Does Vibration Machine Work to Lose Weight?

All of us are passionate about fitness, but only a few of us know the tips and tricks to a healthy diet and lifestyle, right? Well, I have got your back and will enlighten you with the know-how of a vibration machine work for weight loss. 

Shaking machines- a substitute name for a vibration machine– helps transmit energy to your body and works in a motion of contracting and relaxing your muscles which gives you a feeling as if you are exerting yourself. Many of you might be concerned that does a vibration machine work to lose weight only standing? The truth is that in whatever position you are sitting, lying, or standing– a vibration machine would do its task effectively. 

Varying from person to person, some people prefer doing exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, planks, etc., on vibration machines to get quicker results. Doing these exercises on the vibration machine is known as “Calisthenics,” a rhythmical movement. 

Do vibration machines work for weight loss? Indeed, yes, they do. Let us move ahead and get into more depth.

Does Vibration Machine Work to Lose Weight

Vibration machine workout for weight goals

It is quite simple; yet, amazing how this shaking machine makes you lose weight fast. As told earlier, vibration machines contract and relax muscles. It helps the muscles to burn the calories despite the reflexive muscle movement not being done by you deliberately. This unconscious or unintentional movement automatically leads to a calorie burn.

The question might arise; how many calories are burnt by a vibration machine? This depends on the frequency of the vibrations this machine causes into your body. The more the vibrations produced, the more energy burnt in your body. Scientists’ suggestions on choosing frequencies are that it should be between 20-45Hz.

Finnish researchers (5) found that the greatest accelerations which could occur for:

  • Ankle: up to 40Hz
  • Knee: up to 25Hz
  • Hip: up to 20Hz
  • Spine: up to 10Hz

So the frequency mentioned above range is pretty feasible. 

The increase in your muscle activity is the key to belly, face, thighs- in short, the entire body’s toning and extra weight loss. This is also confirmed by a medical technique known as “electromyography“, which measures the electrical activity produced by your skeletal muscles that say vibration machines increase the muscle activity. So, another ambiguity cleared out that does a vibration machine work to lose weight belly fat? Now you know that it is for the whole body.

Trusted ways to use a vibration machine to lose weight easily

Trusted ways to use a vibration machine to lose weight easily

Preferably it is safe to say that people who tend to lose weight gradually and slowly end up being more successful. Doing so retains your freshness, does not make you look older than your actual age and keeps the outlook soft and less weary.

Losing weight with vibration machines like crazy too quickly leads to potential water and muscle loss. It will not give you a body like a model. Therefore, slow weight loss over fast weight loss is recommended to adjust the transition according to the change it is facing. 

Hence, does a vibration machine work to lose weight easily? Of course, yes! It is preferred to be slow and steady. 

10 exercises for full-body vibration machine workout


  • Place your feet on the vibration machine and crawl forward. 
  • Stretch out your body parallel above the floor with the support of your hands upright. 
  • Lower and raise your body by folding and stretching out your arms, restoring tension in the abs.


  • Place your feet on the vibration machine. 
  • Lay down on the mat on your back with your hands behind the head. 
  • Raise your body towards the front (similar to crunches)

Triceps Dip

  • Turn your back towards the vibration machine.
  • Place the hands on the machine slightly behind you. 
  • Bend your elbows and lower your upper body slightly. 
  • Then raise yourself and repeat.

Bridge on one Leg

  • Lie down on the mat on your back with arms beside the body.
  • Place your feet on the vibration machine. 
  • Lift each leg alternatively and extend it for 3 to 5 seconds and repeat.

Lunge with Bands

  • Place one foot in the middle of the vibration machine and the other behind your body to give a stretch between your leg muscles.
  • Pull the bar alternatively by stretching out the arm and bending it.
  • Make sure to be standing upright and continuously press the foot against the vibration machine while pulling the band towards the body.

Biceps Curls

  • Stand on the machine with a straight back.
  • Hold the band in both hands. 
  • Pull one bar at a time, and make sure to keep your wrists stiff and straight.

Fly Balance

  • Place one foot in the middle of the vibration machine with the leg being straight and the knee slightly bent. 
  • Pull the band laterally upwards simultaneously. 
  • Lean your body forward and extend the second leg backwards. 
  • Pull and release the bands while maintaining your balance.
  • Remember to have a tight and firm grip on the bars.


