Best Power Recliner for Elderly Woman – Mobility Aid and Pain Relief

Suppose you have an elderly woman in your house who struggles with joint pains in the neck, legs, shoulder, or back. The best thing you can get for them is a power recliner. A power Recliner will assist the elderly in various methods, ease their pain, and increase their comfortability. For this, you must know all about the best power recliner for elderly woman.

Mobility issues and joint problems are inevitable with age. It gets harder to get comfortable and move around, to sit or lay down. So, the best you can do is get an appropriate power recliner which will go a long way in helping out the elderly woman. 

You may be wondering, “What is the best recliner for the elderly?” Well, you won’t have to think over this question for much longer. We will carry the burden of serving you all the relevant knowledge about power recliners for an elderly woman in this article. 

If you or someone close to you is dealing with these discomforts and movement problems, we’ve got the perfect list of chairs for you!

Our Top Picks

To make this quick and easy for you, we’ve chosen some of our top picks from the list based on some factors. According to functionality, we would highly recommend the DORTALA Power Lift Recliner Chair. Other than being comfortable and cozy, it comes with eight massage points and a built-in heating pad. It surely packs the most features out of all the other recliners. 

Our pick for the most comfortable recliner has to be the Christopher Knight Home Lift chair. The neat leather covering with impressive padded cushions on the back, neck, and legs. Paired with the cushioned armrest, you will really feel the most at ease on this recliner.

Top 5 Best Power Lift Recliner for Elderly Woman

Even if you’re aware of our picks, it is still better to go through all the options yourself too. Who knows, you might find something that is far more suitable for you. So, without any further delay, let us review the best power recliner for the elderly. 

DORTALA Power Lift Recliner Chair

Best Power Recliner for Elderly Woman

Key Features:

  • Overall Dimensions: 34.5 (L) x 34.5 (D) x 41 (H) (inches)
  • Build materials: Fabric, Iron, and Sponge
  • Weight: 104.5 lbs
  • Available in 3 Colors
  • Can hold up to 330 lbs
  • Motor Power: 50/60Hz
  • Remote Control
  • USB port

We’re opening up this list with a fantastic Best seller lift chair in Canada! The DORTALA Power Lift Recliner Chair is more than just a chair. The base is made out of total iron, which boasts its sturdiness and durability. Instead of leather, the DORTALA went with fabric covers. Fabric covers are much comfier than leather covers.

The Sponge lining inside makes sure the massaging motors ease your muscles and joints without being too rough. The DORTALA Lift chair is available in three different colors; Brown, Grey, and Light Grey. 

The functionality of this chair will not disappoint you. Other than the primary use of a recliner chair to provide comfortability. The DORTALA excels by having eight massage points inside the recliner. These massage points precisely rub your calves, thighs, back, and shoulders. 

The massage function has five different modes, which can be controlled by the remote DORTALA provides. You can also change the intensity of the vibration according to your choice. The DORTALA also added up a heating function that focuses on your lower back which increases blood circulation. 

The recliner proves to be even more convenient; it carries to cup holders that are 2.5″ deep. It also has two side pockets and a USB port to help you charge your devices. 

The DORTALA will assist you, or any elderly at your home, to stand up from the chair effortlessly. From a fully reclined position, you can quickly shift to a lifting position. The chair will help you stand up by applying the slightest pressure on your knee joints. 

The DORTALA recliner is a fantastic overall option to choose from. It packs all the needed functions. You can never go wrong with a product that is a best seller on amazon. It’s a little pricey, but its capabilities justify it.

