How To Do Landmine Chest Press | Variations | Benefits

Today I’m going to guide how to do landmine chest press with different variations and benefits. It is a great exercise, if you want to emphasize a bit more upper chest and middle chest during your chest workouts.

How To Do The Landmine Chest Press With Both Hands

Now let’s get started with the movement.

To perform this exercise, you need a couple of different things.  The first thing you need is a barbell. You do not need to have a landmine attachment to perform this movement. All you have to do is find a corner to stick the barbell in and then throw a 45-pound plate on top of it or a sandbag to stabilize it.

Landmine Chest Press With Both Hands

  1. The bottom of the bar will not move around that much.
  2. This is the safest way to do it, especially when you’re trying to overload yourself with some weight.
  3. Now once you have your setup complete, what you’re going to do is load some weight on the front of the barbell.
  4. It does not matter what you use for weight on landmine chest press.
  5. There should be enough space for plates to the barbell’s tip where the plates are not going to touch your chest or your body.
  6. Once you get your plates loaded, lift the barbell, and hold the top of the barbell. And have it down to your chest.
  7. This is the starting position. Press it up as high as you can, and hold it there for a second.
  8. Squeeze your chest as hard as you can.

This will help with stabilization, and it’s also going to help with emphasizing more of the upper chest. Still, keep your core tight and then return to the starting position and repeat this reps movement. This is how you do the landmine chest press.

Single Arm Banded Landmine Chest Press

For those who want to take this exercise even further in terms of intensity and getting more out of it, you can perform the same movement with one arm at a time.

Single arm banded landmine chest press does have its benefits. You do need as much weight on the barbell because you’re only using one arm, and you can only handle so much weight.  So if you’re having a hard time picking up the barbell and getting into position because you strong and you need to use two to three plates.

Single Arm Banded Landmine Chest Press

Once again, guys cheat and recover consists of eight cheat reps followed by eight recover reps.  But you can do it on this exercise without even having to lower the weight. So I’m going to start with my left hand, stagger my position,

  1. Come back explosively, push up, and squeeze your chest control on the way down.
  2. Use momentum, push up and complete eight cheat reps with my left arm.
  3. Change your position, and then complete eight cheat reps with right arm.
  4. Once you finish eight cheat reps on both sides.
  5. Bring your hands together, and then focus on those eight recover reps.
  6. Flexing and squeezing your chest, controlling the eccentric and concentric portion of the movement.
  7. You can get away with just two, one and a quarter, or even just one to get a nice workout doing one arm at a time.
  8. When you’re doing one hand at a time, stagger your feet. And this offers a few more benefits.

Kneeling Landmine Chest Press

This exercise is also known as Landmine Chest Magazine. It places more emphasis on muscle augmentation. The knee removes the involvement of the legs and shifts even more pressure on the chest and triceps. For that reason, this exercise is brilliant for upper body isolation.

Kneeling Landmine Chest Press

If you want to make the exercise a bit more stable, you can do it on your knees as well.

  1. Get down on your knees, bring the weight up.
  2. Place a barbell on a landmine attachment or fix it in a corner.
  3. Add weight plates to the free end.
  4. Find one that is comfortable for the knee (for example, an AB pad).
  5. Bring your knees together. Hold the top of the barbell with both hands.
  6. Hold the barbell in front of your chest.
  7. Position yourself so that you can lean forward slightly and tighten your core muscles.
  8. Push the barbell upwards until there is only a slight bend in your elbow, like a standing minesweeper (with both hands).
  9. Pause at the top of the movement and contract your chest muscles.
  10. Slowly lower the barbell to your chest – it’s a representative!
  11. Flex that core, flex those gluts, press over your head, and then bring it back down.

Landmine Twist

  1. You’re going to get some chest rotation or core rotation, which means that when you go from up to down.
  2. You can come back a bit and feel that stretch through your chest.
  3. Once you get to the bottom, you can push to the top, bring it in and squeeze the chest.
  4. Almost similar to the feeling you get when you do a cable fly.
  5. Squeeze your pecs together.
  6. So that’s a way to take this to the next level.

Landmine Twist

If you’re doing the cheat and recover method in your training, you won’t even really have to adjust the weight because you’re overloading so much with one arm at a time. But then, when you put your hands together, it’s almost like the weight is perfect for those recovery reps.

Always stick to your compound movements.  So like your flat dumbbell bench, inclined bench, decline bench, do it after at least two of those exercises. It’s an intense exercise.

Banded Landmine Chest Press

You will find that the weight is lighter towards the movement’s surface. When you reduce the weight, your muscles become tense and build up more strength. Banded landmine chest press will add more resistance.

Set the conventional single-handed landmine to your devotion, position the barbell on the landmine holder or in a corner and then mount with the weight plates.

Banded Landmine Chest Press

For this variation, you will need an anti-band.

  1. Facing the barbell, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Place the resistance board under both of your legs and wrap the other end of the bar around the top of the barbell.
  3. Lift the weight and hold it with both hands.
  4. Press your front weight until your arms are outstretched.
  5. Pause at the top of the movement and focus on contracting the muscles in your chest.
  6. Slowly lower the weight on your chest and repeat.

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