The Ultimate Guide to Gym Equipment Names with Photos

If you are a gym-going individual or a fitness enthusiast, you probably already familiar with most gym equipment names with photos. But over the past few years, we have seen the introduction of new equipment that it became hard to get to know all gym equipment names.

You get surprised to see a long list of these equipment names for home workouts. Even remembering those by names gets difficult sometimes. For making this more accessible and more practical, we have put together this list of popular gym equipment names with pictures.

This list contains equipment used in the gym and home that you can find at your nearby gym. Some of these are exclusive gym equipment, and placing them in the home requires more space. We will start the list of gym equipment names with photos from free weights and progress towards strength training.

Free Weight Equipment

The free weight equipment list is essential gym equipment names with photos that are most suitable for home and gym use. If you have less space for placing heavy gym equipment, this equipment does the job with much effectiveness. Let begin with the dumbbells first.


Dumbbells are undoubtedly the most famous gym equipment globally, and they are even known to non-gym-going people. They are the most versatile gym equipment that can replicate many machine exercises with ease and freedom.

Mostly dumbbells come in the form of pairs. However, a single version is also present. They are best for weight training. Dumbbells differ in shape and size. You can get a smaller dumbbell of 1 pound and as heavy as few pounds depending on your fitness needs.

They are usually well rounded or hexagonal shape with iron, steel, or rubber material as their building material. The best names in dumbbell manufacturing offer them both fixed and adjustable weight dumbbells to get more versatility. Since adjustable dumbbells provide more utility, they are slightly more expensive than fixed dumbbells.

Bowflex Home Gym Dumbbell


A barbell is similar to the dumbbells in the way that it has adjustable weight at both ends but has a relatively larger iron or steel rod on which these weights attach. They are long bars to facilitate the exercises for muscles like the biceps and triceps.

They come in several forms like straight and curl barbells for getting more range of motion. Even their length varies with the exercise purpose. A barbell for biceps and triceps is usually smaller in length compared to the one used in weight training like bench press and squats.

Amidoa Solid Iron Weighted Workout Barbell

Climbing Rope:

Climbing rope is the perfect tool for developing the core muscles. They are a relatively new concept and are popular among cross fitness and calisthenics workouts. These ropes are best for getting upper and lower body strength and targeting every muscle with equal engagement.

You can attach a climbing rope to the ceiling and get vertical strength training. It involves an engaged climbing up and down movement while holding the suspended body weight. Since this tool improves core fitness, it became an integral part of gym equipment.

Perantlb Outdoor Climbing Rope


You might have seen kettlebell throw in World Strongest Man Championship. These are becoming essential gym equipment because of the variation they allow to perform different exercises. Even in the home gym, the demand for kettlebell sky rocked in the recent past.

They are mostly made from cast iron and have a ball life shape with handles attached to the upper side. Since they are not uncommon gym equipment, you may already be familiar with their work. They are best suited for cardio, ballistic and strength exercises.

You can even use them to get core strength training. Kettlebell throws are famous in sports events for testing out the core strength of the participants. They come in different weight ratings, and you can purchase them according to your requirements as the weight on these is not adjustable.

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

EZ Curl Bar:

EZ Curl Bar is the modification of the standard barbell with slight changes. It is smaller in size and has a curve in its shape compared to the barbell. Since a regular barbell can increase the stress on wrists during heavy lifting, EZ Curl Bar helps lift the weight by securing the wrists and providing better handling.

EZ Bars are suitable for triceps and biceps exercise. Since they are secure for the wrists, you can perform more exercise types with the Ez Bars. You can utilize the special bar grips to keep the stress minimum on the forearm and wrists.

Standard EZ Curl bar Solid Iron

Triceps Bar:

The triceps bar is the iron bar that facilitates the triceps workouts in a controlled manner. You can get a more focused and neutral grip using the triceps bar than the EZ Curl bar and barbell because it has a design to allow more stability and a better range of movements.

The triceps bar is equally suitable for biceps and is widely used to get the strength and size of the triceps and biceps. With a few modified exercises, you can hit forearm muscles effectively using these bars.

Nisorpa Barbell Solid Chrome Triceps Bar

Dip Bars:

Dip bars are another popular equipment in the home and commercial gyms. These bars are best for train biceps, triceps, core, and shoulder muscles. Dip bars have a horizontal position on the floor, which provides a stable base for doing workouts.

They are part of every gym because of their affordability, usability, and applicability. You can try several exercises on these simple bars to add strength and fitness to specific muscle groups, and even larger workstations and power towers have these bars as accessories.

BalanceFrom Multi-Function Dip bar

Pull-Up Bars:

Pull-Up bars are the most common equipment that we see in a home, open, and commercial gyms. You can see them anywhere because of their simple design and the utility they offer. It does not matter that you are doing weight training or powerlifting. Pull-up bars are an essential part of every type of workout plan.

