How to Start Conversation with a Girl?

Here is information on how to start a conversation with a girl and not screw it up. No one can be 100% sure where they will meet their love. The girl of your dreams can be in a library, shop, park, gas station, and anywhere! If you are an open, sincere person, but there will be no problems with an acquaintance, it is enough to include charisma and charm, and it is yours! If you are withdrawn and shy, this article is for you.

What to Look for When Meeting?

For everything to go like clockwork, it is necessary to act correctly. It all depends not only on your manner of communication but also on your appearance. Work everything from A to Z. A woman wants to see a real man next to her. Become self-confident, educated, but don’t go too far. When communicating, be positive and avoid awkward pauses. You will get a few “plus signs” if you joke.

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However, even here, you need to act carefully since you do not know the chosen one’s preferences. Humour should be light and unobtrusive. She doesn’t have to laugh like a horse. If you do everything right, you will see her open smile.

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Take Some Time to Prepare

Friend, let’s start with the fact that you must always be ready. You don’t know where and when fate will give you a gift in the form of such a crazy beauty?! This does not apply to those cases when you are purposefully heading for the “hunt”. Preparation process:

  • Work on your appearance. This does not mean that you have to be in a tailcoat. You don’t have to wear the best costume to date a girl. You have to be neat – clean, not wrinkled clothes and shoes, combed, washed. These are the usual rules that you must follow in your life. If you decide to take out the trash or go to the store in sweatpants with stretched knees and meet the girl of your dreams, then you better not try to get to know her, you will fail.
  • Attend psychological training. In class, you will quickly learn how to start a conversation with a girl. Psychologists will help you get rid of excessive shyness, help you become more self-confident. If you wish, you can take a pickup course to help you become a real ladies ladies’ man.
  • Think carefully about the place to meet. This option is suitable for those who specifically go hunting. Having chosen a location, think over what nuances when meeting you may be right here.
  • Come up with a few phrases and jokes to help defuse the situation. It will save you if there is an awkward silence during the conversation.
  • Set yourself up in a positive way. Nobody likes whiners, especially when first communicating. Positive optimism and a little irony should come from you.
  • If you received the coveted phone number, you do not need to act according to the “boy’s” advice and postpone the call for 3-5 days. It is best to call the next day or, if the acquaintance happened in the afternoon, in the evening.
Prepare Yourself to Talk to a Girl

Most Common Mistakes

In the process of dating a girl, you must observe a fine line. A step to the left, a step to the right – shooting! If you do not know how to start a conversation with a girl, if you want to make an acquaintance with you, do not make the following common mistakes:

  • In everything, you need to observe the measure. Girls love decisive guys, but excessive obsession and assertiveness can frighten her off. Women want romantic relationships, not manic persecutions!
  • Shyness is an excellent quality, but if you can’t connect two words, your acquaintance will end before it even starts. The beloved will think that you will behave like an amoeba all your life.
  • Open flattery. When I told you that you don’t need to be greedy for compliments, it didn’t mean that they should sound in your every sentence. It looks ugly and causes unpleasant feelings.
  • What could be worse than a complainer? If you start complaining about your life, your employer or your ex, it is better to get up and leave yourself instead of creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Many believe that if they immediately let the girl know about their ideal financial situation, then the acquaintance will be successful. If you do this at the first meeting, be prepared because 90% of women will not want to talk to you, as they think you want to buy them.
  • If you made up your mind, approached, offered to meet a girl, received consent, this does not mean that you can relax. Your determination should now always be there. There is no need to shift all the burden to the beloved, who will break her head, what to tell you about, where to go.
  • Too active gestures can add up not the most pleasant opinion about you. She might think you’re a fool at best. Can’t you otherwise? Better keep your hands in your pockets!
  • A quick declaration of love. Throw this word out of your lexicon altogether, at least at the time of acquaintance. If she is a girl who wants to be loved, this does not mean that she will throw herself on the shoulders of the first person she meets who says about it.

6 Tips for Most Effective First Conversation with Women

  1. Don’t play who you are not. Firstly, you will quickly fizzle out, and secondly, she will like the task as you really are and not present some mythical image.
  2. After you have received a contact, do not postpone a second conversation with an offer to meet. It would be best to call (call, not write) in 1-2 days.
  3. Before you take a phone number, you should know about this: many of us have already encountered strange pick-ups who just run-up, take the phone and disappear forever.

She does not want to repeat this stupid act. Therefore, in order to endear her to yourself, you can FIRST make an appointment, outline a picture of a future date for her, and only after that take her number. This will add points to her eyes – in front of her is a serious man. How can I do that?

