How Do Power Recliners Work and Do They Have to be Plugged in?

Sometimes we only buy the product because they are eye-catching or the best source of our comfort. Very often, we understand the mechanism of the product we purchased. Undoubtedly, it is equally essential to know how your product works and its specifications. Similarly, we only know about the basics of power recliners but certainly have no idea about how they operate. Thus, in this article, we will see about: how do power recliners work.

Let us briefly and quickly check the basic features of a power recliner before we begin in detail. So, power recliners offer the same comfortable experience as a manual recliner would. It does not take any of your extra physical exertions to position the chair as everything is under your control just with a button touch. Manual recliners operate with the help of your arms, back, legs, etc., but power recliners operate with the use of electricity. Always remember that power recliners work after plugging in, so you need to place your chair near a wall plug and not anywhere in the room you want to.

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What is a power recliner chair?

To know better about how the power recliners work, let us first see what they are. So, the power recliners operate with the help of electricity or, in some rare cases, using a battery pack. It consists of several electrical parts such as several motors to deal with the recliner. 

Power recliners have ergonomic designs to give you the most comfortable experience ever. They are suitable for neck and back support, and they offer a whole stretch of the footrest. You can happily recline back on the power recliner with an acceptable reclining extension limit. Lastly, electric recliners are known to provide orthopedic support and fairly distribute your weight when you sit on them.

All of us want to place our beds near the socket so we can charge our phones, right? Similarly, when we sit on the power recliner and have reached the most comfortable position, we certainly do not want to leave it to plug in our phones because what is the guarantee that we will have the relaxed pose again. That is why as the power recliners are a source of comfort for you, they consist of built-in USB ports.

So, in short, these modern power recliners have an ergonomic design to keep you fit and comfortable and built-in smart features for your extra ease and enjoyment.

How do electric recliners work?

After seeing in detail what power recliners are, let us now shed light upon their mechanism. Some people also commonly ask that do power recliners have to be plugged in. The simple answer is yes; they have to be plugged in. However, suppose you upgrade your electric recliner with a pack of wireless rechargeable electric batteries. In that case, you will be free of the tension of having placed the chair near an electrical outlet to the plugin. If you do not have the battery pack, you have to utilize the socket then.

So, if you have a power recliner that does not contain the most common battery pack, this portion is for you as we will tell how the recliners work from the start.

  • Plugin the power cable of the chair in a nearby socket to begin. Ensure that there is hanging flexibility in the cable and it is not too tight. You always have to be conscious that you never strain the line.
  • The power recliner has a built-in remote holder. The remote has several buttons, which operate different features of the electric recliner specifically.
  • It is not necessary to press one button at a time. When you press multiple buttons simultaneously, you will manage numerous features of the chair collectively.
  • The power lift recliners’ remotes have buttons that you can use to control the reclining extension. The button on the left side of the remote, which has an “arrow UP+,” can help you adjust the reclining limit by increasing it. The button on the right side says: “arrow DOWN-” will decrease the limit of reclining.
  • Power recliners are exceptional. They can also store your two favorite recline positions or settings, so you do not have to go through a lengthy procedure of finding the comfortable position all over again. You can achieve this by pressing the memory one or memory two buttons on the remote.
  • The remote also consists of a home button so you can effortlessly operate the recliner and have a delightfully comfortable experience.
  • To reach the stored settings, all you have to do is hold the stored memory button for two seconds and then release it. On its release, the recliner will head towards the stored settings.
  • If you hold and release the home button, you will make the chair reach the original or closed position.

That’s it! According to the details mentioned above, it is how do power recliners works. Just keep in mind to unplug the chair’s cable if you have to leave your home for a more extended period. We hope you have an idea now about how do power lift recliners work.

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Potential Disadvantages of Power Recliner Chairs:

While a power recliner chair sounds the best option as it does not tire you, does the work on its own, and keeps your shoulders or back out of trouble, they still do have some cons.

A physical therapist highlights that the automated mechanism of electric recliners can cost some people. These recliners cannot be the most opted chair every time for everyone because it depends on your health.

It is quite a sensible approach. Just think that the lift recliner will change your reclining position to a sitting posture itself; your muscles will become useless and ultimately weaker. To keep the body fit: the muscles and joints need to engage you in regular activity. Nonetheless, if the technology – which is the chair in this case – takes away the role of your body, your body will wear out and make you unfit. It might also lead to body aches such as neck pains or backaches in some cases.

So, to avoid any cons of the power lift recliners, you can keep your body in regular motion. You can perform exercises, go for a walk, run or a jog or even choose swimming for that matter – whatever you prefer to do! Doing so will keep you fit and in shape and prevent any potential adverse effects of an electric recliner.

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Can Power Recliners be Operated Manually? 

There are some confusion regarding power recliners and whether you can manually recline a power recliner or not is one of them. Power recliners operate with the help of electricity which is a common thing everybody for sure knows. Whereas the manual recliners depend on your arms, back, legs, and feet to operate. 

To know about the features of the power recliner briefly, let us quickly summarize it in this paragraph. As said earlier, these chairs require electricity to work, which means that you have to place the chair near an electricity socket. The motor helps the chair to recline, unlike the manual recliners. You simply have to pull the handle to activate the reclining feature. Lastly, power recliners come with an operating remote and usually last for around ten years.

Now coming directly to the question: Can Power Recliners be operated manually? The simple answer is No. They cannot be operated manually as they consist of series of motors to manage the electric recliner. Power recliners also have a remote with which you can control the reclining. First, you have to plug the switch in a nearby wall outlet for the power to initialize the internal motors of the recliner.

You can manually reposition the backrest only in the case of power failure or some mechanical fault in the motor. You can manually bring it back in its original position from the reclining position. Otherwise, power recliners are designed so you can be at ease and control everything with a touch of a button instead of manually! 

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Concluding with our article now, we hope that all your confusions regarding how do power recliners work. We are also expecting that you learn new pieces of information while going through our article and were also surprised just as we were when we first came across such facts. All of us know that there is massive advancement in technology and the power recliners are one of the products of such inventions. Still, we should simultaneously also understand how they work and how often to use the products. With this, we take our leave and wish you a healthy life full of comfortable experiences!

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