What Does PR Mean in Gym? Ultimate Guide 2023

Are you reading this article because you heard big gym guys discussing PR? You may be wondering what does PR mean in gym and what those guys were discussing.

PR means Personal Record, which helps the person indicate how much weight he/she can lift. You can test your PR in the gym by several methods. Personal Records allow fitness-conscious people to stay healthy and keep on track. Let me tell you in detail what PR is and what its purpose is in the gym:

How To Test Your PR?

Choosing the metric is important to test your PR because it provides consistent measuring. Whatever the goal, ensure you can replicate the conditions whenever you test your PR.

  1. The test requires warmup to prepare for lifting the heavy load.
  2. Before exercising, prepare yourself by warming up for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Never go from 10 reps to 3 reps suddenly. Remember to give some time to your muscles to settle down and then start exercising.
  4. Start with the smaller ones if you want to make the new PR in the hypertrophy sweet spot by 6-12 reps.
  5. The longer warmup will never leave the impact on the muscles. So, avoid warming up yourself for longer before starting the heavy exercise.
PR in gym

Go to your trainer to test your PR. Testing the PR always motivates people to set new records. You will get what you have done, so following the above testing tips will help you set the new PR record.

Why is Hitting New PR Necessary?

It is human nature that it cannot stay on a single point. Continuous low to higher struggles can help you make a new PR record. Doing exercises depends on motivation and goals.

Here are two factors for which you must hit the new PR:

  1. Progress
  2. Motivation

Whenever a fitness-conscious person is eager to hit the new PR, he focuses on the results. So, it will be better to focus on the desired results which you want to get. But how will you determine that you’re on the good track?

You only need to contact your trainer and ask him about your PR progress. This information and motivation will help you keep going and set a new record of PR.

How To Set Up New PR?

If you are familiar with and eager to accept the fitness challenges, it will help you set a new PR record. Is motivation the only way to set the new PR? No, there are many more things that you must keep in mind while setting the new PR record.

What is your diet? When are you having the gym session? Are you taking enough sleep while going to the gym? These are the factors that you must keep in your mind because they will affect your goal.

PR Personal record

Here are some factors which you must keep in mind while hitting the new record:

  1. Variety of exercises
  2. Diet plan
  3. Sleeping activities
  4. Setting of goal
  5. Progress monitoring

What is PR in Weightlifting?

Getting a high PR in weightlifting is something that you can only achieve with an amazing amount of dedication and hard work. Weightlifting is not a piece of cake; it requires much hard work.

PR in weightlifting also results in readjustments in the workouts. The workout with six weight repetitions is no longer valid in weightlifting. That exercise should be adjusted according to the percentage of the new hit PR.

Gym PR VS Competitor PR

Gym PR and competitor PR are different in their own ways. If you participate in the competition and achieve a closer number to the PR or go closer to your actual PR, you replicate the competition you were training for.

It must feel great when the person wins in the home gym with the chosen barbell, playlist, and friends. But if you still fail to achieve the PR in the competition while following the home gym rules?

We suggest you train or exercise on the same day as the competition. Never use your favorite barbell or squat rack. Start exercising with the playlist you do not find motivating or interesting.

You can follow many ways to disturb the process and raddle the rules. Following this will help you in making new goals and achieving them.

How Can I Increase My PR?

You can increase your PR by:

  1. Perform sets with low reps.
  2. While training for power and strength, most exercises should be heavier.
  3. Take high calories.
  4. Track your progress every day.
  5. Be consistent.
How Many Reps is A PR?

The PR can contain any number of repetitions. Commonly, the reps mean the one repetition in the PR. However, it can be the number of repetitions for any exercise on a given weight.

What is PR and PB in gym?

PR means Personal Record, the heaviest weight anyone can lift. PB means Personal best, which also gives a similar meaning. They are different in that PR can be regarded as officially recorded. At the same time, PB can be your best record noted at any time.

Is PR Good or Bad Gym?

PR is one of the most important weightlifting or fitness routines. The PR always gives valuable information on the individual’s progress. It helps the fitness conscious to set new goals while lifting heavy weights.

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