“I want to invite you to sit together for a cup of coffee on Wednesday night, how do you look at that?”

“Can’t you Wednesday, but Thursday?”

“Great, then Thursday at 19, will it be convenient for you?”

“Okay, agreed, now let me write down your number”.

In this case, the girl thinks: “The guy really liked me, and he wants to get to know me better. He doesn’t pick up his phone for a tick or to show off to friends, he has serious intentions. “

  1. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Let me tell you a secret: the girl says “no” not to you (your appearance, your personality, you as a man) but to herself, the situation now in which she is now. She is not ready for herself at the moment to continue the acquaintance. For example, the reason is that she is married, has a friend, is afraid of men, is in a hurry somewhere, is not in the mood, is in a crisis of parting – yes, for a million reasons. By the way, I have already written about the girls’ fears of dating and how to turn them to my advantage.

She doesn’t know you yet and judges only by the first impression – a courageous and fearless young man struck up a conversation with her. In her eyes, the man who dared to speak is already brave and courageous.

  1. Experience, experience, experience. Only with him will you gain confidence, calmness and skill. Meet more, talk to the fair sex, start neutral conversations. Women are people just like you. Very soon, you will stop reflecting and worrying, and the beginning of communication with a girl will be easy and effortless for you.
  2. The last on the list, but, probably, it should have been made item 1 and highlighted in bold.

Before starting all the action, tell yourself: “The game has begun! “. Catch this drive, breathe in deeply and go! This simple phrase removes any blocks, helps both when performing on stage or in front of a large audience, and in those cases when it is challenging to decide on something.

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How to Start a Conversation with a Girl? 3 ways for Advanced Guys

If you already have experience and want something sharper, then this method is for you.

3 Basic Principles of Communication that will Always Work:

  1. Confident non-verbal (posture, gestures, body position);
  2. Dominant view;
  3. Direct open approach.

By all your behavior, you demonstrate that you are honest, live by your own rules, and not be afraid of your desires. If you use these three points, everything you do not chatter will be in the background. The main thing is HOW you say it. You must transmit this in the first seconds. So, the way itself:

  1. Stop her with a glance or greeting.
  2. Express your sympathy as directly and openly as possible.
  3. React calmly when she gives the number, write it down and call in the next two days.


Hello! I’ll distract you for a minute. Do not be afraid. Frankly and directly, I really liked you. I want to invite you for a cup of coffee or sit somewhere together. In my free time from work and study.

I think we’ll come up with something, call and agree. What’s your name?


Here, Dasha. You will have my phone number, and I will have your number. We’ll find a free minute, and we will succeed.

Take out the pipe.

– Come on – and write down, immediately dial – Is there a call? All right, come on, see you later.

And go away.

Everything happened naturally and spontaneously. You yourself feel it; the young lady catches this state and also begins to enjoy such communication.

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List of Best Phrases for Dating a Girl

If you are at a loss and do not know what to say to a girl when you first meet, you have two options. To navigate the situation, train communication skills, learn to get acquainted or use ready-made template phrases. In the first case; You will certainly be cooler, but the second will give the result faster.

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List of Good Romantic Lines to Start a Conversation:

  • Keep smiling – I’m falling in love more and more!
  • You are so charming that I completely forgot what I wanted to ask you.
  • You have such a warm look – will you give me some tenderness?
  • I was so staring at you that I forgot to introduce myself. Let’s try again!
  • What is the secret of your consistently great appearance?
  • Can I walk you home? At least with a glance.
  • I apologize. Please tell me, what is the shortest road to your heart?
  • Do you believe in love at the eleventh sight?
  • Girl, can you please tell me what time it is? Free. You.
  • I thought my smile was irresistible, but yours seems to be able to compete with it.
  • Your name is the only thing that I could not read in your eyes. Help fill this gap.
  • I can’t remember my phone number. Maybe yours will do better?
  • What gods can I pray that you are interested in me as much as I am in you?
  • Whoa! I did not expect to meet a girl from my dream in my life!
  • Do you tolerate being late? Because I am worried that I was late with the meeting and feelings for you, and someone has already taken my place.
  • I spent several evenings exploring local cafes. And now I know where we will be able to enjoy coffee together!
  • Help me, girl, what are you worth? Don’t see, I’m drowning in your eyes!
  • There are at least two people in this place who are lucky today. And this is us.
  • What stunningly beautiful legs you have, girl! I even envy!
  • Is it okay that I came up with such a self-confident look?
  • Oh, girl, do you smile so radiantly for everyone, or only for those you like?
  • You probably have no end to your suitors. But I’m the best of them. Want to prove it?
  • Girl, don’t look at me like that. I myself blush from my thoughts.
  • Smile, please, otherwise it’s dark outside.
  • That’s so beautiful! Are these your feet?
  • Girl, and at your feet, do young people crawl regularly?
  • Have you already kicked a lot today? I have four so far. Well, the arrogant girls went!
  • You’re like a museum piece, girl. You can’t touch it with your hands – for now, but I want to watch without stopping.
  • Girl, want to get married? Not! Excellent – then I’m at the right place.
  • Girl! Did you just pinch my ass? Not? It’s a pity, a pity.