  • Place one foot on the vibration machine and the other behind it.
  • Bring your body forward by pressing the foot against the machine while the other leg bends, giving your lunge a stretch. 
  • While doing so, keep your back straight and your arms crossed in front of your chest.


  • Stand straight on the vibration machine with your shoulders and feet parallel to each other. 
  • Bend your upper body slightly forward and stretch out the arms in the front. 
  • Give the knee a slight bent which stretches out your leg muscles.
  • Move up and down in this position at a normal speed, keeping your back and arms straight.

Calf Raises: 

  • The easiest of all, which also the last for the vibration machine workout plan. 
  • Stand on the vibration machine with upper body straight and relaxed and arms falling beside the body. 
  • Slowly lift both heels simultaneously until you are standing on your toes. 
  • Stay in this position for a short while. 
  • To make this exercise more strenuous, you could also lift one heel at a time.

With this, we end up with our extensive vibration machine workout, which would give you your desired results while keeping your body fit, healthy and fresh.

10 exercises for full-body vibration machine workout

Does vibration machine work to lose weight healthily?

Undeniably, a vibration machine has its benefits when it comes to losing weight healthily. It is reported that 33% of people suffer from extreme stress, affecting their mental and physical health. To gain relief from stress, a vibration machine could help you out by releasing tension from your body and reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Not only that, but a vibration machine can also help lose weight which primarily gained from antidepressants in some cases.

Moreover, all of you might be concerned whether a vibration machine works to lose weight and gain muscle or just the former? A vibration machine increases your body’s endurance, gives you more strength, and improves the muscles by making them less sore. Also, it makes you more flexible with a slimmer body and reduces back pain

So, does a vibration machine work to lose weight gain muscle? Indeed, it does. The vibration machine also tones up the body by enhancing good blood flow and controlling blood pressure. This ultimately is effective for the heart. Thus, it shows that a vibration machine could lose weight if you do cardio exercises. Does a vibration machine work to lose weight cardio? Yes, give it a try, and you will be amazed by the results!

Some enthusiasts might be curious whether a vibration machine works to lose weight in 1, 2 weeks, or more. Well, the preferable timespan is almost 3 weeks; you will be all toned up!

Does vibration machine lose weight naturally?

Losing weight by vibration machines is all a natural process since it is the unintentional contraction of muscles. So, you do not have to put much effort as the machine does its work independently. There are 3000 contractions each minute while you are standing on the vibration machine!

Does vibration machine solely help you lose weight?

The sensible approach to this is to combine few other things and work out on the vibration machine. Control your diet, and using the vibration machine, you can burn more calories and lose more weight. 

Now, controlling your diet does not mean starving yourself- rather, it is a mere misconception. What you should do is, maintain portion control. Take a good portion of the variety of fruits and vegetables daily, recommendable to take at least 5 pieces. Fish, pulses, beans, and eggs will help make you fit without making you gain weight and increase your protein intake. 

Try switching to unsaturated oils and spreads, and remember to take them into small quantities—lastly, the most important of all: Water. Remember, water is your lifesaver and your health secret, so never overlook drinking 6 to 8 glasses of it daily!

It would help if you went cycling, swimming, jogging, walking, or weight lifting for more effective and healthy weight loss. Adding to this, it would also make you stronger simultaneously. 

There could be other activities as well to keep your mind fresh along with your body. You could do jumping rope, dance, canoeing, bowling, running, or play other sports such as football or basketball. Whichever of the suggestions above suits best to your interests, opt for that and begin a healthy life!

Furthermore, you could also try several other traditional exercises using a vibration machine such as jumping jacks, crunches, treadmills, Pilates, gymnastics, aerobics, etc. These will not cause you any harm but lead you into the world of fitness! Of course, all of this should be performed keeping in mind the body type.

So, a combination of these could help you achieve the body you wish for! These are pretty healthy approaches, so what are you waiting for, try out any of these combinations! 

Does vibration machine work to lose weight during pregnancy?

Before reflecting on this question, there comes a clear “no” to using a vibration machine during pregnancy. This is because it could lead to miscarriages or, even worse, damage to reproductive organs.

In 1993, a study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine discussed the effect of vibration machines’ frequencies on pregnant women and their reproductive organs. The study analyzed that the vibrations can damage the fetus, lead to premature, stillbirth, hearing loss, or spine degeneration. 

