Roger Black Treadmill Review | Easy Fold Manual Incline

Roger Black Treadmill provides an easy to fold design that takes less space and provides you with an exceptional treadmill utility at your home. Due to its compact size, this treadmill does not take much space and provides all the functionality that a standard flat folding treadmill offers.

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We live in a world where things are running very fast, and people usually don’t have time to go out and run for a healthy lifestyle. Treadmills make it possible for you to get a well-toned body in this hectic lifestyle. Finding a good treadmill is a complicated process because of many options loaded with various features. 

If you are looking for a great budget treadmill that takes less space and provides utility with its foldable design, Roger black treadmill is the best option you can choose. There are certain essential factors that you should consider when buying a treadmill. Out of these factors, price, ease of use, easy setup, and functionality are the main factors you should consider when purchasing a treadmill worthy of your design. 

When looking at Roger’s features and price easy to fold treadmill, it has a leading competitor, the Reebok treadmill, that offers almost identical functionality and usability. It provides an excellent treadmill experience that you expect from a top-notch Roger Black Treadmill for me?


  • Manufacturer: Roger
  • Code: RGBLK-651W
  • Motor Peak: 2 HP
  • Pre Set Programs: Up to 10
  • Hand Grips: Yes
  • Weight Limit: 115 kg
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Incline: Manual
  • Top Speed: 13 kph
  • Fold Flat: Yes
  • Running Surface: 1.2 m
  • Auto Stop Safety: Yes
  • Open Dimensions: 135 x 72 x 163 cm (HxWxD)
  • Fold Dimensions: 16 x 36 x 72 cm (HxWxD)
  • Moveable Wheels: Yes
  • Product Weight: 55 kg
  • Pre Assembled: Yes

Roger Black Treadmill specs


The Roger Flat Foldable Treadmill’s original pricing was 499 pounds, which lies in the budget treadmills category. It has a competitor in the same range Reebok One GT40. But Roger offers more features and less price from its competitors. 

First Impression

When we ordered Roger’s black treadmill, we expected its delivery box size to be the same as we have seen in many other treadmills. Surprisingly its delivery box was compactly packed and have a smaller size than a usual treadmill box. The boxes seem small, but it packs a considerable weight of 55 kg which we would not recommend you to pick up if you have back pain issues.

After the unboxing, we have noted no assembly required for the first use of a treadmill. This can be the main selling point of the Rodger black treadmill as it saves time that we put in assembling the treadmills. It took us almost 10 to 15 minutes to fully unbox and prepare the treadmill for the test run. It involved lifting and raising the mainframe after removing the catch. A power outlet requires for running the machine so place it near an outlet to avoid any inconvenience.

Roger Black Treadmill best for you

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Build Quality

We tested the build quality of the Roger Black Treadmill. It pretty impressed us with its fold design. It looks pleasing to the eyes, while the frame and running tracks have nicely built with black and blue colors combination. If you look closely at the frame, it provides a sturdy build with an impressive design. 

With its robust body, it offers durability and a comfortable running machine for your daily needs. It can bear a maximum of 115 kg weights with wide dimensions enough for an average person. The weight-bearing capacity is relatively more minor, which makes it only usable for moderately obsess people. The running surface has a decent design, and it is satisfactory with a pace of up to 13 kphRoger Black Treadmill Build Quality


We observed the performance of the Roger Flat Folding Treadmill to moderately to higher end. Some departments need a revamp, but we observed no major performance drawbacks in the Roger Black Treadmills.

The first thing that is worth mentioning that the speed of the treadmill is optimal. It is not very fast that we see in the top-notched products and not slower. The speed keeps you going for running the routine. 

Another thing that can be better regarding the performance is the programmable LCD. The LCD itself is enough for monitoring the activity. But the pre-set program routine can be an issue for people who like to set their routine. As the Roger Black running machine only features a pre-programmed pattern, you can program your routine. 

Besides these few minor improvements, Roger Black Treadmill is worth every penny and provides good performance for your daily running routine. It features many exciting functions that increase the utility and adds more to the function.


Roger Black Treadmill Features 

There are some worth mentioning features that Roger Black Treadmill offers, along with the foldable design. Each feature has some positive and negative points that we will cover in the coming lines. 

Roger Black Treadmill Features 

Manual Incline:

Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill features a manual system for the inclining purpose. It would be much better if there is an incline motor included with the treadmill. Aside from the engine, the manual function works flawlessly. For activating the incline, you need to drop the rare support and allow the treadmill to incline. 

The positive aspect we observed in the incline system is that it is quick and accurate. It works well with both inclining levels and has a better resistance compared to the many competitors.

A Moderate Power:

Treadmills generate their power from the motors, and the speed depends on them. Most treadmills have 1.5 to 2 HP motors that ensure more power settings for a faster run. With its fold-up treadmill, Roger compromised slightly on the motor selection. Well, compromises are part of the business. When a company offers many features, they cut off some things too.

Roger Black Gold motorized folding treadmill offers a 1.5 HP motor. Company manuals state that its maximum power to 2 HP with a constant of 1 Hp. Having a moderately powered motor can be an issue for people who want a little more from the treadmills. Although in most cases it is satisfactory and offers a reasonable speed.

We have run few tests on the highest settings and observed no noticeable cuts in the output’s power or efficiency. 

Roger Black Treadmill budget machine

Pre Configured Programs:

Like most treadmills in the market, Roger Black Folding Treadmill offers various workout programs for the daily fitness routine. But one downside we observed that they are pre-configured, and you cannot adjust the configuration according to your own will. This is not common in full-sized treadmills, but it is not a triggering point for most people. 

We have tested the programs on P2 and P5 mode and observed a minimal image guide on the LCD panel. Having a minimal LCD means that only a few instructions are present for the routine, but they are efficient in most cases.

Background Music:

Roger Black Easy Fold Electronic Incline Treadmill provides amazing background music while you run your daily fitness routine. Music has positive vibes on the body while working out so, having a treadmill with music is always a plus point

Having a music player and heartbeat monitoring is a pleasant surprise from a fold-flat treadmill. The sound and functionality are enough for a person. We have observed that the music sound is enough to reduce the treadmill motor noise during our testing. 

The MP3 functionality has audio connectivity that is compatible with most MP3 players and mobile devices. You can place the MP3 or mobile device on the small shelf that lies near the LCD panel.Roger Black Treadmill best quality

Health Monitoring:

During our Roger Black Treadmill Review, one more notable thing we observed is the heart rate monitor. It was a pleasant surprise for us to see a heart rate monitor on a treadmill that already has a utility of folding design. The heart rate monitor allows you to monitor the pulse while doing aerobiccardio, and fat-burning exercises.

The heart rate monitor on the treadmill faces you all the time because of its location on the mainframe. Roger Black Gold Treadmill manual has a handy guide for calculating the target levels and understanding heart rate monitoring results.

Pros & Cons

  • A foldable design
  • Compact size for easy placement
  • Heartbeat monitor
  • Built-in music player
  • Pre-set programs can be an issue for few people

Final Thoughts

Roger Black Treadmill provides value to money with its foldable design and compact size. It is best for placing indoor where space is less. Aside from its compact size, it offers a good speed for your running routine. The sturdy body ensures long-term use. Few improvements could be possible. Overall we recommend it for its foldable design and the utilities it offers at this price.

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