1. Powerful motors can lift up to 330 lbs.
2. 5 Massage modes (standard, wave, auto, pulse, press)
3. Full body massage
4. Highly comfortable
5. Heating ability
6. Convenient Side pockets, Cupholders, and a USB port
1. Expensive option

HOMCOM Electric Power Lift Chair

HOMCOM Best Power Recliner for Elderly Woman

Key Features:

  • Overall Dimensions: 37 x 34.75 x 41 inches
  • Load capacity: 265 lb
  • Input Voltage: 50/60hz
  • Lift angle of 70° to reclining angle of 150°
  • Faux Leather covering
  • Suitable for elderly and injured people
  • Easy to use remote control

The list of the best power recliner for elderly woman won’t be complete without a HOMCOM chair. Therefore, we proudly present the HOMCOM Electric Power Lift Chair. This chair is similar to the DORTALA Power chair as it also provides reclining and lifting functions. The significant difference is that the HOMCOM chain has a leather body. 

The leather body is easier to clean than fabric and goes amazingly well with fancy furniture. The leather makes it extremely comfortable to sit and relax on. The smooth texture enhances the experience. The HOMCOM recliner can soundly home 265lbs of weight on it.

The HOMCOM chair is highly comfortable, but its accessible recline-to-lift features are its specialty. The included remote has buttons meant to recline and lift. It can be used to transition between positions swiftly. You can recline your chair down to 150° to lay down and have a comfortable sleep. 

On the other hand, you can fully lift it to 70°, which tremendously takes off all the joint pressure and helps you stand up. This is handy for elderly people who suffer from joint pains. Standing up using their knee support can be difficult. The HOMCOM fully covers that problem.

Two side pockets and cup holders are similar to the DORTALA Chair. The leather covering is a better direction to take as it’s much easier to clean. But DARTOLO did provide massage and heating functions. Although as far as comfortability is concerned, HOMCOM does an impressive job.

1. Elegant faux leather design
2. Sturdy build
3. Impressive comfort level
4. Excellent for elderly and injured people; helps to lay and lift.
5. Easy controls
1. No massage or heating features

GFA Oxford Swivel Recliner Chair

GFA Oxford  Best Power Recliner for Elderly Woman

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 104 (H) x 78 (W) x 80 (D) cm
  • Weight: 41 lb
  • Matching footstool
  • Swivel chair
  • Massaging and heating pads
  • High-quality leather

GFA Oxford Swivel Recliner Chair is another honorable mention on this list of the best power recliners for elderly women. GFA Oxford provides a simplistic swivel design that you can place anywhere in your home. It’s not at all a bulky recliner like the ones we reviewed before. It weighs only about 41 lbs. which is almost half the weight of HOMCOM and DORTALA recliners. 

The lightweight design of the chair makes it easy to move around and be placed anywhere. Made out of high-quality leather, crisp nut-brown color, and neat wood legs, it will be a great addition to your room. 

The GFA Oxford provides some fantastic features; it has added massaging and heat pads around the chair. These pads are super helpful for the elderly. Basic massages and heating can counter the lack of mobility, which keeps the joints and muscles much healthier. 

The chair has an office look to it rather than a couch look. It comes with a separate footstool which you can place if you want to relax and recline. Although, a retractable footrest is much convenient for the elderly. The controller is similar to the DORTALA recliner, which can change heating and massaging motions.

The swivel chair (rotatable) looks to be more fit for an office scenario. But if design and space management is your priority, then this is a great option to consider. However, the lack of retractable footrest and lift mechanisms can be uncomfortable for elderly people with severe joint problems.

1. Simple Furniture-friendly design
2. High-quality leather
3. Swivel ability
4. Heating and massaging feature
5. Lightweight
1. Not suitable for elderly people with severe joint problems

Christopher Knight Home Lift Up Chair

Christopher Knight Home

Key Features:

  • Overall dimensions: 49.92 x 35 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Load capacity: 250 lbs
  • Steel and Plastic with Faux leather covering
  • Pillow armrests
  • Remote-controlled reclining and lifting

Christopher Knight Home is a well-known brand, and they have an elite class of recliners in the market focused on helping the elderly. Their light beige lift-up chair has a skeleton made out of robust steel. The cushioned material is then covered up by faux leather and extremely. It has a comfortable soft pillow armrest which is undoubtedly our favorite thing about this chair.