Hence, pregnant women should avoid using vibration machines to stay safe unless directed by their doctors, seemingly quite rare. 

However, on a side note, if you think you could manage to be on the vibration machine with the lowest frequency for slight vibrations during pregnancy, you can use it to relax your muscles and calm your baby. Nonetheless, again remember; do not go for more and continuous vibrations. 

How safe is it to use a vibration machine after postpartum to lose weight?

There’s no such harm found yet to use a vibration machine after postpartum. It is considered an excellent gentle exercise to begin with. You have to keep your needs of the postpartum period and post the period using the vibration machine.

Does vibration machine work to lose weight during menopausal?

Women approaching menopause may have risk to bone health; hence, the stimulus or the vibrations provided by a vibration machine could be helpful to recover and maintain bone health.

Studies show that vibration machines can improve isometric strength in postmenopausal women. So, if you are amongst the women who have undergone menopause, you can think about using a vibration machine to keep yourself fit!

Can women use vibration machines in postnatal recovery?

Women can certainly do so; here’s why! The reflexive contractions of muscles produced vibrations maintained by 30-40 contractions per second lead to gaining back muscle strength and healthy weight loss.

Another benefit is could also be used that vibration machines without weights which are recommended for women undergoing postnatal recovery. So they can lose weight and increase muscular strength without weight lifting.

It also reported that some women feel their core being numb and not connected to the neurological area. Vibration machines will reactivate the nervous system and reconnect the body with the brain signals!

Does a vibration machine work at the stage of breastfeeding?

While it is recommended that women go for minimal exercises while they are at the breastfeeding stage to defend bone density. It is not a very go-to thing to use the vibration machine for such a purpose.

There has not been much research yet to assure whether women could use the vibration machines while breastfeeding or not, so it is certainly better to avoid doing so. While the vibration machines relax your muscles, it does not mean they could relax your shoulders when you are a mum breastfeeding your child!

The breast tissues are pretty sensitive, soft, and delicate at this stage as the breasts are milk-filled so that the vibrations might damage those tissues. In short, it is not a very brilliant idea to go for vibration machines during the breastfeeding period.

Apart from this, vibration machines can help cut off extra fat gained from birth control. The females should use vibration machines to relax period cramps.

Does a vibration machine work to lose weight for male?

If a male is already fit and healthy, he should follow the basic guide or workout plan to use the vibration machine to lose weight. It would benefit him since using a vibration machine would strengthen his body, giving him more power and endurance.

Vibration machines boost the testosterone hormone’s growth and improve metabolism. Males will also notice the change in their everyday performance, which would be bettered and more active.

As for bodybuilders, mass gains are an important factor. Vibration machines will help activate the muscles and increase the mass gains. Therefore, as compared to females, males do not necessarily need any specific guide to use the vibration machines.

How often to use the vibration machine for effective weight loss?

For the vibration machine to lose weight gain, there is certainly a suggested frequency of how often one should use the machine. Even if you are not habitual of long workouts, even if you feel it is difficult for you to take out time for your training from your busy schedule, or even if you think your body lacks stamina for an hour workout or so; you need not worry since we have got your back!

It is advocated that even a workout as little as “15 minutes” thrice a week will help you lose weight heavily and rapidly! Yes, you read that right. Working out on the vibration machine or simply just using it for even 15 minutes three times a week would lead you to a quick weight loss.

Do the vibration machines have any side effects?

Well, everything has its pros and cons, so do the vibration machines. With the pros being discussed, let us shed light upon its cons. Vibration machines are quite effective for good weight loss but not necessarily constantly advantageous.

The usage of vibration machines might lead to backaches, neck aches, headaches, shoulder or hip pains. To handle too much pain is pretty troublesome. So it is always better to use the vibration machines wisely and not very frequently. After all, excess of everything is terrible!

Apart from such disadvantages, vibration machines are dangerous if you primarily have health issues such as physical injuries, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, migraines, cancer or tumor, acute hernia, recovering from any surgery, etc.

Thus, this shows that you should clearly and completely know about your body and the topics surrounding it before using the vibration machine.


Hopefully, this article proved to be of your benefit and had you hooked the entire time. The vibration machine is as convenient as it could ever to lose weight easily while staying at home too! Not necessarily to go to a gym; stay at your home and begin using this vibration machine for a fantastic body, healthy future, and a perfect wardrobe!

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