How To Give Yourself A Hickey On Your Neck? Fake Love Bites

In this article, you can get the answer to Can you get a hickey on your neck? How do you give a hickey on your neck? and How long does it take to give yourself a hickey anywhere.

A Hickey is an imprint left on the skin collected from the broken blood vessels because of suction with the mouth in the skin’s soft place and it could be anywhere on the body. The mark usually is dim red, tarnish, or purplish in shading, like blood clotting.

What Does Hickey Means?

Hickey, also called HICKIES, is known as kiss marks or love bites on the neck. A hickey is mostly seen as an indication of deep love, enjoyment, possession, and trust. It is automatically done in the warmth and the climax of emotion, from one deep desire for another.

Hickey Means

Giving somebody a hickey is seen as “Indicating your Possession” through physical activity and telling the world that this individual is all yours.

Trying to give a Hickey is very basic. There are a few different ways to play: you can do this by Sucking, Kissing energetically, and Biting the delicate person on the neck, the side of the curve, or within the thigh.

Sucking is the most passionate and dominant method of giving somebody a hickey. Areas with sensitive skin have different vessels closer to the surface and are erogenous and more comfortable with sucking.

How To Give Yourself A Hickey On Your Neck

Give Yourself a Hickey with a Bottle

If you want a fake hickey to yourself and get a bruise on the neck, here’s how to put a hickey on your neck with a bottle:

  • Choose a part of your neck, arms, or chest and get a 68 Oz—soft drink bottle. To try not to wreck, take the cap out of the water. If you need a little hiccup, use a small plastic bottle cap for this at the time.
  • Place the top piece of the bottle in the middle of the palm of your hand and try to make the spout oval by squeezing it on the inside. Making this mimics the position of a person’s mouth.
  • Go in front of the mirror and place the bottle opening part on your soft neck skin.
  • Pinch out the outside of the bottle to give a touch of air. If it’s not too much pain, note that the suction gets tighter as you release more and more air. This makes it almost sure to break down the vessels under your skin.
  • Hold the bottle opening side on your skin until the impression is sealed. At that point, allow the cap to pull on it for 30 seconds. If you need hickeys to be deep and visible, you can leave them for more.
  • Move the bottle opening side around and create suction one inch below or above it. This prevents the hickeys from appearing too round and makes them look more realistic.
  • To spread blood to the skin’s outer areas, use a toothbrush and brush where the hickeys are.
  • Start from the center point of the brush and apply brushing from the outside. Your new hickey should stay somewhere around 5 to 7 Days.
Give yourself a hickey with a Bottle

Give Yourself a Hickey Using Make-up

Makeup is a relatively safe way to give your neck the expression of hickeys. It requires eye shades of dark purple, dark pink, and dark blue. If you have brighter skin, you can use makeup with more golden eye shadow.

  • First, buy an eye shadow palette with the colors: brown, purple, blue, pink, and red. These are the colors that will make a real look hickey.
  • Hickeys are a type of external bruise, and it does not affect cold tissues. That is why they are bright red and pink, so this cold advised eye shadow palette will help you create a solid look.
  • Apply a good quality primer before you apply make-up and keep the hickey going for a long time.
  • Stand in front of a mirror so that you can get a clear view of your neck, then apply dark pink eye shadow with an inch brush multiple times to the desired area of ​​your skin. If you have a dark color, you can use brown eye shadow and then pink.
  • Make sure the base color compounds well on your skin but is bright. Use a make-up brush to draw continuous circles around the area.
  • Peel your make-up brush in the shadow of the dark purple eye and rub it into your skin in an oval shape.
  • Apply it in the middle of the pink eye shadow, and make sure you mix it well. This will make the bruises look very deep in the middle.
Give yourself a hickey using make-up

Now, get only a small part of the blue eye shadow and mix it with pink and purple. You can change the sheep’s color by adding dark red if it looks too light or if you are going for an older look with your bruises, you can apply yellow or green on it as the swellings start. You can give yourself a hickey with a spoon too.

Why Do We Want Love Bites?

Biting love feels a little quick. A little bite-like pressure comes on the body and then goes. Probably just rub the teeth or lips on the surface of the skin and take a bite of your partner’s skin.

A lot is going on for both parties involved. At that moment, the woman is fragile. She has shared a very sensitive part of herself, and both you and she know this. It’s a part of sexual reproduction health by which love ignites between the partners.

Why Do Guys Leave Hickeys?

This can be a very satisfying experience for a man. You can be a strength for her, and at the same time, a woman’s spirit can overcome some of the man’s evil influences.

All in all, it is an act of intimacy, which does not mean that one should suffer, hurt, or possess. She feels your actions are more ongoing, and you have more confidence in yourself in the future. She has revealed a very sensitive part of herself.

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