are many side effects of marijuana, including confusion, drowsiness, and vomiting due to the overdose. So, using them within recommended range is best.

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