Phrases for How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online:

It’s easier to be bold on the Internet, but it’s often tense with dating reasons. You will have to invent something unusual for a girl because you won’t be able to sit down with her and joke or ask what she is doing. 

conversation with a girl online

If you don’t know what pleasure it is to write to a girl and how to start an interesting conversation with a stranger – this list is for you (and this one ). I tell you how to meet a girl on the Internet and what compliments to write to her when meeting in correspondence. For convenience, I will divide all phrases into three categories.

Original and Unusual Phrases:

  • Hello, can I chat with you? And then all sorts of women stick here …
  • Hello. What are you doing tomorrow night after our date?
  • Girl, only you can save me. I don’t know at all how to cook dumplings, and I’ll come to dinner with you if you don’t tell me.
  • Do you think I like you more than you like me?
  • Today is such a wonderful day that I cannot leave you in a good mood.
  • Tired of waiting for you to write first. Hey!
  • One glance was enough for me to understand that we just have to get to know each other.
  • You dreamed about me a couple of days ago, remember?
  • Should we flirt?
  • Hi, I need to know what it is like to be a totally adorable girl for my research. Can you help?

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Funny and Cool Phrases

conversation with a girl funny
  • Until I looked at your photos, I was sure that I was gay.
  • I propose an exchange: I give you my free time, and you give me your communication.
  • Who is your boyfriend? Let me be!
  • If I were such a sweet girl like you, I would certainly get to know myself.
  • Are you dating someone? Or maybe you need someone better?
  • You have gorgeous eyes. Especially the right one!
  • This is the mouth – I would look and look. You have a magnificent mouth.
  • They say, with whom you will lead, from that you will gain. I want to collect from you. Tell me, please.
  • Have you ever ridden an escalator? Let’s pump it with a breeze!

How to Start Romantic Talk with a Girl – Beautiful and Romantic Phrases

  • You look like a beautiful person. I always dreamed of meeting such a person.
  • I’m surprised what such a beautiful girl is doing in our city and not in Hollywood. But I think it’s luck. Let’s get acquainted?
  • I saw a star fall from heaven yesterday. And today, I came across your profile. I don’t think it’s a coincidence!
  • This day seemed incredibly sad to me, but your photos changed everything radically.
  • I have a piece of happiness lying around here, looking for a beautiful girl to give. You seem to fit perfectly.
  • I assumed that on a dating site, you could meet a dazzlingly beautiful girl – but so much! Defeated. Not expected.
  • I read a ton of tips on starting a conversation with girls, but one look at your photos and I don’t remember anything. Let’s just get to know each other?
  • You look like the girl I’ve been looking for all my life. Let’s celebrate? I found it!
  • Girl, be careful! We almost missed the opportunity to meet a cool guy.
  • You know, you are very similar to my first wife! I haven’t seen her yet.

Phrases for Offline Dating: Anywhere and Anytime

Situational acquaintances can be complicated, but they turn out to be the most interesting and fun in most cases. Check it out for yourself! And I will tell you what phrases to flirt with a girl, wherever you meet.

phrases to flirt with a girl


  • Girl, did you drop a smile?
  • Girl, did you drop a smile? Not you? And drop it, please; I really need it.
  • Well, you can’t with such legs – and on busy streets! Are you ashamed to provoke an accident?
  • It doesn’t matter when the trees are in bloom – you will decorate any street thousand times better.
  • I look at you and think: why are they erecting monuments to Lenin in the squares, and not one has been erected to your beauty yet?
  • Girl, it’s so cold! Can I walk next to you for a while? Your charm warms.
  • I love charity. Can you donate coffee to the owner of the most radiant smile?
  • I was looking for something interesting to see in the area, and I found you. Where are you going? I haven’t reviewed it yet.
  • Girl, I need your help! Be my navigator. The navigator is a good start.
  • Such beautiful sights as you, I have never met in any place on the planet.

