How to Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It?

Do you doubt that your crush likes you but is playing hard to get it? This can be very frustrating for women, especially if they are perfect. If a guy doesn’t show you his feelings, there could be many dangers that you don’t like that guy back.

Here are some of the best signs to find out if a person likes you but is hiding. Someone secretly likes you but won’t tell you how he feels. If you think that someone likes you but hasn’t told you yet, it will be hard to get it. Some men tell you how they feel, but not all will say to you right away.

He doesn’t believe in telling you how he feels right now, but some hints will tell how he feels about you. This article will help you learn how to find out if someone secretly wants you.

How to Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It

10 Signs How To Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It

1) He Never Mentions Other Women:

If a guy never mentions other women around you, it means you are the only woman he is interested in. He is not likely to see other women even not talk about in front of you. He makes you feel that you are the only woman whom he likes.

You go with a group of friends, and he did not talk or mention any of your friends. This is a sure sign that he likes you and is trying to hide it. He is only interested in you, and you will be the only woman he always mentions and talks to.

He cares about you. If he never mentions other people around you, then he is probably developing feelings for you. If you think he’s interested in someone else, then you can stop trying on him. You don’t need to give him a chance on starting a conversation with a girl.

If he doesn’t bring other women around when he’s around you, he likes you but keeps his real feelings away because he’s not ready to tell you. Sometimes he tries to make you jealous by referring to other women.

He wants to see how you react in this situation. He wants to know your true feelings by looking at your natural reaction to the other women. He mentions in front of you. Maybe he is finding out how you take a stand on this and whether you feel the same way without asking clearly.

He Never Mentions Other Women

2) He Makes Sure That You Know He Is Single:

If he likes you but is trying to hide it, he will probably make it clear to you that he is alone and not looking for anyone else.

He will somehow let you know that you are the only girl he is interested in if he likes you. He will make sure you know that he is alone if he wants you, even if he is trying to hide his feelings from you.

He always wants to be with you but is still avoiding his real feelings about you. He tries to give you a hint of how he feels by making sure he is single. This is one of the signs that he likes you secretly.

3) He Comes Close To You:

If he secretly likes you, he will try to get close to you; then, something is more likely to happen between you. He wants to test how you will react.

If he comes close to you, touches you a little, or hugs you, he notices your reaction to this. If you stay away from him, it can show you are not interested in him.

4) He Always There For You:

This is a sure sign that someone likes you but is not telling you how they feel. He is always there when you need him. He happily wants to spend time with you. This is a sign that he likes you, but he doesn’t tell you yet.

If you plan with him, he will always there and makes no excuses or cancel the meeting for any reason. He will want to spend his time with you and jump in any opportunity to be around you.


He has already started investing time in you but not ready to tell you how he feels. He’s already prioritizing you, and you’re not even in a relationship, then this is a sign that a person likes you but isn’t telling you.

5) He Tries To Impress You All The Time:

If he is always trying to impress you, this signifies that a person likes you and feels you, but he is not ready to reveal how he feels about you. If he is doing or saying something that he might think to impress you. This is one of the signs that he has feelings for you but has not yet told you. Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

He is always doing whatever it takes to impress you. He probably has developed feelings for you and sees you as a girlfriend.

6) He Asks You Many Questions:

He always asks you many questions and wants to know everything about you, and this is a sign that this person likes & wants a relationship with you.

He won’t bother trying to find out all these things about you. If you’re trying to figure out what he wants, take an idea from his too much question asking habit.

He constantly asks you questions and tries to find out about your life, hobbies, and opinions. This may be a sign that someone likes you a lot but not willing to reveal how he or she feels about you yet.

He Asks You Many Questions

7) He Wants To Know The Status Of Your Relationship:

He wants to see your relationship’s status to make sure you are single and not dating anyone else. He will ask you what your relationship status is and want to know other boys; it means he is interested.

He will ask you either you are single or looking at someone else. He wants to know that he is not in competition with anyone to stay with you, and he does not have to fight for you. Because he has feelings for you.

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8) He Doesn’t Like When You Talk About Other People:

If you’re looking for someone who likes you, then talk about other people, he won’t like it. It seems jealous that you are talking or looking at others. He will probably develop feelings for you and keep you only for himself.

He can mention that you spend time with another person or talking about your friends, and he does not like it, indicating that he wants you.

9) He Always Smiles To See You:

If a person is always smiling at you, then the chances are high that he wants a relationship with you. If he laughs at you so that he doesn’t do for anyone else, he likes you but does not just dare to tell you.

He will also make you laugh out loud. If you see him smiling at you, this is a sure sign that he has feelings for you. He keeps his eyes just on you and constantly gives a smile at you. This indicates that he is falling in love with you even if he does not tell you how he feels.

He Always Smiles To See You

10) He Always Makes Eye Contact:

A person keeps an eye on someone when he takes an interest. This gesture give a clue about: How to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it.

He always makes eye contact with you to show that he has feelings. If he is always making close eye contact with you while communicating, he loves you.

How do you know if someone is hiding their feelings?

People can hold most of their emotions. But there are always some slip-ups. For example, they will show jealous behavior when others kick you out. Also, this may be childish.

How do I know if a have feelings for you? 

There is always a gut feeling in the beginning, but don’t just rely on a feeling. You’ll often see him watching a lot. He will notice when others look at you and bring it up. There is also concentrated effort with flirting. You can’t miss it.

What does it mean when a guy sees you?

He is trying to understand his feelings towards you, and this is the reason he is hiding. He feels annoying things and stays out of your way. Overall, he’s hiding because things could get weirder if he doesn’t.

How do you know if someone is thinking about you sexually?

Mostly, eyes say a lot. You will also see that they look at you and make a similar effort to find physical contact excuses. Plus, conversations get a little messy.

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