Does He Miss Me? How To Make Him Want You?

If you went through a breakup, you want to get it back and want to know does he miss me, there is a way you can do this. Sometimes everyone needs a break from a relationship but that doesn’t mean it’s the end for good. There are so many theories about how to make him miss you if you want to get him back?

This is the topic we are going to look at today and answer this question, does silence make a man miss you? By putting these steps into practice, you are guaranteed a loving relationship with the man you want to get back into your life.

Does He Miss Me

Does He Remind Me?

While going through the breakup, many women have curiosity either he does miss me or not? And of course, they really want the answer should yes!

You need to keep in mind that this really depends on a number of factors, including how long you’ve been in a relationship? How much you liked / loved? And why you broke up?

Most likely, he will remember you and ask you back if the situation work in your favor. Does begging for forgiveness come to him like the needy? Not sure, you need to do the opposite. In this case, the power of silence after a breakup works very well. The following issues will be discussed in more detail.

How To Leave Him Alone?

Many women think, ‘I can’t leave him alone’ and yes it can be really difficult, especially in the days and eras we live in. In addition to not seeing or talking to him in a flash, you should also avoid phone calls. Keep in touch through calls, texting and social media.

You need to hang out in someplace with friends. It may be even for a while. Keep yourself as busy as you can with work or hobbies. It is important to avoid him successfully for the time being. While it could be difficult but keep in mind, it is definitely worth it.

Advantages of no-contact rule

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Will He Come Back To Me If I Leave Him Alone?

Men are very complex creatures and after a breakup they may react differently to us. Their feelings are also very unpredictable. Most men will expect you to chase them after they break up with you.

When you give a quiet treat after a break up with him, the tables will turn and he will surprise what is going on with you and why you are not in touch. You will be afraid to give it space after the breakup to know does he miss me. What if he forgets you? What if he meets someone else?

Stop these thoughts running over your head and see the amazing benefits of leaving it alone at this present time.

Advantages Of No-Contact Rule

1) It Prevents in an Increase of Breakups:

When split up all things are very raw and if you give it space for a while, you are preventing things from getting worse. Staying close to him or snatching him away only results in more arguments, more intense emotions and even more anger on his side.

These are all negative points instead of bringing him back to you. This will push him further and only increase the chances that you will never be together again. The distance will calm you both down and any feelings of anger should slowly eliminate, as happy memories take their place.

2) He will Start Missing You:

The constant question of women is, does he will miss me, after the breakup. It may sound silly but there are some very good reasons behind it. “Distance makes the heart beloved” is a precious expression that is very true.

The timing is very good because he will think about the little things; he misses you and now what he lacks in his daily life.

Men are definitely creatures of habit and when you give hugs, kisses, touch and expression; they will miss those things and think about you more than they thought.


3) Its Appeal will Increase:

One of the main reasons why a man breaks up with his girlfriend is that her attractiveness is falling and it seems shallow. The attraction is a big part of a relationship.

If you give space, its appeal will increase. This is a psychological tactic known to be very effective in various breakup situations.

When you don’t chase him, you’re showing yourself as a powerful and confident woman, who alone is very happy. This is just a way that the rule of no contact will work in your favor when your man tries to come back.

Break Up With Him | Want You To Get Back?

Men find their former special features in women, or more specifically, making them fall in love with them once again. Many women want that he will come back if I leave him alone. The answer is usually yes because when you leave someone alone, he will get a more positive outlook on the relationship again.

1) You Start Listening What He has to Say:

As a woman, we can be quite impulsive and do what we want. When he breaks a relationship and you don’t approach him. You have to listen to what he wants to say because you are respecting his wishes.

If you don’t leave him alone, this tells him that you put before your own desires that didn’t appeal. Being able to listen to him is a personality trait. He will appreciate it and can make him think twice about why he wanted to run away in the first place.

You start listening what he has to say

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2) You are Strong:

Strong women are very sexy and giving him space. He wants to move on with your life. Power is something he has to see in you. For many men when they break up with a partner, they prefer to keep them on a back-burner as Plan B. They feel lonely or can’t find what they are looking for elsewhere. “If you show your strength to him, he is quickly finding out that you are refusing to be his backup plan. This probably makes him realize how much he misses you and how reliable you are.