In Transport:

  • Girl, are you coming out next? And after one? Or maybe you will get off at my stop?
  • This bus should be special after you ride it.
  • You look so stunning that I can’t figure out if the train wheels are pounding – or my heart.
  • My day will be wasted if I don’t pay your fare and buy you coffee.
  • Girl, you are so charming but so tortured. Let me get you out of this stuffy metal monster and fix the mood and evening?
  • I would not be so happy to travel in the exact limousine with the Queen of England to travel in the same trolleybus with you.
  • Girl, be careful not to dazzle the driver with beauty!
  • What do you do about transport? I thought the heavenly creatures themselves float above the earth!
  • Girl, it seems that you are uncomfortable holding onto the handrail. Try my shoulder – it’s just as strong!
  • How do you walk in these heels? Maybe you will sit down to rest? You can kneel directly to me.

In The Shop:

Girl, help me with a choice, please. I want to trust you more than a consultant:

  • Do you know what the most valuable thing in this store is? Not? And I’m looking right at the most valuable thing right now.
  • Girl, teach a bachelor to choose vegetables.
  • What, confused? The showcase is large. Come on; I’ll show you what’s the best here.
  • Tell me, do you know how best to boil risotto? Thank you. Can I always ask you?
  • Does it bother you that such a nice guy is standing next to you in line?
  • Girl, there is no price tag here: how much is your smile worth?
dating In the shop

In The Café:

  • Girl, see that table? Just look at how many empty chairs there are. Help me fix the situation – take one of them.
  • If I were the chef in this café, I would feed you for free. Well, not really – for a smile before and after dinner.
  • I see you’ve already ordered coffee. Can you handle two portions? I can’t help but treat you.
  • Do you often visit this café? Yes? Then I found the best café in town.
  • Girl, what do you find most delicious here? I can see that the best thing about this café is you, but suddenly there is something worthy of the food.
  • If you were in my shoes, would you treat yourself to coffee?
  • Whoa! I see the main course was served even before I ordered!
  • I came here so hungry, but one look at you – and I have no thoughts about food. Do miracles, girl!
  • I thought that the crema on coffee is the most delicate thing to get me in this café. But maybe I will be able to get something a hundred times more gentle – your smile, for example?
  • Girl, you whet my appetite! And it seems it’s not just about food.

In Cultural Places:

  • Friends warned me that it is beautiful here. But until I saw you, I didn’t understand what they were talking about?
  • Girl, are you not ashamed to overshadow all the attractions of this square with your beauty?
  • If I knew that people like you could be found in the museum, I would have loved to walk in them even as a child.
  • Girl, could you step back a little? It’s hard to admire the Impressionists when there is something much more beautiful nearby.
  • Do you know which architect designed this fountain? I do not know either. But, without meeting you, he did not really understand anything about beauty.
  • Girl, let’s help each other: you explain to me how to understand these works of art, and I will show you where the best coffee in the area is.
  • Did you accidentally pose for this portrait? In reality, of course, much better, but nothing on the canvas.
  • I don’t understand how and why to watch them play if you can watch you for an hour and a half.
  • Girl, do you like opera? Do you know what the best thing to do after the opera is? Drink coffee in a cozy cafe with a new acquaintance from the theatre.
  • I was told that the architecture is excellent here. The architecture is really great, but you still managed to outshine it.
dating in a cultural places

On The Beach:

  • Girl, you could work as a lighthouse – such a dazzling beauty is visible from afar. And ships as well.
  • Aren’t you afraid to swim? I would be around somewhere, even if I were the most dangerous predator in the water.
  • Girl, help me squeeze my swimming trunks, please.
  • Girl, with such hips, you would be more careful to walk past the old people – you never know, suddenly a heart attack. Walk by me; my heart is strong!
  • I never thought that you could look so seductive in fins and glasses.
  • Girl, are you good at diving? I don’t know-how at all, but my swimming trunks seem to have sunk. Will you help a forced nudist?
  • Oh, it seems this is behind people like you running around kissing the sand. Where did you go today? Maybe I should kiss there? Sand, grass, asphalt. Any rubbish I’ll kiss for you – I can see even your husband.

Hope you now have enough excellent phrases to start a conversation with a girl. Now go to the rating of the best dating sites and start chatting!

  1. Which ones did you like the most?
  2. How is it more convenient for you to get acquainted to conquer with romance or make you laugh?
  3. Now you have enough courage and ideas to experiment?

Let’s discuss in the comments 🙂

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