The light beige color is quite different from what we’ve seen so far. This color would suit any modern furnished room or a room which allows good sunlight in it. Christopher Knight Home exceeds our expectations when it comes to comfort; let us now check out its functionalities. 

The seniors need to be able to relax and rest their bodies comfortably on a chair. The Christopher Knight Home Lift-up chair will keep them happy. With its easy-to-use remote control. You can conveniently adjust to a recline position which also retracts the footrest. Or the elderly can easily transition towards a lifting stance to safely stand up. 

The Power recliner does a fantastic job of supplying comfort and accessibility. The side pocket can store essential things that the elderly would want to use with easy access. It’s a highly durable chair; due to its leather material, you can easily clean it. The Christopher Knight Home Lift-up chair is priced reasonably, and with keeping its durability in mind, it is undoubtedly a steal. 

1. Very comfortable
2. Easy to clean and maintain
3. Long-lasting life
4. Easily operatable recline and lifting features
5. Reasonable price
1. Light-colored leather is more likely to get dirty

TTSTR Electric Lift Chair

TTSTR best recliner for elderly women

Key Features:

  • Overall dimensions: 32.3 x 36.2 x 39.8 inches
  • Load capacity: 330 lbs
  • Electric powerlifter and recliner
  • Remote controller
  • Steel skeleton with fabric covering
  • Thick padded cushioning 

The last one on our diverse list of the best power lift recliner for the elderly is the TTSTR Electric Lift Chair. Most of the recliners on our list were leather-made. After DORTALA, this is the first fabric-made recliner. Foam-filled seats, armrests, and back ensure that the comfort is not compromised at all. The cushions are designed to relax each joint and muscle and allow them to recharge fully.

The simple beige color of the fabric makes it suitable for any lounge. Unlike leather, the fabric can be a bit troublesome when it comes to cleaning. That doesn’t take away the fact that it feels incredibly comfortable to sit on and will relax the elderly in seconds. 

The functions are pretty similar to the HOMCOM Electric Chair. TTSTR Chair includes a simple remote with two buttons on it. Each button helps to either recline or lift the chair up. While reclining, the chair can go down to 160°. On the other hand, the lift goes as high as 90°. The vast-angle customization is very reliable and helpful, especially for elderly women. They can comfortably lay down and stand up without putting any excessive burden on their joints. 

The elderly can quickly doze off and relax while the chair is fully reclined. Similar to the other recliners, the TTSTR comes with a side pocket that you can use to store the remote control or other necessary items. 

The TTSTR Electric Lift chair is relatively easy to install and can carry 330 lbs of weight. This is astonishingly high, making it one of the best power lift recliners for a heavy person.

1. It covers a lot of angles of reclining and lifting
2. Thick padding allows great comfortability
3. Can carry a heavyweight person
4. Simple installation
1. Not easy to clean

Benefits of Using a Power Recliner

Improved Mobility with Age:

People start experiencing mobility issues. The joints are not as active and tend to get weaker and weaker. The recliners help out with mobility, and they assist the elderly to be comfortable. It also helps them smoothly sit, lay, and stand without relying on anyone else. Some massaging recliners also keep the muscles and joints active; this also increases mobility. 

Reduced Risk of Injuries:

Due to the ease of changing the position of the recliner, the elderly are much safer. Compared to a traditional couch or chair, elderly people can put unprecedented pressure on their joints and muscles, which can cause more problems. With a recliner, they can safely change their position by using the controller or the buttons. They can soundly stand up and lay down without the fear of getting injured. 

Supports Better Posture:

It’s a tough job to keep your posture stable without any support, especially if you’re an elderly woman. To make it worse bad posture means even more joint pains and muscle problems. Luckily, the recliners are safe, and they support better posture no matter what position a senior decides to rest in. The padded backrest keeps the back straight throughout the time it is being used.