There are several types of pull-up bars. They are available as the ceiling, wall, doorway, and traditional pull-up bars. Their multi-functionality has different uses, but they mainly strengthen the upper body and forearms muscles. Besides their standalone version, they are part of many power racks and gym towers.

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

Push-Up Bars:

Push-Up bars make it easier to do push-up compared to the standard push-up methods. They are a cheap training tool that is also known as press-up bars. They help push-up more effectively by preventing less pressure on the wrists and providing more stable grips.

You can replace your dumbbell push-up with these push-up bars as they are better in the sense of stability and do not roll easily. They come in standard iron and steel materials and are bound well with the ground to give you better and stable push-ups.


Jumping Rope:

Jumping rope is the more traditional gym equipment in the whole list. It would be unfair if we have not mentioned jump rope in this list of gym equipment. Jump Ropes are among the most common gym accessories that every kid in their childhood at least once used. They are also easy to make at home, even if you have no commercial jump ropes.

Jumping ropes are best for HIIT and cardio training, and you can buy jump ropes made from fabric, rubber, and leather materials. Even the cheaper option can function the same as buying expensive for your cardio workouts.

Te-Rich Jump Rope

Suspension Trainer:

Suspension trainers are similar to gymnastic rings and best for suspension training. It is becoming a popular workout in the last two to three years, and their demand also increased among fitness enthusiasts.

Suspension training involves getting overall strength and stability by suspending in mid-air using a set of handles and straps. These trainers are equally suitable for outdoor and indoor gym use. You can utilize them in several ways to getting core strength.

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training

Battle Ropes:

Battle ropes are probably the most exciting gym equipment in the recent past. They are getting the central workout drill in the CrossFit and HIIT training. Battle ropes are the thick and long ropes that get connected to the wall on one side. Another side is free, and you have to move them hard to get cardio workouts.

They are a pleasant addition to any home or commercial gym. You can achieve core and overall body strength by effectively using the battle ropes.


Balance Board:

A balanced board helps to increase body stability and core strength. When using a balance board, you continue your regular workout routine. The simultaneous effect of both the exercise and balance board helps boost the core strength and increase body stability.

They are very effective in targeting the whole body and increase the focus. You perform the different exercises while continuously stabilizing the balance board for the much stable core. There are no restrictions involves in the type of exercise you can perform on a balance board.

Revolution Swell 2.0 Balance Board Trainer

Foam Roller:

Foam rollers have increased demand these days and are becoming a standard part of the gym equipment. In the past, their application was limited to physical therapists. Every gym has these rollers to get relief from the pain, joint stress, and muscle stiffness.

Foam rollers come in different shapes and sizes. They are best for producing relaxing sensations, increase blood flow, and improving the body’s balance.

321 STRONG Foam Roller

Plyometric Box:

Plyo Boxes or plyometric boxes are a relatively new addition to the gym equipment. They are now part of almost every public gym due to CrossFit and High-Intensity Interval Training workouts. They are used for jumping and are widely available these days, even for home and local gym use.

You can get them as wooden, metal, or cushioned material. They also come in pairs or 3 in 1 box with different height levels for range jumping. Depending upon your need and use type, you can buy them from online stores.

JFIT Plyometric Boxes

Stability Ball:

It is suggestive from the name that a stability ball is a great way to increase body fitness while exercising and stabilizing your muscles on this squishy ball. You can perform different exercises on its unstable platform and improve the body’s core fitness and muscle coordination.

The stability ball is equally suitable for the weighted and without weight training. You can rely on its platform and perform the exercise to target almost every muscle of the body. However, care requires when doing weighted training on the stability ball.

Live Infinitely Exercise & Stability Ball

Arm Blaster:

Arm blaster is a helping tool to target only bicep muscle when doing biceps exercises using the barbell. It attaches to the arms and isolates the biceps muscles so that the force only targets the bicep region, and the other body remains uninvolved.

Arm blasters help to focus on biceps curl exercises by acting as a special harness. The biceps’ isolation works well, and you can feel the origin of force right from the biceps, not from the whole body.

EMRAH Arm Blaster for Biceps

Ab Roller:

Ab roller is another helpful extension like push-up bars and dip bars. They are best for targeting the abdominal muscles. Once you sit in a kneeling position, roll the Ab roller in the front direction to a nearly laying position. Then come back to the sitting position and repeat the drill.

Ab roller is the cheap, practical, and handy tool that makes you fit and increases core and abdominal fitness by relatively easy workouts.

Ab Roller for Abs Workout

Resistance Bands:

Resistance bands and suspension trainers are often confused by the people, according to my research. Well, it is not the case, and they both have different application. Resistance bands are stretchy bits of plastic with varying resistance weights. When using them for bicep curls, they boost and increase the endurance of the biceps.

