10 Substitute For Mushrooms For Kitchen Recipes

If you are looking for Substitute for mushrooms, we have compiled our top ten options. Some other options may be helpful if you do not enjoy mushrooms and want good alternatives. Other backup options are on the list because they reflect the mushrooms’ taste; Useful if you are allergic to them.

Mushrooms are commonly used in a wide variety of foods around the world. Their earthy, meaty flavor adds a unique umami element to the dish.

Most people prefer healthy mushrooms as part of their daily diet, and not all entries and diets tend to work with this healthy vegetable. However, some people hate this vegetable, especially children, and even those with mushroom allergies cannot eat them.

Only vegetables can only replace if the particular food is suitable for cooking. Not every alternative works for a specific diet.

Substitute For Mushrooms

For example, since you are considered chicken, you can easily replace turkey with chicken in rice dishes. Let’s look at some of the most suitable substitute for mushrooms in cooking and the best food preparation.

What Are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms grow into an umbrella-like structure called the primordium, which then matures into a substrate. Mushrooms are a type of edible fungus. There are more than 14,000 species worldwide. However, you cannot eat most of them. Some of the most popular varieties of mushrooms include a white button, crimini, and portabella.

There are some edible varieties like oyster sauce substitute, enoki mushroom recipe, chanterelles recipe, porcini risotto, shiitake mushroom recipes, and many more.

Mushrooms are earthy and have a delicious taste called Umami. They usually grow on a firm, meaty texture when cooked. The fresh ones give a relatively subtle nut flavor.

10 Best Substitute for Mushrooms that Suits in any Situation

You will find Top 10 mushrooms substitutes everywhere you go. We have wrapped up some options that will allow you to match the umami taste of this fungus.

1) Canned or dried mushrooms

If you cannot get your hands on fresh mushrooms or avoid them because they are too expensive, would you like to consider the canned or dried variety? This option will give you a taste similar to the new version.

You can enjoy canned mushrooms as a substitute for the taste of mushrooms. They are not allergic but cannot access fresh ones.

Canned or dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms build up a sponge in the flavor field, so if you use them in a sauce, use less than what you would call a soup or casserole recipe.

Otherwise, your dish will have an excessive mushroom flavor.

2) Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes were very popular in the early 1990s. However, this vegetable went off the radar, with more and more people picking regular tomatoes at the time. Since then, it has seen a good rise in popularity, especially among chefs. Tomatoes can dry in the heat of the sun.

Cut these tomatoes into thin slices and fry them in olive oil. They work well with seasonings that include dried herbs, parsley, coriander, and more. They are an excellent choice for mushrooms, and they are popular in many dishes.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

You can buy tomatoes that pop with natural flavor and essential vitamins. Cut or dice these vegetables for pasta, meat dishes, fish dishes, and poultry specialties. This vegetable can eat as a fruit to increase energy, improve digestion and eject harmful toxins from the body.

Once that happens, they may become an alternative to mushrooms. This is due to the taste of the soil produced throughout the drying process. Many chefs prefer to use sun-dried tomatoes because they can provide a unique taste in any recipe they touch. You can dice or chop them depending on the dish requirement.

3) Eggplant

Eggplant is very popular in the kitchen. These are egg-shaped vegetables that have vibrant purple skins and taste good. Eggplant is a mild flavoring ingredient that has a “meaty” texture similar to mushrooms. Although not everyone likes eggplant, it is rich in vitamins and is preferred by many cooks due to its sweet taste. While a good alternative to mushrooms, eggplant can easily overcook. Hence, it is essential to take good care of it when preparing food.

Fresh eggplant

As always, the eggplant should be uncovered and then cut into pieces for easy consumption. Eggplants will darken after peeling, so place them vertically in the water to prevent this from happening.

You will not use this to copy the flavor, but it will become a good mushroom alternative if it is the texture you want to change.

Eggplant has a slightly bitter taste, which has the potential to contaminate your food. To avoid this, you need to chop the eggplant and then add salt. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe with a paper towel. Salting reduces bitterness and water content.

4) Zucchini

Zucchini is an excellent substitute for mushrooms and comes from the squash family. Eaten primarily as a summer vegetable, its tender flesh, and sweet taste make it ideal for pasta dishes. This vegetable can grow up to a meter on average and is very handy in cooking delicious food.

A young zucchini has a mildly sweet taste, which is similar to mushrooms. Its flesh structure is somehow nostalgic for mushrooms. According to leading chefs, zucchini are good to chop into small pieces.


It is also healthy, nutritious, and delicious. No one would think that zucchini could be used as a mushroom substitute either. The soil taste of this food will somehow simulate the products produced by mushrooms.

The beauty of zucchini is that it can get the flavor from other ingredients in the diet while at the same time adding a little to your diet.

Keep in mind that zucchini has a high water content, which can make some foods too tiring. To deal with this, cover the chopped zucchini with salt and allow resting for 10 minutes before drying with a paper towel. This is the best way to get rid of moisture.

5) Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

Garbanzo beans are also known as toast. This particular ingredient grows only in a few parts of the world. There are two types of beans: The first size is large and has a unique cream color, popular in tins on salad bars or grocery shelves. The second is smaller in size and darker in appearance. However, both options are suitable for a myriad of hot and cold recipes.

