Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey, Career and Net Worth

Billy Gardell is an actor, TV game show host, and stand-up comedian. He has an aspiring career and worked on different aspects during his entertainment career. Although Billy Gardell weight loss made many headlines, what makes him unique is his writing to the audience, making them laugh.

He rose to fame when he played a role in the CBS Hit television series “Mike & Molly” as a police officer. From there, Billy’s career leaped and made him successful as a stand-up comedian and actor. 

Many people think that Billy got a role in cast of Mike and Molly because of his weight loss. It is valid to some extent as he used the weight to connect with the story and audience and relate himself to the situations during a long-running sitcom. 

From the start of his carrier, the Emmy Nominee was conscious of his overweight body and was concerned about it. Even to this day, he has put many efforts to control his diabetes and weight within limits.

Billy Gardell


  • Birth Name: William R. Gardell
  • Date of Birth: August 20, 1969 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Height: 5′ 11″ (1.8 m)
  • Occupation: Actor & Comedian
  • Wife: Patty Lynn Knight

Early Days Struggle With Weight Loss

Gardell’s life was not always ideal and perfect. He always had issues with the health and managing bad habits. In an interview with Wicked Local Cambridge in 2019, he stated that his whole life circles around quitting things. 

In his early life, Gardell was into drinking and smoking habits. But in recent years, he improved his habits and has given up smoking and drinking. He is sober for the last 21 years, which is a lot of dedication towards better health.

Although Billy Gardell has succeeded in leaving bad habits, losing weight was such pain throughout his life. He mentioned weight as his last demon to get rid of and become free from the overweight concerns. 

Now billy gardell weight loss is a success story. Being a type-2 diabetic patient, he had a hard time managing the weight. He remained in an overweight condition for a long time. At times he reached about massive 350 pounds of body weight.

In August 2011, in an interview with the East Valley Tribune, an Arizona-based new agency, he said, “I grew up fat.” 

In an article of a French-based beauty magazine, Marie Claire, Mike, and Molly’s relationship was suggested as a disgusting romantic relationship between two fat people. 

Billy added in an interview about the backlash of people on his weight that people think that I never heard fat jokes before, sometimes people don’t like your face, and I have learned that a long time ago.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss

How Much Does Billy Gardell Weight Loss

Mike as Mike and Molly cast told a magazine about his eating habits and fighting with the desire for food. He added that he is working with the trainer and nutritionist to keep his weight under control. 

In 2011, Gardell appeared as a guest in The Late Show with Craig Ferguson and revealed that he already lost 45 pounds of weight and is willing to lose another 30 pounds. He added that this weight increased the stress on the knees.

The journey of billy gardell weight loss does not stop there. In 2015 when he was sitting with Tampa Bay Times, he added that I want to lose 80 pounds of weight while he already shed 70 pounds.

A couple of years later he Gardell made more efforts towards controlling his diabetes and weight loss. He said that his knees could not bear his weight, and for being around my child, I need to take some more weight loss.

Later on, in March 2020, he joined a body transformation program lead by Novo Nordisk. He aimed to manage his weight and type-2 diabetes. He started to take Ozempic from the company, which is a non-insulin injectable medicine.

Along with the medicines, he transformed the body by reforming the eating pattern and doing more exercise to maintain the weight.

On February 15, 2021, he has done an advertisement for Ozempic and turned into the company’s paid spokesperson.

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Family Life

Apart from billy gardell weight loss and rising career as an entertainer and comedian, he is a family man and has a joyful family life. He is the proud father of a kid and has a loving billy gardell wife. 

Billy married Patty Gardell in 2001; since then, they have grown together in a romantic and loving relationship. They were declared husband and wife in a ceremony full of friends and family. However, it is still not public that how they met as a couple and then fell in love. 

The couple has great chemistry and understanding that shows their euphoric family life. After a long duration of nearly two decades, they are still together and have a blessed family life.

Patty Gardell and Billy had their first son after three years of their wedding. She gave birth to an adorable baby boy, William Gardell, who is now 17 years old. Both the parents are proud of their son and living together in a relation of love and affection.

Billy Gardell Stand Up Comedy

Billy Gardell’s early life was full of struggle and hard work. He worked in a department store warehouse at the age of 15 and unloaded stack pallets and trucks. Later in 1987, he started answering phone calls and cleaning seats and bathrooms at a comedy club Bonker.

In the same year, he got a chance to do stand up comedy for the first time. But the exciting thing is that he started stand-up comedy as a part of the bet. He explained that if he didn’t turn up on the stage that night, he would lose the chance. 

Now he is a famous and skillful comedian and considers George Carlin, John Belushi, John Candy, and Jackie Gleason as his influencers.

Billy Gardell Stand Up Comedy

Billy Gardell Career

Billy always credits his grandmother for the support. On several occasions, he said that his grandmother told him that he could do comics at the age of 8. 

Billy Gardell Movies:

Billy made his first appearance on the movies in the movie “Gary the Rat” in 2000. He also worked in other films like “Bad Santa,” “Drago Wars: D-Wars,” “Undrafted,” “Special Unit,” “Avenging Angelo,” and “Once Upon a time in Venice.”

Besides the film career, Billy made his debut on TV by appearing as Billy Kelner in the series “The King of Queens.” Later on, he made his success marked from the series “Mike & Molly,” where he played a police officer’s character. 

Apart from these two titles, he appeared in several Tv series, including “Las Vegas,” “Cover Me,” “Judging Amy,” “Lucky,” “My Name is Earl,” Monopoly Millionaires,” and many others.

Billy Gardell movies

Billy Gardell Net Worth

Billy Garden has worked in many comedy shows, films, and TV series, expanding a net worth of $80 million. He appeared in many series and movies that earned him a wealthy paycheque. With his continuous success, the net worth of Billy is on the rise.

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What is Billy Gardell doing now?

Billy Gardell is in the mainstream movies and TV serials since Mike and Molly’s successful character. In recent time has worked in many prominent titles. 

Since 2018 he is playing the role of Herschel Sparks in the CBS spinoff sitcom. It is comedy series named Young Sheldon, and he has a recurring role. 

Since 2019, Billy is hosting his hit shows called “Bob Hearts Abishola” on CBS sitcom. He has an incredibly talented Cohost/partner, Folake Olowofoyeku. His cohost is playing the role of Abishola, which is Bob’s nurse. He meets her in character as a nurse, and he owns a sock company. From their first meetup, he falls in love with Abishola. 

Billy gardell new show is already a hit. He plays his role so well and already picked up for another season.

Besides his appearance in TV shows and movies, Billy owns a restaurant in Orlando named “Gardell Bros, Brick Oven Pizza.” He makes regular visits there to make sure that everything is working according to the plan. 

Billy has invested the same interest in his restaurant that he puts towards his entertainment profession.

He plans to buy a house in Orlando, the place he always loves. Billy made a restaurant and planning to buy a house there because of his love for Orlando. His career and his entertainment journey started from there. Currently, Billy gardell’s brother is taking care of the restaurant.

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