INTEY Pull up Assist Band

Cardio Vascular Machines

Cardiovascular machines are a great way to set the fitness routine. These are equipment that effectively facilitates cardio workouts. Here are the popular cardiovascular machine with the photos.


A treadmill is a famous home and commercial gym equipment that helps get your cardio training by walking and running. You can set the pace for running and walking according to your comfort level. A treadmill is an excellent instrument for people who do not like to walk in public spaces as it provides indoor settings.

In addition to the cardio you get from the treadmill, you can get a great leg and core workout and strengthen your muscles. It allows targeting the leg muscles more by offering incline settings that increase the required force.

This cardiovascular workout machine has the best and steady performance. However, you can add more challenges to the workout by increasing the intensities of the workout. The treadmill has one limitation: they impact knees and joints, which can cause an issue for older people.

Smart Digital Manual Incline Treadmill

Rowing Machine:

The rowing machine replicates the outdoor rowing activity and contributes towards the full-body workout. They are equally helpful for legs and arm workouts and probably the only cardiovascular equipment in our list that involves both legs and arms.

Rowing machines increase the fitness level by working the lungs, especially with the high resistance settings. You can start from the basic level to the advanced and higher settings. Rower operates nearly at optimum level to give you performance-based cardio workouts.

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Elliptical Machine:

An elliptical machine is the best cardio equipment to burn fats and get yourself fit without impacting the knees and joints. Like a rowing machine, you can integrate the arm and leg exercise to generate a balanced workout.

Elliptical machines are versatile in their effectiveness, and you can get multiple benefits from them. They are not only suitable for cardio exercises but best for targeting lower body workouts. Along with the arms, you can increase the resistance make the workouts more challenging.

Pooboo Elliptical Trainer Magnetic Elliptical Machines

Stair Mill:

A stair mill is the best equipment to replicate the stair climbing movement with relatively more minor impact. They are great for maintaining the glute and calf muscles as they directly target these specified areas. However, their effectiveness as cardio equipment is lower compared to other equipment we are discussing here.

Stair ill offers a range of flexibility to perform interval cardio or steady-state cardio exercises. During the workout, the force mainly impacts the base of the glutes and calf.

Edtt741 Stair Stepper

Upright Bike:

Upright bikes or stationary bikes are low-impact cardio equipment that replicates the road bike movements while keeping you indoors. They are a great way to target the lower body workout and burning the fats with its flywheel or air resistance design.

Upright bike has different resistance levels to keep you challenging your limits. Each resistance level increases the amount of force required to pedal the bike. This resistance impacts the legs muscles without putting stress on joints and knees.

VIGBODY Exercise Machine Upright Bike

Spin Bike:

The spin bike allows a range of motion while you pedal the bike to simulate outdoor biking. They work well for medium to high-intensity cardio workouts. However, their mode of working is almost the same as we have seen in the upright bike.

Spin bike revolves around a spinning disk to generate motion for working out leg muscles. You achieve your fitness goals by targeting the lower body. They provide better accommodation for the standing-up exercise and get low hit on the joints and knees in return.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Stationary Spin Bike

Recumbent Exercise Bike:

Recumbent Exercise bikes are the comfortable version of upright and spin bikes as they contain more comfort and extended back support. They increase the cardio activity with their varying resistance levels. You can do low to medium-impact cardio exercises on these exercise bikes.

They replicate the same effect that we get in the outdoor cycling and biking experience, but their session is more versatile. You can increase or decrease the resistance to get desired cardio level. They facilitate your steady to interval training for the lower body.

Pooboo Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Resistance Machines

Resistance machines are your best companion for effectively targeting the body muscles. They isolate the specific muscle groups and allow you to train only selected muscles. You can harvest their benefits like getting more focused on a body part, rehabilitation, and targeting the growth of specific muscles quite easily.

Leg Press Machine:

Leg press machines are effective for strengthening the leg muscles safely. They target the whole lower body muscles and increase their engagement against the heavier weights. Leg press machines are safe for joints despite heavier weights.

They come in different shapes and sizes and are best to target the hamstrings, thighs, calves, and glute muscles. You can change the foot position on the base plate to change the targeting muscles during the workouts.

Leg press machine ensures safe and targeted lower body muscle growth. However, for keeping yourself safe from injury, a foot stance is a prerequisite. You can increase the force on the muscles by increasing the leg press’s weight and changing the foot stance on the base plate.

Marcy Standard Weight Bench with Leg Press

Leg Extension Machine:

Leg extension machines are best to target the quadriceps muscles. They are effective on the quads as they increase their strengths and train them by isolating them. You can achieve the combination of strength and isolated training easily using a leg extension machine.

They effectively tone the quad muscles and target them to get more endurance and strength on these muscles. You can try different variations of the leg extension machine to target various areas separately.