Chickpeas are nutritious and add good flavor to salads or dishes. If you plan to cook them, make sure they are well washed and remove all spoiled or discolored beans.

Garbanzo Beans

Sometimes, peanut tin cans have so much time that they lose flavor and nutritional value. With this in mind, make sure you have fresh, healthy, and fresh beans packed in cans and look for both dates.

When using these types of beans to replace mushrooms, you first need to know how to cook them.

  • First, there are a few basic steps to rinse them carefully and inspect them to remove any waste.
  • Rinse the beans back in the pot filled with water.
  • Place the pot in your oven and bake the beans for about 3 minutes. Cover the pot.
  • After this, turn off the oven, but do not remove the beans yet. Let them stay for 2-3 hours.
  • When finished, the beans are already safe to use as a mushroom substitute.

6) Tempeh

Tempeh is a nutrient-dense soybean product made from cooked, fermented soybeans, high in protein. It is a common ingredient in Indonesia. In particular, it is a soy product that has a strong feeling and characteristics.

The Tempeh tastes almost like mushrooms. If you cut the Tempeh as thin as possible, you can also compare their taste. Tempeh is made by soaking soybeans in water and then cooking them partially. However, if you are allergic to molds, Tempeh is not a good substitute for you.



It gives some subtlety and some acidity, making it a close substitute for mushrooms.

Tempeh is considered a rich source of protein, especially for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Due to the fermentation process from whole peas, Tempeh has more nutrients compared to tofu. On average, 100 grams of Tempeh contains about 193 calories and 11 grams of fat (of which 2.2 grams is saturated fat).

7) Tofu (Substitute for Mushrooms)

Tofu is a food made with soybeans; condensed soy milk is change into solid, white brick-shaped pieces. It is one of the most popular substitute for mushrooms because of its mild flavor, especially when paired with soy sauce and other umami creamy sauces and herbs. Tofu first appeared in China and quickly spread throughout the continent.

This type of soy diet has expanded its territory to the West and other parts of the world. An enhanced feature of tofu is its rich nutritional and comfortable soft feel. Vegetarians need this food because they need a lot of protein to replace meat or fish.

Salt crispy Tofu

It is perfect for women. Tofu contains high levels of amino acids and isoflavones, which help the body, activate estrogen.

Also, tofu can use in many dishes, from soups to fried foods. It often comes in large, white blocks. So, you can use a knife or cheese cutter to shape them as you wish for convenience.

Tofu is a popular ingredient used by bean curd and plant-based dieters. Its high protein content makes it a popular meat substitute. A tasty addition – make sure no one you cook is allergic to soy.

8) Russet Potatoes

Rusted potatoes are using as a substitute for baking or frying mushrooms. Potatoes have many varieties in their family. One of them is the russet potato, described as a long and large potato with thick and hard skin.

These potatoes have a relatively large amount of starch, so their flesh is the right color and very dry. Rusted potatoes have an excellent ability to absorb liquid or other concentrates, so they are trendy in making delicious mashed potatoes.

Russet Potatoes

They are not suitable ingredients for boiling dishes such as soups or salads. Based on that, you can easily find out which cases russet potatoes are needed to replace mushrooms.

  • Rusted potatoes in the preparation of grids should be considered ordinary potatoes.
  • Clean the skin, especially peel the potatoes.
  • Dig into the eyes, and then cut them into pieces of suitable shape and size for cooking.

Using this potato substitute can revitalize the fried foods that come with the mushroom topping.

9) Onions

Onions are commonly grown in all over the world and are closely related to garlic, chives and scallions. Onions are an essential ingredient in many dishes and are processed in many ways.

The most common type of onion is usually white, although it varies in size, shape, and color. Interestingly, the onion’s taste is mild and slightly sweet depending on the type and season from very spicy and intense. Red onions are mostly spicy and not suitable for every meal. However, white onions taste a bit sweet and are the perfect place for burgers, chicken, fish, and poultry dishes. Onions can be steamed, fried, or even served as part of cooked dishes. This gives them the versatility that most people are looking for when deciding which vegetables to include in their diet.


When it tastes different from mushrooms, onions should always be on your list for last-minute cooking or making fast, healthy snacks.

Onions can be spicy, but of course, they can pack a lot of flavor and vitamins. Raw onions are very low in calories, only 40 calories per 3.5 ounces (100 g). A fresh onion contains 89% water, 9% carbs, and 1.7% fiber and contains small amounts of protein and fat.

10) Yellow Summer Squash

Golden zucchini has a long, rounded body with an eye-catching golden outer shell. The flesh inside is usually thick, pale yellow, or cream in color, which is very lovely when processed in foods. Yellow Summer Squash is an excellent choice for making soups or porridge, Risotto Nero rice when you go out with mushrooms.

Yellow Summer Squash

Scientific studies show that golden zucchini contains many nutrients that the body needs. Specifically, it includes various minerals (Mg, Ca, Fe, Zn, etc.) and vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, K, and beta carotene. Along with it is the excellent fiber which helps the digestive system to function more efficiently.

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