Recliners are the best when it comes to comfort. Even if you’re an elder or anyone else, the comfort it provides is second to none. We can easily control the position using a controller and various features, as we saw in our reviews, such as massaging and heating pads. These things make it highly comfortable for any user.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Power Recliner

It is essential to assess some fundamental factors before you make a final decision to buy a recliner from our list of the best power recliner for an elderly woman. Either it is for you or someone close to you. We recommend you go through the factors we have mentioned below. 

Electric or Manual Functionality:

In a market full of different recliners, you will mostly face two types of recliners; manual and electric. The terms are pretty self-explanatory. With a manual recliner, you’ll have to recline or retract the footrest using a lever on the side. These recliners require physical input but are much cheaper. The electric recliners are the ones that can be operated using a remote control, and you will not have to change the position physically. 

The price tags cover their differences, but if you’re buying a recliner for someone who has mobility issues, then an electric recliner is the way to go.


The weight and size of a recliner is a factor that you should not ignore. Recliners are usually much more oversized than casual couches. So, it’s vital to pre-plan where you want to place your recliner and if it has enough space to home it. The dimensions of a recliner are also critical. These should help to assess whether the desired user would comfortably fit in the seat or not. 

Adjustability and Construction: 

It is crucial to consider the construction material used for the recliner. Recliners are meant to be durable and robust. The shifting and position-changing mechanics should be smooth and suppressed. It is also recommended to check how much a recliner can vary its angle. Some chairs will not recline as much. So, it’s essential to find out how much a recliner can recline for an elderly to comfortably rest. A reclining angle of 150° should be good enough. 

Additional Uses:

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of innovations in the designs of recliners. You can probably pinpoint these innovations from our list. Recliners now have cup holders, side pockets, massaging and heating motors, and remote controls. Therefore, you should list out your needs and the features that give you the most convenient experience and choose that. 

If you’re an elderly woman with significant mobility issues and joint pains, then a recliner with massaging and heating motors would be a better buy for you.


Recliners usually come in two different materials; Fabric and Leather. A fabric recliner would look better with home furniture, and it has a smooth, comforting texture, but cleaning fabric can be a huge problem, especially if you end up spilling coffee on it. A leather recliner is durable and can be easily cleaned without any problem, but they tend to get sticky and slippery during hot temperatures. So, you should safely assess both of these materials and go with the one that suits your place better.

FAQs For Best Power Recliner for Elderly Woman

Is it safe to sleep on a recliner chair?

Yes, it is safe to sleep or nap on a recliner chair. A recliner chair helps fix your spine posture while providing the highest level of comfort. Sleeping on a recliner would not harm the user, but it’s more suitable for naps rather than a whole night’s sleep.

Our power recliners covered by Medicare?

Medicare is the national health program in the US. Lift chairs are covered by Medicare if they are prescribed by a doctor for any medical reason.

Do Recliners improve blood circulation?

Recliners do improve the quality of blood circulation among the elderly. Blood circulation is usually low in older people due to a lack of activity. Therefore, using a recliner that changes position or massages the user will help improve blood circulation by keeping the body comfortably active.

Do power recliners use a lot of electricity?

This depends on the type of recliner. A manual recliner will not consume any electricity. On the other hand, an electric recliner will consume some but not excessive power to operate its positions. However, recliners with massage and heating pads require more energy and, therefore, will add up to your power bills if overused.

Is a power recliner better than a manual?

Manual recliners require physical input to alter the recline angles. These are much cheaper but not at all suitable for elderly women. For elderly people, we would only recommend power recliners, so they can easily adjust their position without going through the trouble of pressurizing their muscles and joints.

Summaries Note

Recliners have come a long way from just being cozy couches that you could watch TV on. Now they are used for even more essential purposes. We hope you learned all the tricky details about recliners to help you pick out the best power recliner for elderly women. You should overlook comfort and health. Investing in a recliner will surely go a long way and keep you or any elderly people at your house happy and pleasant. 

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