Grossy Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Split Extension

Leg Curl Machine:

Leg curl machines are the exact opposite in functioning compared to the Leg extension machine. They target the hamstrings muscles by isolating and toning them. You can increase the strength of hamstring muscles with a bit of involvement of the calf muscles.

Unlike the Leg extension machine, the leg curl machine mainly focuses on developing and strengthen the hamstrings as you like. You can train hamstrings to increase endurance too.

Sunny Health & Fitness Hyperextension Roman Chair

Hack Squat Machine:

Hack squat machine tones the thigh muscles by allowing controlled squats. It helps to create strength and endurance in the thighs and enables a range of squatting movements. You can isolate the thigh exercise on this machine to develop them quickly and efficiently.

Besides the quad and thighs, you can provide variation in the workout and target any part of the legs by adjusting the foot position. They support the back leg muscles and strengthen the front leg muscles by backward and forward movements.

leikefitness Deluxe Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat

Seated Calf Machine:

You can produce endurance and create muscle strength for the calf muscles using a seated calf machine. They facilitate performing different variations to increase the strength and endurance of the calf muscles as this machine isolates the calf muscles and helps to strengthen the joints, especially the ankle joint.

Electric Foot/Sole/Calf Muscle Massager

Standing Calf Machine:

The standing calf machine operates slightly differently from the seated calf machine and helps create an angle for calf muscles. You can create different angles and variations on the standing calf machine to increase the strength and length of the calf muscles.

You can get a similar benefit from the standing calf machine. It helps to increase the ankle joint strength and target the calf muscle by isolating. Standing calf machines are an excellent alternative to the standard calf exercise because of their working angle and ability to lengthen the calf muscles.

Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Massager Machine

Leg Adduction Machine:

Leg adduction machine helps to improve the inner thighs as they isolate the inner thigh muscles from the rest of the body. They are an excellent tool for the effective development and strengthening of the inner thigh muscles. Being a counterpart to the leg abduction machines increases the stability and range of motion for the thighs.

FITGIRL The Best Ankle Strap for Cable Machines

Lat Pulldown Machine:

Lat pulldown machines are the best machine to target and isolate the back muscles. They are an essential part of any resistance training and create solid back muscles. You can target any muscle in the back specifically or target the whole back by trying different variations on the lat pulldown machine.

Besides back muscles, they also impact the side muscles and forearms as they both involve while you train on the lat pulldown machine.

Lat pull down bars Accessories

Pec Deck Machine:

Pec dec machines are an excellent tool for improving the chest area and developing it by isolating and targeting. These machines are helpful to target the whole chest muscles. You can even try different sitting variations to purposely targeting a specific area of the chest.

Pec deck machines improve the core strength and develop the chest. They increase strength, tone and produce endurance in the chest muscles.

ColorCoral Hydraulic Power Twister

Cable Crossover Machine:

Cable crossover machines are a requirement of every modern home and commercial gym. They are versatile in their effectiveness and can target any muscle. They got their name from the chest exercise where you cross both arms in front of you for doing chest fly.

Depending on the requirement, you can target any muscle group and try hundreds of variations on the cable crossover machines. They help you to challenge your limitations by constant tension in the cable exercises and their variations.

HulkFit Cable Crossover and Dip Bars

Chest Press Machine: 

The chest press machine is the safer alternative to the traditional bench press machine. They target the chest muscles by secure application of pressure on the chest, triceps, and shoulders. With their equal pressure application on both sides, they ensure less chance of injury.

With the chest press machine, you can target the chest muscles effectively by adjusting the seating positions. They help increase the chest area’s strength and increase the size in a very effective way.

Marcy Stack Home Gym with Pulley

Butt Blaster Machine:

As it is clear from the name, the butt blaster machine targets the butt muscles and increases their strength. It helps to isolate the glute muscles and tone them. You can individually target each glute with a butt blaster machine to effectively strengthen and develop them.

Booty Resistance Belt Bands

Ab Crunch Machine:

Ab crunch machine is a great tool to increase the strength of the abdominal muscles by isolating the abdominal area and helps to develop them. It helps to target the ab muscles and eliminate the chances of cheating during the ab workouts.

They help to create six-packs and increase the core strength in the ab area.

MBB Ab Crunch Machine

Pilates Reformer Machine:

Pilates reformer machines are another versatile gym equipment that increases strength and helps tone the lower and upper body parts. You can safely perform exercises using a Pilates reformer and improve body posture.

They provide resistance to the body and target any muscle group with support from the cables.

AeroPilates by Stamina Pull-Up Bar


This sums up our gym equipment names with photos article. We have tried to cover each piece of equipment that we use in the home garage gym or commercial gym for training. But this is by no means a complete list of the gym equipment, but we can say it contains all the equipment that is part of the regular gym routine. You can feel free to suggest us more equipment to include in our gym equipment names list.

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