3) You are Mature:

When a child doesn’t find their way, they scream and scream until they get what they want. This kind of behavior you show when he breaks up with you. He’ll see you as very childish and confirm his thoughts that he made the right decision.

You need to show your guy that you can face the situation with maturity. This will make him see you in a better light, which will hopefully bring him back to you over time.

7 Ways How To Make Sure a Guy Want You

The following guide shows 7 signs in this case – and it works for couples even in long-distance relationships.

Before that, I have an important story to share with you. Not long ago, I found out a strong trigger within male psychology, which influences how men treat women in a romantic way.

Want you to get back

1) Keep Asking Your Friends About You:

He probably meets your friends sometimes. If he asks them how you are going and curious to know you are seeing someone, then everything is not lost yet. No doubt your friends share the news, which is probably what he hopes will happen.

They will go to such lengths to get updates about you. Otherwise, why bother? The fact is that he shows interest means he will probably miss you already.

He’s so innocent to know how you’re keeping up; he doesn’t tell you how much he misses you? It’s the only source of information that he can still use.

2) Stick to Your Stuff:

After different ways, you made a lot of effort to get his stuff back from you. If he hesitates, he still loves you and not ready to let you go.

Your belongings are only what he has that is yours. So, he doesn’t want to surrender to them totally. This tells about his attachment for you. If he didn’t have any feelings about you, he would give back to you.

See if he’s sleeping in your shirt, as it gives proof of attachment. This will remind him of the special time you shared with him. If the stuff is more personal, it expresses the need to keep you still close. It means he comes back for you!

3) Midnight Calls:

Not once in the middle of the night, your phone will ring because you went differently. You’ll get this from sleep, doubting if your mom will check again and your ex’s calling just to look on your screen.

He claims, he came back home from some club and accidentally dialed your number. Why is that, even your number is on a quick dial. He probably hasn’t deleted it yet.

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Midnight calls

Guys usually present what’s on their minds when they’re drunk. The fact that he has called you more than once in such an event means he is not far away from you yet. Maybe he finds the courage to call only when he is drunk.

4) You’re Still on Facebook at His Profile Pic:

Could there be a clearer sign than this? If it’s done with you, why wouldn’t the photos you took together in a restaurant grace on his Facebook profile?

This is the first thing to cancel and move on looking at other girls is your photo. So, if he has to be around you mean that you are still present in his mind. It’s not that he forgot to remove it, but there is hope for a comeback.

Facebook can be a great tool to keep track of your fav person. He cannot hide the truth, or the fact that he does miss you more.

5) Do His Friends Looking for You?

You go for shopping in the mall and a friend of his comes to you, and he doesn’t just say hello. He finds a way to update you and this news is far from pleasing to the ears. It’s on a different slope because you’ve gone a different way.

The next time you come across a friend of his, listen to him when he speaks. From him you can learn what is bothering you.

6) Doesn’t Look Too Good?

Your friend who knows him tells you that she has seen your boy. He looks like a shadow of his former self

Trust me, if he is happy, he will definitely show up too.

7) He Says Sorry:

Sorry comes from deep inside, and if your boy has the courage to apologize, you should understand what you mean to him. Apologies don’t come randomly, so he planned ahead.

Don’t ignore his apology text, but I think this needs so much courage to do. It doesn’t come naturally for someone to come down to apologize. So, consider it a sign of reminding you. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

He says sorry
Man showing “I am Sorry” sign to his angry girlfriend

Your man may not come out straight, but any attempt to own shows his interest. He turns the desire to patch things up with you. It’s a sure way for you to remember him too!


It’s not that hard to know does he miss me. Certainly, it is sending signals all the way, and you just need to look out for their meaning. People don’t usually communicate with words. You can somehow make sure to catch up.

Having a relationship with you makes it more possible to miss your absence. The emotional connection simply doesn’t go away because you don’t see each other anymore. It’s more complicated than that.

He must try hard to hide his feelings, or shows little emotion, but one thing is for sure, the way he behaves. If you look close enough, that will tell you a lot.

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